How To Stop Instagram From Crashing On iPhone And Android

The Instagram app crashing isn’t something new to us, every now and then users can end up with this error. When the app crashes either on Android or iPhone, it means the app won’t respond to your requests, that’s to say the app isn’t working.

In some cases, it might execute some actions while for some it will stop completely, the Instagram app won’t login nor display content in your feed. Error messages can be displayed like “Could not start Instagram” or Unfortunately, Instagram has stopped”.

In some cases, it will just cease without any error message which can be confusing, you’ll end up thinking that there is no Internet connection since no data displayed, a blank white screen can be shown when the Instagram app crashes.

You’ll end up with this error when you fail to install updates over a long period of time. Not updating your operating system also for some time can also cause your Instagram app to crash either on Android or iPhone devices.

Updates are released to make the app better, only by installing updates the app will be able to communicate with the Instagram servers and they ensure the app is compatible with the latest updates released by your operating system.

Whatever might be the reason why your Instagram keeps stopping or crashing, we’ll explain how to deal with this problem on your Android device and iPhone devices.

What Are The Causes Of Instagram Crashing On Android And iPhone?

How To Stop Instagram From Crashing On iPhone And Android

How To Stop Instagram From Crashing On iPhone And Android

It’s better to start with the causes because identifying the cause of the problem will help you troubleshoot it fast on your device. Let’s take a look at all the possible causes of Instagram crashing on iPhone and Android.

Using an Older Version of Instagram

This should be the No.1 reason why Instagram keeps stopping on your device consistently. A lot of the time updates are released but users abandon these updates, it only takes no more than 2 minutes when you’re on a fast connection to download the updates but yet some users ignore the updates and keep using the app over a long period of time.

There comes a time when the current app you’re using is not compatible with your operating system and secondly, it’s not efficient to communicate with Instagram servers.

When updates are released, Instagram also makes changes on their server so that the app can communicate effectively.

If your app is lacking updates, you need to install them. Sometimes you end up abandoning your device for a long time and later on you start using it again, if that’s the case the first thing to do is install Instagram updates and also update other apps on your device.

Corrupt Instagram App

This is the second leading factor that causes the Instagram app to stop working. When the app is corrupt, it means it’s not in the right configuration.

It can be that app data is corrupt or Cache is corrupt also, in worst situations, it can be system files. Depending on how the app is corrupt, you may have to delete the Instagram app and install it again.

When the app set up files are changed or infected with malware, you can’t fix them unless you have a backup for the Instagram app. But for data and cache files, when they’re corrupt, clearing their storage on the Instagram app will take care of the problem.

Letting your Instagram Open for a Long Time

Those that use the app frequently let the app open for days or even months without closing it. This behavior can lead to an app crash, it’s always a good idea to restart the app after some time to ensure that the settings are refreshed.

When the Instagram app is always open, it can end up having conflicts with other apps on your phone and might cause the app to crash.

Not only restarting the Instagram app, but you need to also restart your phone to refresh phone settings as well which will ensure that all apps are running smoothly.

Not Updating your Operating System

This is another possible reason, and that’s because the new updates Instagram released are designed to be compatible with the latest version of operating systems. If you haven’t updated your operating for a while, you better check for the updates if available.

Both Android and iOS release updates after every few months and you need to always check out for these updates. The updates are meant to improve user experience and also support all apps.

App Conflicts

When you’re sure that your Instagram and Operating system are up to date, the next thing you can now blame is app conflict. App conflicts mean that there are other apps interfering with Instagram’s activities causing it to stop working the moment it’s launched.

This happens when there are lots of apps running in the background, you need to check for these apps and close all of them, then you launch the Instagram app to see if it’s working.

No Enough Memory Space

The Instagram app is consistently using storage space to store data, if it happens that you’re running out of memory space, the app will end up crashing because there is no space to store data.

Clearing your storage is the best fix if that’s the problem, you should delete unnecessary files in order to free up more space so that the Instagram app can work properly.

Instagram Servers are Down

The Instagram servers can go offline or can be having technical issues and this will affect the performance of the app.

The app will keep sending requests but no response and hence the app will stop working and may even crash. Instagram servers having problems isn’t something you can fix from your side, you have to wait for them to take care of the problem.

Server problems last for some minutes or in some cases for hours, just be patient until they fix the problem before launching your Instagram app again.

These are the major reasons why your Instagram app keeps on crashing, check these causes and see the one that applies to your situation, then you can pick the right fix from the troubleshoots we’re about to share.

How To Stop Instagram From Crashing On Android And iPhone

The fixes we’re going to share apply to both Android and iPhone, whichever you have, you should do the needful to execute the troubleshoots we’re going to talk about.

Restart your Instagram App and your Device

You should develop the habit of restarting the Instagram app and your device whenever you find that your app isn’t working. As mentioned, when the app is left open for some time, it will end up crashing.

Most of the time, this leads to technical problems you’re not aware of. Restarting the Instagram app and also your device will help you fix technical glitches that are preventing the app to work properly.

You should start by closing the Instagram app, and also close every instance running in the background, if there are also other apps connected to your Instagram app on your phone, you need to terminate these apps.

After that, you now restart your Android or iPhone device. When your device restarts, don’t open it yet, proceed to the next step.

Clear Cache and App Data

After restarting your device, you should clear Cache and App Data before you launch and log into your Instagram account.

We have talked about the effect of corrupt App Cache and Data in the causes, there is the need to clear this data since it causes a lot of technical problems.

Clearing cache and app data is simple on both Android and iPhone, you just need to go to “Settings” and locate where all your Apps are listed, it should normally be under “Apps” or “Application Manager”.

Find the Instagram app and tap on it, on the top you’ll notice two option buttons “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache”. Tap on each to clear the data.

You can also clear this data using phone cleaners or other types of apps, whatever app or method you’re going to use, just clear both cache and data for the Instagram app and then you launch the Instagram app, you’ll be asked to log in again since you’ve cleared all data where your login sessions are saved.

If your Instagram app is crashing due to corrupt data, you should be able to solve the problem by now and your app should be running smoothly.

Update the Instagram App

If clearing the Instagram data doesn’t help you fix the problem, you should then check for updates if you haven’t installed them for some time.

By default, the Instagram app should download updates automatically but if that’s not the case for your settings, you should head over to your app store and if updates are available you’ll see the option “Updates available”, or if there are no updates, you’ll just see the option “Installed”.

Installing updates will also help fix technical glitches and also take care of bugs causing the app to crash or stop working.

Reinstall the Instagram App

There is still one last step to fix technical problems related to your Instagram app. If setup files are corrupt or are changed the wrong way, clearing data and cache might not necessarily fix the problem of crashing for you.

This is because when the app files which are responsible for running the app itself are affected with malware or are changed the way they shouldn’t be, nothing can fix this kind of problem except to reinstall the Instagram app again.

You need to uninstall the Instagram app from your device and then head over to Play Store or App Store and install it again. This will be the final fix to any technical problem you’re facing with the Instagram app.

Update your Operating System

Now that you have done all you can to fix the Instagram app if things are not working, there is the possibility of incompatibility between your app and operating system.

Not updating your operating system will cause other apps besides the Instagram app to crash, you should check for updates if they’re available. Every few months updates are released for both iOS and Android, you need to install all the updates you have missed.

Close Every Other App and let Only Instagram Run on your Device

We have talked about app conflicts among the causes of Instagram crashing on both Android and iOS. If that’s the case, you need to close all apps and ensure that only Instagram is running on your Android or iPhone device.

You want to make sure no app is open, you should also close other apps running in the background because they can be the cause of the conflicts as well. When you do that, just restart the Instagram app and see if it’s working properly.

Use Older Versions of Instagram

Some Instagram users report having problems after updating Instagram to the newer version, if that’s what you have experienced, you should roll back the version that worked for you previously.

This happens because your device settings aren’t supporting the functions of updates installed. After Installing updates and you find that the Instagram app isn’t working, you should definitely remove such updates.

Reset your Device

Having the wrong settings on your Android device can prevent the app from working properly. Over time you have made a lot of changes to your mobile device and it’s difficult to find the ones causing problems. The best alternative is to reset your mobile device.

There are two kinds of reset available; The first one allows you to restore all settings without deleting your storage files, this is the type of reset you should first do. The next reset involves erasing everything, your device will become just like a brand new one.

All your saved files will be removed, even Instagram will have to be installed again if the device doesn’t come with it pre-installed. After resetting your device you should be able to fix the problem of Instagram crashing on both Android and iPhone.

These are the best troubleshoots for Android and iPhone crashing, and we strongly believe applying these fixes will help you solve the problem. As long as the Instagram servers are online and running smoothly, you should be able to fix your app when it keeps crashing. Let us know how things work out for you in the comments.


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