How to Unfollow Everyone on Instagram in 2021

When I was going through Instagram last night, I noticed how someone went from having 1342 followed to zero.

This made me wonder, “Is it possible to unfollow everyone?” People unfollow people on Instagram on a daily basis due to one reason or the other.

One major reason why people unfollow an Instagram account user is that they are not being followed back. Another reason could be that they want to stop seeing certain posts by certain people.

Unfollowing everyone on Instagram may not sound very common, however, it is not as difficult as you might assume.

You may feel it is necessary to go on a mass cleansing in order to give yourself the chance to start over with your account.

You may also feel that you are not getting enough engagements for your posts and something might not be right with the number of followers you have. That feeling of purpose or intention is absolutely normal and necessary if you want to start over.

Why Is There a Need to Unfollow People On Instagram

How to Unfollow Everyone on Instagram in 2021

How to Unfollow Everyone on Instagram in 2021

Inactive Accounts: A set of followers that could be cleansed are those with inactive accounts.

Any account that does not function for over three years can be considered inactive because it does not add anything to your impressions apart from the fact that it is taking space.

Robot Accounts: Robot accounts are those accounts that are not controlled by real people. Although it may seem like they are real because of how they manage their accounts, you can spot them by comparing their amount of followers to the people they are following.

If they follow a lot of people without a reasonable amount of followers, then that account may be managed by a robot.

More evidence includes lots of following but poor contents or lack of contents and mass following of inactive accounts. Accounts managed by robots are equivalent to inactive accounts and can also be called ghost users.

Handling Privacy on Instagram

Instagram gives you the opportunity to share your moments with others through pictures and videos. A remarkable social media that allows you to post visual content even on your story.

However, not everyone can handle the attention and this is why Instagram created a feature that enables users to keep their accounts private.

This means that if my account is private, not everyone can view my profile which may include pictures and videos in my gallery until I personally accept their request to view them.

This can only happen after I am being followed. In other words, only my followers can view my profile. Not only do I get the benefit of staying private, but I can also choose who can follow my account.

Is it Possible to Unfollow Everyone at Once

This is one of the common questions asked because of the stress of manually unfollowing everyone.

It is very important to note that there is no feature that would enable you to unfollow everyone at once because there is a limit for that, except you have less than 200 followers.

Instagram is a very popular platform with over a billion users who are active. This means that social media has to manage and regulate several activities on the platform ranging from likes, comments, posts to acquiring followers or “unfollowers”.

Instagram provides lots of guidelines and restrictions to protect its users. Because our main point of discussion is about how to unfollow at once, I will explain the social media’s rules concerning that.

Instagram can only allow you to unfollow as many as 200 accounts in an hour, while for new users who aren’t up to three months old on the platform, the minimum is 150 accounts per hour.

Adding to this, your unfollowing activities must look normal to avoid being blocked by the platform. To keep your profile safe, try to avoid any unusual activity which could include massive unfollowing.

Can I Use The Services of Third-Party Apps to Unfollow Everyone

Another frequently asked question for those that do not want to go through the normal tasking process of manually unfollowing people.

It is possible to avoid the traditional means of going through every account manually to unfollow them by using the services of applications that are built mainly for the purpose of unfollowing users on Instagram.

These apps can assist in mass unfollowing of users which could be of benefit to you majorly because of their automatic nature.

However, the impact of these apps is also restricted because they cannot go beyond the “200” limit. Doing that might earn your account a temporary ban and we do not want that.

Furthermore, these apps would require your Instagram account details like your username and password which could have negative effects because of the lack of privacy.

Having looked at all the major ways we can unfollow users, I’ll take through a step-by-step process on how to unfollow everyone on Instagram through different means.

The three popular ways involve your mobile phone where the Instagram app is installed, the use of third-party apps, and finally, the use of a computer. Whichever means you prefer, there are steps to follow.

How to Unfollow Everyone On Instagram

Using the Instagram App

This is the most popular means people use to unfollow all their users on Instagram because the steps are very straightforward.

  • Step one: Pick up your mobile phone.
  • Step two: Log into your Instagram account. You definitely cannot access your account without actually logging in with your username and password.
  • Step three: Locate your personal profile by tapping on your profile icon.
  • Step four: Get to the list of people you are following on the top right side of your phone screen.
  • Step five: Start unfollowing by tapping the button close to each username and ensure that the button turns to blue. This will show that you are not following that account again. This may sound difficult to some people because they may not have the mental strength to unfollow a lot of people which could include their friends. But once they start, it will flow easily.
  • Step six: Repeat this process for the remaining accounts until you reach 200. If your account is still new, your limit will be 150 users to unfollow.
  • Step seven: Once you have reached the maximum of 200 or 150 users unfollowed depending on the maturity of your account, you take an hour or more to rest, go offline or even go through your Instagram timeline before repeating the first four steps.

It is important to understand that you cannot unfollow beyond the maximum 200 as earlier stated above.

The challenge of this is that it takes a lot of time and can be boring because of the manual means of unfollowing accounts. The more people you are following, the more tasking it is for you to unfollow everyone.

Using a Third-Party App

This medium is usually very easy to execute because it does not require you to go through every account one by one to unfollow them.

These apps are built for this purpose so you don’t have to go through that stress of manually unfollowing everyone.

  • Step one: Go to your mobile app store. Playstore for android users and IOS app store for iPhone users.
  • Step two: Locate the search bar.
  • Step three: Search keywords like “Instagram Unfollow Apps”.
  • Step four: Pick from the results which would be preferable for you and install
  • Step five: These apps may require your login details which means you have to log in.
  • Step six: follow the instructions and unfollow automatically.

For the purpose of this article, I would like to use a practical example with a real app called Follower Tracker.

  • Once installed, I have to sign into the app with my Instagram account username and password so the app can access my Instagram account.
  • After logging in, I go through the app’s interface and discover that it does more things than just unfollow. It tracks the activities that go on with my accounts like those that view my stories and those that like and comment on most of my posts.
  • I locate the Account icon on the top middle in between Story and Post and tap on it.
  • The Account pages show the people I follow and those that follow me and classifies them for me. This is where I discover that I may have ghost followers and those that are not following me back.
  • Then I start selecting as many people I want to unfollow at once. The app makes it easy for me with the “select all” option.
  • Then I unfollowed them at once. Due to the guidelines of Instagram and in order to avoid being blocked by Instagram, the app limits my unfollowing activities. After one hour has passed, I can go back to unfollow till there is none left.

Other apps may have similar ways of automatically unfollowing people on Instagram but they will always require your account details which is a downside for this method because there will be an issue of privacy.

Some apps may tamper with the information on your Instagram advice and so I do not advise that you should rely on this means.

Another challenge with third-party apps is that some may require you to pay a certain amount of money to unlock certain features.

Another thing to look out for when installing a third-party app is to ensure you read the reviews and comments of those that have used the app before. If the app has a lot of negative reviews and comments with poor ratings, it is advisable you avoid such apps.

Using the Computer

In case you do not have access to a mobile phone where you can unfollow manually or use a third-party app, you can also make use of the computer which could also get the job done.

  • Step one: Locate your browser on your computer and open it.
  • Step two: Log on to
  • Step three: Sign up and login to your Instagram details which are your username and password.
  • Step four: when you have access to your homepage, locate the profile icon on the top corner on the right and click on it.
  • Step five: After clicking on it, this will take you to your personal account page. Locate the “following” icon and click on it.
  • Step six: having done that, the list of people you are following will roll out.
  • Step seven: Click on the following icon just beside each name and unfollow.
  • Step eight: Repeat this process until you get to the limit of 200 or 150 depending on the maturity of your account. You will have to take a pause for an hour or more as earlier stated and go over again until you have unfollowed everyone.

The challenge of this method is equivalent to the first method because you have to go through all the names on the list one after the other until you have cleared everything.

It is most challenging to those that have over a thousand or more followers while those that have less would find it easier.

Now that we have taken a lot of the three major ways in which we can unfollow as many people as we want if not everyone.

It is important to bear in mind that a platform as big as Instagram needs to be well managed whether your account is for personal use or for business use.

With the new restrictions which include hiding likes, it is difficult to buy likes for your pictures. Buying likes will give a fake impression about you and what you are trying to advertise.

I believe you do not want that for your business account or your personal account.

In addition to this, once you have a clean slate, you can easily monitor who you follow and those that are following you. The acquisition of ghost users and fake followers can affect your account negatively as well.

The processes are pretty straightforward, right? You can unfollow everyone by using either the Instagram app, third-party app, or the web view of your computer, this could give you the positive results you are looking for and help you monitor your Instagram account better.

While embarking on this task, avoid anything that will get your account in trouble. I hope this piece has been helpful. Feel free to reach out to me or comment below if you have any questions or opinions to add. Thank you for reading.


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