How To View Private Instagram Profiles in 2021

A lot of Instagram users don’t want other people to know what’s going on in their lives and that’s why they have to find a way to block people from viewing their activities. Social media is meant to interact but it’s not everyone you want to interact with nor you want them to see what’s happening in your life.

The idea of a private account on Instagram and other social media networks is to allow users to set the pace with other users.

With a private account, you have control over who can view your profile and your activities. Overall, only you decide to choose who can interact with you, when you set the account private, the account won’t even show up in user search.

This way you can only reach out to people you want to interact with and you’ll be able to select your followers wisely.

On the other hand, there are some profiles on Instagram that we just want to view their profile or account activities for various reasons, but when we tried to access their profile, it seems that they have a private account.

This means you can’t view any of their content unless you send a follow request and they have to approve you before you’re able to join interaction with them.

Since you’re looking for a way to view private profiles on Instagram, chances are they won’t approve of you as their follower and that’s why you’re looking for ways to see if you can view their profile.

In this post, we’ll explain about private profiles on Instagram and also share how to view private profiles if that’s possible.

Why Do People Set Up Private Profiles On Instagram

How To View Private Instagram Profiles in 2021

How To View Private Instagram Profiles in 2021

I know you probably hate the idea of private profiles on Instagram since it’s blocking you from accessing the profile you’re trying to access, but it’s good to share some of the reasons why Instagram users choose to go private with their accounts. Let’s take a look at these reasons;

Controlling who sees their content

This is one of the major reasons why Instagram users decide to go private with their accounts. Not everyone wants to expose their lifestyle to the whole world, they want to maintain privacy on who has access to their lifestyle and hobbies.

Going private means only a user that’s following you can view your content or profile, and you have to approve every follow request. This means you’ll be selective for your followers; you don’t want the wrong people to follow you.

You can choose not to accept any stranger from joining your follower list or you can just remove anyone that doesn’t deserve to continue interacting with you.

Dealing with harassment

No matter how valuable and useful you’re on social media, you’ll end up with a lot of users that will harass you through comments. You can only see such harassment in masses on public accounts and they’re coming from people you barely know.

With a private account, you’ll find that most of the people you approve to join your follower list, have a connection with you and there is mutual respect.

They can of course criticize you or oppose your thoughts and ideas, but they won’t harass you. If anyone does so, you can definitely take care of them by removing them from your follower list so that they won’t see your content again.

Protect Your content

A lot of users are spying on public accounts to find trending content in their niche and then steal that content to repost on their profile. They can’t even honor to share the content, they just want to own it and keep the credit to themselves. When you go private, your posts won’t be available to the public, only your selected followers whom you trust can see your content and I’ll tell you that they can hardly use it without your permission. That means going private will help you protect your content.

Protect Your Personal Identity

Every popular figure on Instagram has its account impersonated and the disgusting part of it is that the impersonator will steal all their posts and reuse them in the fake account. The general public has no idea who you’re or what’s going in your life. All your personal details are kept private from public view and hence your personal identity is protected.

These are some of the top reasons why Instagrammers choose to make their account private. On the other hand, an Instagram private account has its own shortfalls as well, let’s take a look at them.

Disadvantages Of Instagram Private Accounts

Your activities on public accounts can be viewed by anyone

Even though all your account activities are private, you’re however not protected from other public activities. Everyone can see your comments and likes on all public accounts, but still, that cannot be seen from your profile. They’ll have to dig through such public profiles in order to find your posts, this is a huge downside to some users. If you don’t want your activities to be seen, stay away from public accounts.

You can still receive unwanted DM’s

Yes, this is another downside because users can still harass you through direct messages. The good part is that you can choose to block them whenever you receive messages you find to be inappropriate. If you don’t block them, they can keep on sending you messages in the DM.

Your content has limited outreach

This one is obvious and I guess you’re opting for a private account to limit the number of people that can view your content. You should also know that your username and content can’t be found through hashtag search which is one of the popular ways Instagram users discover new content.

You can’t embed content on your website

You cannot embed your own content and other users cannot embed your content on websites online. The idea of promoting your content on websites you own is a no from Instagram. Even if you decided to add the code, only an empty box will show up because your content is restricted from public view.

These are some of the disadvantages of running an Instagram private account, let’s now go ahead and share how to view private accounts on Instagram.

Is It Possible To View Content From A Private Account On Instagram

Instagram has done its best to ensure that only followers of a private account can view its content, but there are still some loopholes left that can be used to track down the activities of a private account. We’ll outline the top ways anyone can use to view private profiles or content on Instagram.

Send them a follow request

Maybe you’re a new user on Instagram and have no idea how to view private accounts. Well, if you can’t view a private profile it means you’re not following them and you need to send them a follow request which is subject to their approval. If they don’t know you, you need to present yourself in a way that they want to connect with you.

You might ask: how can I contact them? Through DM as mentioned previously, you can still send them DM to convince them why you want to connect with them.

They’ll definitely go through your profile to ensure that they’re not connecting with the wrong guy. Make sure your profile is clean before sending the follow request. Once they approve your request, you’ll be able to view everything they post on their profile.

Watch their profile through a friend that is following them

This also another effective method you can sneak into their profile without them knowing it. If you know someone that’s already following them, you just need to use their device and check for their profile.

If they’re far from your reach, you can request them to send you details and screenshots regarding their latest updates.

If they can’t accept your follow request, this is probably the best way to view their private profile on Instagram. Even if you don’t know a friend that is following them, you can connect with someone you know is following them, start by following them, and then befriend them.

You can, later on, request a favor from them to send you details or a screenshot of the private account you’re trying to access.

Search In Google

If you have sent the following request but rejected it and you can’t find someone to send you a screenshot, your next best option now is to use Google search.

Google indexes most of the content published online especially content from giant network sites like Instagram. Chances are some of the pictures and posts on any private profile are already indexed on google and by searching their username in google you’ll be able to see all these activities.

This method is however limited because you’ll only be able to see pictures and posts made before they turned their account private. If the private account you’re trying to view was changed to private mode recently, you can then see all posts when the account was set public.

Use another Instagram account

If the private account you’re trying to view already knows you, they will definitely not allow you to follow them. The best option here is to create a new Instagram account with different personal details including Name, location, phone number, and email. There is still another block because most private accounts will not approve follow requests from accounts they don’t know.

What you want to do is to make your account look real, upload profile photos and everything. Make sure to have some followers as well and perform genuine activities, wait for the account to spend some days so that it doesn’t like someone who creates a new account just to spy on them.

Once you’re sure your account looks real like any other genuine Instagram user, you then send the follow request and make sure to provide a good reason why they should connect with you. If you’re lucky, your request will be approved and you can now view their profile and content right away.

Use Third-party tools

Your last option for viewing a private profile on Instagram is by using viewer tools. These tools promise to allow you to view Instagram private profiles or I can say they’ll pull the content that’s already indexed by various online sources including google as mentioned and then display the posts for you to see.

If you don’t want to go through the manual process of searching for their content on Google, you can use these tools so that they can simplify the task for you with just a few clicks. Here are some of the best viewer tools you can try in order to view content from private profiles:

Watch Insta

This is so far one of the best tools you can consider for this task, within a few minutes you can set up the process. You’re required to enter the username of the private Instagram profile you want to view.

Then you’ll fill in some survey questions which are short, this helps the tool pull out their posts and also ensure the data pulled is accurate.

Insta Spy

You can see from its name, this is a spy tool that can extract posts connected to any private profile on Instagram. Just type in the username of the account and other details, then you’ll receive the content published on that page.


This tool also has a user-friendly interface for easy use. It also works like the previous tools; just type in the username of the targeted profile and hit the search button.  It will search for the content on that account and display it for you.

Which Method Is The Best So Far

You have seen about five options, the best way to view a private profile on Instagram is by sending a follow request so that they can approve you and secondly, it’s by using a friend that’s following them.

All the other methods are lengthy or a little bit complicated or like in the case of using tools, there is no guarantee and can lead to account suspension for those that require you to log in to your Instagram account before using the tool. With that said, you choose any method that suits you the best.


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