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Now, building a brand on Instagram isn’t a walk in the park, it takes a lot of time, effort and yet sometimes, we still don’t get it right. And that’s why we’re always looking for ways to make the growth process easier. Well, that’s where Ingramer comes into play.

If you are looking to promote your Instagram brand and aren’t living under a rock, you must have at some point, searched for Instagram automation tools to help increase followers, and improve engagement. And Ingramer must have come up due to its requested features.

It is an Instagram marketing toolkit that promises to ease the Instagram growth process, all by Automation.

If you’re thinking about using Ingramer to promote your Instagram account but you’re not sure about its effectiveness, I’m here to help with that. In this article, I will be reviewing the ingramer software; its features, pricing, as well as possible alternatives, if you aren’t satisfied with what ingramer has to offer.

What is Ingramer

Ingramer is an online third-party Instagram promotion tool. It’s an AI structured service and prides itself in rendering full Automation. So what this means is that it allows you to do your normal actions on Instagram without having to do so much work, as it uses a bot to grow your Instagram account and improve engagement rate.

The tool offers to manage your content with you doing as much as registering your account. Sounds like a lifesaver right? I mean you get to save time and energy while a Bot does the hard work.

Ingramer uses targeting filters, like hashtags and location, to find the right followers. This means, not only would you get new followers, they will be interested in what you have to offer.

It also offers a direct message feature to welcome new followers and establish a relationship with a carefully categorized followers list.

By using AI, it attracts the right audience, increases engagement, and overall improves your profile.

Why You Might Consider Using Ingramer

Ingramer could be just the digital marketing tool you’ve been looking for. Sometimes we do our best to grow our following base and it still doesn’t grow. Ingramer offers you what you’re looking for at a very easy and relaxed level.

This toolkit guarantees an increased following base while promising to manage your content by scheduling posts and generating relevant hashtags.

It gets stressful always trying to keep up with current and relevant hashtags; sometimes you forget to post and miss the opportunity to reach out to your relatable audience because you’re tired; than there is trying to decide who the right people to follow and like are; mass unfollowing, answering repetitive questions and the likes of it.

If you’re tired of going through all this and seeing slow results, then you might consider giving the Bot a try.

Registering on Ingramer

For one thing, the registration process on Ingramer is as quick as promised.

But first, You should know, Ingramer is not downloadable, it all works online, which to me goes both ways. Sure you can use it on any device by just going online to the website but what downloadable App doesn’t allow that? Why not just make it downloadable then?

Well, the first thing to do is to sign up, and to do so, you have to;

  1. Visit their website homepage. At the top right corner, you’ll notice a Get started to sign, click it.
  2. Then, you sign up for your account by entering your email and creating a password. Then you Sign up!
  3. Next, you have to connect your Ingramer account with your Instagram account. To do this, enter your username and password of your Instagram account.

This information is all safely encrypted, so do not panic. As the website puts it,“…your personal data will be buried with us.

Note, there are some requirements to be met before your Instagram account can be added. If your account doesn’t meet those requirements, there would be a warning sign, indicating non-acceptance.

The requirements are listed on the website, so if you encounter this issue, you can check their list for your limitation.

One of the requirements is that your last post must not be more than 2 weeks old, which seems fair. I mean the system has to be sure you are active and serious about promoting your account.

The bot can only bring potential followers to your page, it can’t force them to follow and no one would follow an inactive page. Would you?

And then there’s Instagram being suspicious of certain activities from a previously dormant account. This could lead to Instagram banning that account.

Once you’ve successfully added your Instagram account, you can now move on to your Trial. The only thing is, this trial is not a free one.

You would have to pay $1 to access the 3-day trial. You would also have to choose the module you would like to use when the trial ends, before accessing the trial.

You then make your payment, to verify membership. This could be done via card or PayPal.

Yes, all these need to be done before you can have a taste of Ingramer. Seems like a long process but it just takes a few minutes.

It’s also good to know that you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Ingramer Features: Highs and Lows

With Ingramer, you get 4 main modules which in turn offer different features. These modules are carefully and their features are well detailed on the website.


From all indications, this might be the most popular ingrammer module yet. This is because the promotion module offers the basic and everyday Instagram growth actions, though of course, automation.

The star features being auto likes, comments, following, and unfollowing. As we know, these are everyday actions that usually guarantee a larger audience, leading up to much-needed following and engagement.

For business users and Instagram influencers, this seems like a dream come through. The basics of any account that wants to make a statement on Instagram(for whatever reason), is a big following base. Little wonder why the module is so popular.

In summary, this module will smartly and intentionally grow your followers while acting as a personal Instagram manager, making what seems like repetitive actions, done in a fast and stress-free way.

The main features are;

  • Automated likes, follow and unfollow
  • Followers targeting based on hashtags, usernames, and locations.
  • Engagement through automated likes, follow comments.


Direct is the second module ingrammer offers. As you might have guessed from the name, its features are centered around bulk and automated messaging to your potential followers.

This module package is great for brands/businesses trying to get their message/products out there, simultaneously.

It not only sends a welcoming message to new followers, but it also helps to separate clientele by labels for easy communication, especially for busy business people.

One of the best features it offers is automated responses or DMs. Imagine having to reply to different DMs every day with the same message. You can set the bot to capture keywords in messages and respond with one message to all.

For example, a skincare brand that has the client’s always asking about prices of different products. Having different people ask “what is the price of soap”, the system can detect (already set) the keywords “price, soap” and reply with automated answers, set by you. You don’t have to wirelessly reply to every message( with those keywords) one by one.

Its main features include;

  • Bulk direct messaging
  • Automate responses
  • Categorize clients via labels
  • Keyword auto-based conversations.

Other notable features include;

  • Replies to actions i.e. stories, likes, and mentions.
  • Multi-language recognition
  • AI optimization search function.
  • Full CRM system


Another ingramer module, scheduled posting allows you to plan your post, automatically post at a particular time, whether online or not. This is a good feature for those that want to post regularly but don’t have the time to.

The features in this module are thoughtful because sometimes one can have so much going on and forget to post something relevant. The fact that it also allows for perfect timing will friend followers know you are still active.

Features include

  • Automated posting
  • Instant review
  • Auto updated description


The last but not the least module. As the name implies, the hashtag generator helps in generating suitable hashtags for different posts. It is an AI-based searcher that generates or suggests relevant hashtags by reviewing keywords, photos or URLs, for a post.

It makes it easier to come up with hashtags instead of racking your brain trying to figure out what is trending or not.

The system does all the work that will attract relevant followers and help gain traffic on your page. Your audience is likely to come across your page when there is a relevant hashtag attached.

Features include;

  • Up to 5 keyword/phrases per search
  • Full-fledged analytics of hashtag
  • Optimized hashtags for location.

Other Features offered on ingramer include;

  • Personalized data for each client
  • Multi-language recognition
  • Manage multiple accounts
  • free profile Analyzer
  • Free Trending Hashtags
  • Free profile search
  • Free Instagram downloads


As mentioned earlier, with ingrammer you do not get the trial period completely free, as the period of 3 days, comes at the cost of $1.

Each module comes with a different subscription amount but it allows you to subscribe to more than one module, automatically curating the amount for you.

Also, with ingrammer being able to subscribe for up to 10 accounts at a time, it gives you the option to level up the number of accounts and again, automatically curates your fee.

Here is a price list for each module, per account.

The Promo module starts at $37 for two (2) weeks, $57 for one (1) month, and lastly, $144 for three(3) months.

The direct module starts at $19 for two(2) weeks, $29 for one (1) month, $74 for three(3) months.

Scheduled posting starts at $12 for two (2) weeks, $18 for one (1) month, and $46 for three(3) months.

Hashtag generator starts at $14 for two (2) weeks, $22 for one (1) month, and $42 for three(3) months.

Although it might seem to be on the pricey side, each module does come with impressive features. Plus, ingrammer offers free features like free trending hashtags, free profile analyzer, free profile search, free Instagram downloads, and gifts/bonuses (when you join their affiliate program).

The subscription period ranges from 2 weeks to 3 months and ingramer offers several discounts from time to time.

Is The Price Worth it?

Considering how much it would cost to pay for ads and what ingramer is offering in terms of features, the prices offered on ingramer, seem to be affordable.

With the automated bot, you are assured of 24/7 service and which would drive immense traffic to your page, therefore, resulting in the return of investments. So there’s a very good chance you’ll be getting your ingrammer investment back and most likely, even more.

It’s worth giving a try. Remember you can always cancel your subscription at any time. Ingramer only receivers payment via PayPal or Card.

Pros and Cons of Using Ingramer

As with any third-party software/app, there are the thumbs up and the thumbs down. In other words the pros and cons.

As much as all the features sound like what you’re looking for, it is always important to look at their advantages, as well as disadvantages. This would help you decide if it would be worth the try.

Here’s a list of the pros and cons of Ingramer;


  • Automation of services.
  • Range of offered features.
  • 100% safety and security
  • All devices supported.
  • Smart targeting.
  • Post scheduler
  • Free features
  • Verified payment methods


How Safe is Ingramer

Based on reviews and ratings on websites like Trustpilot, Ingramer is considered safe to use. It rates up to 4.7 with 521 reviews that seem to be legit.

As a precaution to ensure your account doesn’t get blocked, they recommend you use VPN for your account. They even sell their VPN at $10/month, on the website.

As for payment of plans, the methods are all verified. So it doesn’t look like there would be an issue there.

Nevertheless, I would recommend carefully going through their User policy and agreement to be fully aware of what you’re committing to. Plus you should also look up reviews and ask around for people you know who might have used their services.

Does using an Automated Service Increase my Chances of Getting Banned

Truth is, Instagram has been on high on banning so many accounts, due to suspicious activities. So, whether you’re using a Bot or not, your account can still be banned.

But yes, it does increase your risk of getting banned as automation does not use human intervention. The bots can go overboard with liking, following, and commenting.

That is why it is still important to monitor and stay on top of activities. Do not get excited about gaining more followers and neglect reason or else, you shall be banned.

Overall user Experience; is it that Easy

The user experience seems decent enough. The interface is not hard to navigate and it has commendable speed.

All modules are well detailed and the experience you’ll get, clearly explained. Although if it’s your first time on the site you might get a little confused trying to locate where these details are.

The dashboard shows your progress in an easy-to-understand manner. It shows how well your account is doing with targeting and statistics, giving a general auditory of average progress per day. It also shows all activities carried out by the Bot, giving you a chance to monitor and direct activities.

The website takes its time to break down instructions and “how-tos” when it comes to using all the features. Surprisingly, it also advises you on certain things not to do.

For example in the Hashtag module, there’s a list on using hashtags to the best advantage. One of the things listed is “don’t use only well-known, popular hashtags”, which is commendable.

The only concern I would raise is that the website does not appeal to the human eye or mind, considering what it offers. It just looks like nobody’s home. It kind of reminds me of a Wikipedia page, where you go for information only.

Alternatives to using Ingramer

Sure, Ingramer has some great features but if you decide that it isn’t for you, probably due to pricing, speed, or some other unmet requirement, there are other digital marketing tools that offer similar services.

To choose a different tool, you must know what you need in terms of features, price, benefits, and structure. This is because different automation tool kits offer and excel in different services.

Here are some alternatives to ingramer, particularly tools that offer automation. You just might see what works for you;

  1. Growthoid

If you’re looking for an automation tool that doesn’t use Bots but offers all similar services, Growthoid is the way to go. On their website, they describe themselves as “ the best organic Instagram growth service”.

They offer similar services to Ingramer, but without bots. How it’s done, you’ll need to check out their website for that. Nevertheless, it’s a recommended alternative to ingramer.

  1. Intsavast

Insta vast is very similar to Intavast and no, I do not mean the use of the prefix “in” or the fact that they both took something from Instagram.

They offer very similar features but with instavast, you have the offer to buy followers. If you don’t mind buying followers (maybe because you are not one to be patient), this is for you.

  1. Stellation

Stellation has been around for a long time and is constantly changing up its features. Although their plans are expensive, various feedback has noted that they are safe to use and deliver well.

  1. Task Ant

Recommended for their hashtag strategy, this automation tool will drive engagement to your page. We know the importance of a good hashtag and this tool focuses on that so if this is where your interest lies, it could be a good bet for you.

  1. Growthsilo

Another recommended growth service. They are similar to Ingramer seeing as they pride in targeting building a relevant follower base. Also, their credibility has been noted through feedback.

  1. Mr. Insta

Mr. Insta is another automated service that prides itself in offering a huge following base.

With Mr. Insta, you have the option of choosing an automatic plan to get followers daily at the service pace or fast-forwarding the process and buying a number of them. You also get a guarantee that if any follower should unfollow, the follower will be replaced.

In conclusion

With Instagram’s fast rise on the social media stage, a lot of us have decided to utilize that platform. And in a bid to grow and build a fanbase or clientele, we have considered using automated services. I have also explored the world of automation, with Ingram being the latest.

One of the one-on-one reviews I got about ingramer before exploring the website, was that it only offers Automation and has no other distinguishing feature.

The person also stated that the tool has not been able to match up to Instagram’s progressing features and would soon not be needed.

Ingramer seems to have some great and inviting features, but with such feedback, would ingramer still make it to the recommendable list?

The answer is Yes, If you have no problem with using a BOT service to grow, then you can try Ingramer.

Nevertheless, Instagram has introduced some good features to ease growth for users and keep “BOTS” out. So, that means ingramer and other automated services would have to do a lot to meet up with Instagram policies if it intends to stay afloat.


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