How to Track My Comments on Instagram

It’s not always easy to track down your comments on Instagram, whether it’s your own comments or the comments of other users on your posts and stories, they’re confusing to deal with.

The reason is that your notification bell is always mixed up with every interaction on your Instagram profile.

Your likes, comments, mentions, and tags will all fall under your notifications.

You’ll find that your notifications are in hundreds, sorting out only one action like comments or likes is not easy and there are times when we just want to sort them by one action only.

Like sorting the posts we liked, the posts we comment on, or the posts that mention us.

If you don’t have many interactions on your profile or posts, you won’t have any problem going through all your notifications to find out what you’re looking for.

But imagine if you have thousands or even hundreds of thousands of followers where a single post can receive thousands of likes and comments, do you want to dig manually and trace a comment or like from another user?

Any reasonable person will look for other alternatives where they can sort out a single action and also be able to search and point any user they want, and that’s the reason why you landed on this post.

You’re looking for a solution that will allow you to track down all your Instagram comments in an organized way.

Since you’re here, you’re at the right place because we’ll show you how to track down your Instagram comments without any hassle.

Why You Should Track Down Your Instagram Comments

How to Track My Comments on Instagram

How to Track My Comments on Instagram

Most Instagram users don’t bother adding comments to people’s posts not knowing that they’re missing a lot. The more you interact with a user on Instagram, the more it shows that you care about their life.

Adding likes is great, but you’ll grab the attention of the user when you left some comments on their profile and that’s why it’s important to always leave your comments to users who are very close to you.

But does that mean when you add your comments, you should abandon them? Of course, no! you need to keep an eye on your comments for various reasons.

One is that for Correcting errors and typos, once in a while you’ll end up making a few mistakes while typing your comments.

The comment box doesn’t have many characters, but still a few typos here and there will arise especially when you’re using the mobile touchpads.

Once you realize that you made some mistakes in your comments and you find that it’s buried within hundreds or thousands of other notifications, you want to track down the comments in your account which makes it easier to find the comment you’re looking for and the edit it easily.

Another reason why you want to track down your comments is for deletion. Sometimes you just want to clean your Instagram account.

It’s really easier to drop the wrong comments thereby adding abuse or showing criticism when you shouldn’t. After some time, you may realize the user doesn’t deserve the comment you left on their post and hence you decided to get rid of it.

Chances are you won’t even remember the exact post nor have the link to the post or Story, and even if you manage to track the post, it might not be easy to locate your posts once it has been buried.

I am talking about posts with hundreds or thousands of comments, the best way to locate the comment is to narrow down all your posts and then delete or edit the ones you want.

And thirdly, you might want to add more info to your comments.

The comment box on Instagram isn’t a place where you can add much content, but still, you can add comments and later on want to add more information especially when users start criticizing your comments, you might add some information or provide a reference to what you have typed.

Tracking only your comments is the best way to identify your comment and add any detail you want.

Anyone has their own reasons why they want to track down their comments on Instagram and the good news is that you can follow some steps and track all your Instagram comments on the go.

How To Manage Your Instagram Comments

There are almost three ways in which you can manage your Instagram comments and we’ll take a look at each separately so that you select the method that suits you best.

Facebook Social Inbox

You might ask what Facebook has to do with tracking your Instagram comments? You shouldn’t be surprised given the fact that Instagram is owned by Facebook and you can also add your Facebook account especially when you want to upgrade your Instagram Business account.

Facebook allows users to integrate their Instagram comments and manage them using the Social Inbox feature. All social messages can be organized in one place with ease.

Once you add your Facebook account, you’ll discover that all notifications and messages from Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger are placed for you in one place.

Your comments and other notifications will be organized separately and that gives you the option to track down your comments easily. Let’s share how you can do that both on the phone and PC.

Managing Instagram comments on your phone with the Facebook social inbox

  1. First, you need to install the Facebook Pages Manager app. Take note, this isn’t the usual Facebook App or messenger app. It’s a different app on its own which can be downloaded and installed separately.
  2. You should head over to your phone store to search and Install the Facebook Pages Manager App on your device. You should visit the Play Store for Android users and App Store for iPhone users.
  3. After installation, you launch the app and login, you can do that by clicking on the “messages icon” which is at the bottom of your screen. You’ll then see the Instagram icon at the top also and clicking on that will provide login fields. You should enter your login credentials to sign in to your account.
  4. You’ll have to connect your Facebook account to your Instagram account if you haven’t done so. By the time you login to the Facebook Pages app, you should see the Instagram comments tab in the Inbox Pane. If you don’t see the Instagram tab after login, it means you haven’t connected to your Facebook account and you need to do that.
  5. Inside the Facebook Pages App, you’ll be able to respond to posts and comments easily.

This is how you can track your Instagram comments using the Facebook Pages App easily, and you can see it’s a straightforward method. Let’s now share how to do it on PC.

Managing Instagram comments on PC with Fa3696cebook social inbox

  1. You need to login into your Facebook account by navigating to your Facebook page in your PC browser.
  2. Click on “Settings” that is at the top right of the screen.
  3. Click on Instagram which is on the left column, and also click “log in”.
  4. Add your Instagram username and password to proceed with login into your Instagram account.
  5. You can also connect your Facebook account to Instagram on the Instagram app or you can login to Instagram with a browser and from settings you can see the option “Connect Facebook”. It’s pretty simple you just need to add your Facebook login and during the process, you can select the data you want to import from Facebook.
  6. After connecting the accounts, you should be able to see Instagram comments in the integrated inbox.

That’s it on how to see Instagram comments with Facebook Social Inbox. Next, we’ll take a look at Facebook Ad Manager.

How To Manage Instagram Comments Wi3696th Facebook Ads Manager

If it happens that you’re running Instagram ads, you definitely want to ensure that your comments are at the top. You don’t want any negative reviews on those ads so as to increase conversions.

That could possibly be done with the Facebook Ads Manager.  Here are the steps to view and manage your comments using this feature;

  1. First, you need to visit Facebook Ads Manager Page.
  2. Login into your Facebook ads manager account with your Facebook login.
  3. Find one of your Facebook ads campaign ads and if you don’t have one you should create one. Don’t worry, no need to spend anything, just create a campaign for the sole purpose of tracking and viewing your Instagram comments.
  4. You now click on “Ad”.
  5. From the dropdown menu link box, you should click on “Manage Instagram Comments”. You’ll now see the option to view and manage your Instagram comments with ease. You can delete the comments, you can hide or unhide in your Instagram ads, and so on.

How To Get All Your Comments On Instagram Using The App

Instagram allows users to export all their comments in a single file without the need to use any tool. But the downside is that you can only view these comments, you can’t edit or even delete them right away.

This is just a way to get all the comments you’ve added on Instagram so far, in other words, you can’t manage them. Here are the steps you need to follow if you want to export your comments on Instagram;

  1. You should login to your Instagram account and tap on the burger icon which is at the top right of your Instagram feed.
  2. Click on “Settings” and then Security.
  3. Tap or click on download data.
  4. Then you tap “request data”.
  5. You’ll be required to enter your Instagram password.
  6. Click done and the requested data will be sent to your email address.
  7. Instagram will send an email with the download link, you just need to open the email and click on the link sent to you.
  8. After clicking on the download link, you’ll be required to login to your Instagram account in the browser.
  9. Login with your details and you can now see the download data page.
  10. Once you download and open the data, you should extract the files before opening them.
  11. The folder will have the name of your Instagram account and you’ll be able to see all your comments in the files included.
  12. You can now use these comments for reference or whatever you’d like to do with them.

How To Track Your Instagram Comments Using Tools

All the methods outlined above don’t require using any paid tool or service, but I’ll tell you that if you want to track your Instagram comments, you should consider using advanced tools.

The advantage of using these tools is that you can track other users’ comments also, and some have the provision to track other Instagram activities of every account whether it’s your own account or for others.

That’s to say you can use them to spy on other Instagram accounts with ease. Let’s take a look at some of the worthy tools you can use to track down your Instagram accounts;


Not only Instagram, but Hootsuite is also a popular tool for managing social accounts, these include; Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and even your WordPress sites.

Any data you want to view can be displayed for you, you shouldn’t be worried about connecting your Instagram because the tool has earned a lot of positive reviews from users throughout the years without any problem.


This is also another powerful tool dedicated to managing your Instagram comments with ease. You can view and organize your comments in an orderly manner, you can also edit and reply to your comments from your dashboard or you can get rid of the ones you don’t want.

There are lots of amazing tools out there that will help you not only manage Instagram comments, they also allow users to manage their Instagram activities with ease.

And they allow managing multiple accounts on the go including other social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Feel free to try the different options that are available, but always make sure that you conduct proper research before using any tool.

Don’t use new tools that just arrive in the market for a few weeks or months, remember that you’ll be connecting your account, and if care is not taken, you can put your account in suspension or termination.


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