Ideas for the Best Instagram Truth and Dare Games for DM 2021

Instagram has become more than just another mobile app. It is now so much more; a marketing tool, a photo journal, a platform to meet new friends and connect.

On Instagram, users have fun, share images and precious moments, and even play games with each other. Amongst the popular games on Instagram are Truth and Dare games.

There are many ways to play these games on the social media platform but let’s look at playing Truth and Dare games for DM.

Choosing The Right Truth and Dare Games on Instagram

Instagram games are fun to play and Truth and Dare games are especially enthralling when played with family and friends. They can also be played and enjoyed with perfect strangers. How do you choose the right game for you though?

Truth and Dare games on Instagram can be played in different ways. They can be played in Feed posts, stories challenges, and through direct messaging, in groups as small as two-person groups and also much larger groups.

The games could be light, casual, and fun or intense and intimate. Before joining in on a game, there are a few considerations to be made, and they including:

  • The age of the participants: Knowing the age of the players is important to avoid having inappropriate dares or questions for underaged participants. For games with players aged below eighteen years, the questions and dares are usually mild. Accounts on Instagram that host Truth and Dare games usually announce what type of game they are hosting and what ages are appropriate to join in.
  • The number of participants: For some, the more players there are in a game, the happier they are to participate while for others, less is preferable. Knowing how many people would be participating in the game is a great way to pick the best fit for you.
  • The relationship of the participants to one another: People play Truth and Dare games for different reasons. For some, it’s a fun way to get to know a lover better, for others it might just be a fun way to connect with family or make new friends. A game between a couple would have a completely different vibe than one between siblings, friends, or even strangers.
  • If the games are private or public: When choosing to play any game at all on Instagram, it is important to know who is hosting the game. Is the game being hosted by a lover, a friend, a family member, an acquaintance or a Truth and Dare game account? Several accounts host Truth and Dare games on Instagram and if you are looking to play with random players, playing on any of those accounts would be ideal.
    Why is it important to know who the host of the game is?
    Well as the name implies, the game entails giving answers to questions you will be asked and also performing challenges that would be thrown at you, and as such it is important to know if the information you give will be safe. Playing with strangers, you should be especially careful what information you divulge to ensure your continued safety. Overly personal or financial questions are a red flag.
  • The theme of the game: Playing with themes helps you to keep the games fresh and dynamic. You could play over and over with the same people and change the theme each time you play. This is a great idea for younger players as it would help in capturing their interest longer.
  • If they are played in Stories, feed or DM: As the Truth and Dare games can be played in different ways on Instagram, knowing if the game is to be played in stories, feed or your DM can help you choose what game to participate in based on your preferred space of play.
  • How long a round lasts for: Playing a game, any game, comes down to personal preferences. Like all other elements of the game, the player’s preference would come into play when choosing either a longer or shorter game. The length of the game can be estimated from the number of questions or dares in the rounds. Some players play a never-ending game, pausing when it stops being convenient and continuing when they can.

Instagram DM vs. Conventional Truth or Dare gameplay

After you have done all the checks and asked all the questions to make sure you are playing the game you want, with the people you want, safely and for as long as you would prefer, the next question then is “how do you play Truth and Dare on Instagram DM?”

Conventionally, Truth or Dare is a game that is played verbally between two or more people. The players of the game are given the option to pick either to answer a question truthfully or to perform a dare. Both the dares and questions are posed by the other players.

Sometimes, the questions and dares are written on small pieces of paper, folded, and put in bags or trays marked for either category.

If the answerer chooses “Truth”, the questioner picks a slip from the question stack, unfolds and reads the written question and the answerer answers the question honestly.

If he chooses “dare”, the questioner reads from the Dare pile and the answerer performs the dare readout.

Failing to do either results in penalties set by the players. These penalties have been known to include shots of alcohol in adult games and in others, a pass at a Truth would earn a free dare and vice versa.

Playing Truth and Dare on Instagram DM, while similar to the conventional gameplay, has its quirks. All that is required to play Truth and Dare on Instagram DM is an active Instagram account, with this, you can follow Instagram Truth and Dare accounts and participate.

Alternatively, you can play with your friends who you follow or who follow you as long as permission to send DMs has been established. To play with someone on Instagram:

  • Click on the Direct message icon
  • Search for and click on the other player’s handle
  • Commence game.


  • Tap on the user’s handle
  • Click on “Message”
  • Commence game


  • Visit and follow Truth and Dare profiles
  • Comment under posts announcing a game you might be interested in
  • Follow the page’s stipulated rules for the particular game and enjoy.

Playing on Instagram DM, players can play a game of Truth where only questions are asked by both parties;

A game of Dare where only challenges are performed; or a game of Truth and Dare where players can choose to either answer a question or perform a challenge.

How to Play Truth and Dare on Instagram DM; Ideas for interesting playing

There are many ways to play Truth and Dare on Instagram DM. Here are a few ideas for different categories of players to keep the game fresh and interesting.

A Game of Five: In this game, each player gets asked Five questions which they must answer honestly. If they choose “Dare”, then instead of answering five questions, they perform five challenges, and then it’s another player’s turn.

Select a Letter: This style of playing is best when playing in a group, with one player being the designated asker.

In this style, the asker has questions and dares which he labels from A-Z. when a player picks a letter, the asker types the option for that letter which could either be a “Truth” question or a “Dare” challenge.

Once the player has answered or performed the challenge, the asker moves to the next player. In group play, pictorial evidence is usually required if the challenge requires something done outside the platform.

An example could be a Dare that challenges the player to perhaps hug someone around.

Themes: Choosing themes while playing is one of the easiest ways to spice up a game of Truth and Dare. The questions and challenges are set to follow the chosen theme. Some fun themes could be Blast from the past, kiss and tell, etc.

Multiple answer questions: The questions asked when a player chooses “Truth”, could include multiple options for the answer.

Fill in the blanks: In this style of playing, the questions are asked with blank spaces which the player fills.

Select a number: This is the same as Select a Letter, except instead of letters of the alphabet, the options are labelled with numbers.

Timed responses: Timing each player’s response and performance of his or her challenge can increase the intensity of the game. Playing a timed game, players have limited amounts of time to answer their Truth questions or perform their dares.

This or that: In “This or that” the players are presented with only two options to choose from for both questions or dares. An example could be;

  • Brown sugar or white sugar?


  • Post an embarrassing picture to your stories or upload a 30-sec video of you kissing a wall.

Question Ideas for Truth and Dare on Instagram DM

The options of what questions to ask during a game of Truth and Dare are limitless. You can tailor your questions to suit your personality and that of the other players. Below are some examples of questions that you could ask.

Ideas for couples

  • Where do you see us in the next couple of years?
  • What are your favorite memories of us?
  • What do you love the most about me?
  • What do you like?
  • What are your fears?
  • What are your dreams?
  • Where would you like to vacation?
  • How many children would you like to have?
  • Would you like to be married someday?
  • If we had a daughter, what would you name her?

Ideas for crushes

  • Who are you in your mind’s eyes?
  • What makes you smile on a blue day?
  • When you have a free day, how do you spend it?
  • What things do you consider beautiful?
  • Would you rather go to a fine restaurant or have a beach day?

Ideas for casual playing with friends or strangers

  • How many grown pets do you have?
  • How many pictures do you snap when you take a selfie?
  • What is the highest you have hiked?
  • Which would you rather be; a pilot or a deep-sea diver?
  • Which do you prefer; cake or cornbread?
  • What is the longest you have used any particular product by a brand?

Dare Ideas for Truth and Dare on Instagram DM

Just as there are unlimited questions that can be asked while playing Truth and Dare games on Instagram DM, you also have an endless number of options when it comes to dares.

Remember to keep the Dares fresh and mischievous for maximum enjoyment. What is a dare without a little bit of mischief anyway? Below, I have listed a few Dares, feel free to use these ideas and to add a few of yours too.

  • Take a picture in your weirdest pyjamas and upload it to your stories.
  • Take a picture of your toothbrush and send it to the fifth person on your followers’ list. Send screenshot evidence.
  • Do very scary makeup, take a photo, and upload it to your feed within the next ten minutes.
  • Send a selfie of you in the loo.
  • Write “I am a kangaroo” on your status.
  • Send a picture of you in your underpants with three fingers over the waistband.
  • You can dare the other player to hand over control of their account to you for a few hours or days and in that time you can post whatever you like. NOTE this is not a good idea if the person is a stranger or someone you do not trust.
  • Delete two numbers from your contact list; send pictorial evidence.
  • Send a screenshot of the last web page you opened on your phone.

Truth and Dare, whether conventional or on Instagram DM, is a great game. The possibilities are numerous and I hope that this has been helpful.

The key aim of playing the game is to have fun, so go ahead and be spontaneous with it as you go along but remember to be careful too.


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