Instagram App Keeps Stopping – How To Fix

Instagram app is a very stable app that works just fine on any phone you might have, but at some point, things can go wrong. Sometimes you’re in the middle of performing some tasks with the app, and suddenly you might see the message “Unfortunately, Instagram has stopped” or occasionally the app will freeze without showing any signal. In such situations, you might not know what to do next to solve the problem.

How To Fix Instagram App Keeps Stopping

How To Fix Instagram App Keeps Stopping

It’s even more annoying after you restart the app and it keeps showing the same error message, what do you do in such a situation? This article is aimed at providing solutions to anyone that often receive the message “unfortunately, the Instagram app has stopped”.

Stay with us till the end to figure out how to solve this problem from happening again.

What Causes Your Instagram App To Stop Working?

There are lots of reasons, and we’ll share the major ones;

You Ran Out Of Memory

When your RAM is full, you can hardly run any app on your phone, any app you open will immediately crash, and that’s because you don’t have enough RAM space to run the app.

You can check your RAM space to see the percentage occupied. Almost every phone can show this stat if your RAM has reached over 90% it’s then advisable to close some of the apps on your phone.

Some people make the mistake of leaving multiple apps open for days. They don’t know they’re eating up RAM space and will affect app performance leading to crash. If there is no enough RAM space, your Instagram app can’t work smoothly.

Haven’t Updated Your Instagram App

This is the second reason that might cause your Instagram app to crash; a lot of Instagram users don’t bother to update their app since it’s still working them. The Instagram app will crash at some point due to lack of update and if the app is frequently crashing the next thing you want to do is to check for updates, it takes seconds to a few minutes to download the update from your phone store.

Instagram App Is Corrupt

This is another problem that will cause your app to stop working. When some of the app files are corrupt, the app can crash at some point, as a result of this, there is nothing that will fix the problem other than reinstalling the app. Some might go through the long way of identifying the corrupt files and then fixing them, that’s a long way without guarantee.

How To Prevent Your Instagram App From Crashing in the future

Clear Enough Phone Space

Whatever you’re going to do, the app won’t work efficiently if your phone runs out of memory. If you want to work with multiple apps at once on your phone, you have to make sure you get yourself a phone with enough memory space that can handle all your phone operations.

Opening multiple apps on a 1G RAM phone will interfere with your Instagram operations. If you must use such a phone, you should consider closing other apps before launching your Instagram app.

Always ensure your Instagram is up to date

Solution to Instagram App Keeps Stopping

Solution to Instagram App Keeps Stopping

Not updating the app will create bugs that will cause your Instagram app to stop working. There are updates every one or two months, and you have to get those updates from your app store. This is the best way to prevent your Instagram app from crashing.

Clear Cache On A Regular Basis

Fix Instagram App Keeps Stopping Error

Fix Instagram App Keeps Stopping Error

Fix Instagram App Keeps Stopping ErrorA cache is known to interfere with Instagram activities; you should always clear cache at specified intervals, like weekly or monthly, this will keep your app safe without crashing.

You can do this from settings or can use third-party apps that will clear cache from your entire phone. Not the only Instagram, you need to clear cache from other apps to ensure your phone is running smoothly.

These are the three significant steps you need to take if you want to prevent your Instagram app from crashing in the future.

Now it’s time to outline actionable steps you need to take when your Instagram app isn’t working.

How To Fix the Instagram App Keeps Stopping

Restart your phone

Solution to Instagram App Keeps Stopping Error - Restart Phone

Solution to Instagram App Keeps Stopping Error – Restart Phone

The first thing to do when your Instagram app keeps stopping is to restart your phone. This is just a basic solution that won’t take much of your time. If it’s an error caused by your phone then restarting your device will refresh all your phone settings so that all your apps can run smoothly. Just press the power button of your phone and tap restart, this action alone is likely to fix your Instagram crash problem.

Check for conflicts

How to fix Instagram keeps crashing android

How to fix Instagram keeps crashing androidIf the Instagram app isn’t running well, it’s sometimes as a result of conflicts with other apps. You need to check recent apps you’ve installed on your phone because they might be the reason why your app isn’t working. Try and freeze the new apps you’ve installed to see if the Instagram app is now working, once you find these conflict apps that are interfering with your app, you need to find a way to freeze or altogether remove them.

There are also phone settings that aren’t favourable to the Instagram app when you notice app crash after changing your phone settings you might need to restore previous settings that allow the app to worth efficiently.

If the app suddenly starts crashing, you need to check and recall any action you have done that has the potential to crash your Instagram app.

Clear data

How to fix Instagram keeps crashing iPhone

How to fix Instagram keeps crashing on Mobile

A lot of data is stored in your app, and this data can interfere with Instagram performance. If you want to fix Instagram not working, you should clear Instagram data to see if that solves the problem. However, before deleting the data you should run a backup, if you don’t want to lose relevant data from your Instagram account you should consider having a backup, a lot of apps are available in-app store to store your data for every app on your phone. Backup apps will save your data so that even if you delete some data accidentally, you can recover it with a few clicks.

You should now head over to delete app data from Instagram to see if that solves your frequent crash problem.

Reinstall the Instagram app

How to fix Instagram keeps crashing iPhone

How to fix Instagram keeps crashing iPhone

If you still haven’t solved the problem, it’s time to delete the app and install again. Most people don’t like the idea of deleting their app but has to be done if your app keeps crashing again and again.

Remove the app by heading over to settings, apps and choose the delete option. Deleting the app doesn’t mean all your data is gone; data will be restored when you install the new app.

After deleting, download the new version from the app store and install, there is a higher chance of fixing the problem with this step, because if it’s as a result of corrupt files, you’ve now get rid of those files by installing the new app.

Revert to the previous version

As we’ve mentioned earlier, it’s crucial always to update your Instagram app when new update is released, but if after updating the app you started experiencing crash problems, it’s possible the update isn’t compatible with your OS and hence the best solution is to revert to the Instagram version that’s working well on your phone.

You can always download an earlier version of Instagram on your phone, but most of the time, you’ll get access to the APK file. You’ll only access the latest version on the app store if you’re looking for previous versions you need to check online from reliable third party websites. Get the APK file for the earlier version that’s working smoothly on your phone, and you’ll solve Instagram app crashing problem.

Clean your phone

Sometimes there are a lot of junk files on your phone that prevent apps from functioning correctly. These can be virus files or malware that are known to affect the performance of your phone.

You’ll need a capable anti-virus software or app that will clean your phone from these malware programs if your Instagram keeps stopping frequently. You’ll find a lot of free apps that will help wipe out any harmful file on your phone within a few minutes. Find an app that’s suitable for you and clean any dangerous file on your phone.

Update OS

If you still haven’t figured it out, it’s time to update your OS, especially if you’re using an old phone. When your system is not updated or is corrupt, and it can cause most of your apps not function properly.

Updating your system can take some time but has a lot of benefits to the performance of your phone. Whether you’re an iPhone or Android user, going to settings option will allow you to check updates for your OS. Once you updated the system, you should run the Instagram to see if it’s working the way it should be.

These are the essential steps you need to take when your Instagram app keeps stopping; most times, it has to do with your phone settings and performance. You need to identify what’s causing the problem and then implement possible solutions outlined in this article.

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