Instagram Auto Like, the Advantages and Why You Should Use It

Are you seeing Instagram posts with thousands of likes and comments? You probably have come across such posts! When you take a look at such profiles, you’ll realize that they have a massive following, so much that they receive thousands of likes within the very first hour after posting their content.

In most cases, public figure accounts are the ones receiving this massive engagement when they make posts. After seeing these hyperactive accounts, you started wondering if you can get the same results in your Instagram posts and stories!

Well, the number of followers plays a vital role when it comes to the limit of the engagement you’re going to receive on Instagram. It’s not easy to reach this level, all the accounts you see with massive engagement have been around since the creation of the media site, whether it’s on Facebook or on Instagram. It will take years to start seeing these extraordinary results on Instagram.

For those that are desperate of receiving massive interactions, they will resort to using automation, like sending the auto likes we’re going to discuss in this post. If you don’t receive the engagement you think you deserve, you can fake it with automation.

There is a saying that goes “Fake it until you make it”, a lot of celebrities and public figure profiles have been caught using automation to flood their posts with fake likes using automation and also adding fake massive followers. Some don’t use automation to send the likes, they use a paid service that sends in the like to their posts.

There has been a lot of debate on sending auto likes and also using automation in general on Instagram, the question is; Does sending auto likes or any other automation help grow your Instagram account?

We’ll cover it all in this article regarding the use of automation on Instagram, stay with us till the end to learn more about sending auto likes and also using Automation in your account.

What Is Instagram Auto Like

Instagram Auto Like, the Advantages and Why You Should Use It

Instagram Auto Like, the Advantages and Why You Should Use It

It involves using a tool to send likes to your Instagram posts, stories, comment or any content posted that has the like button. The auto like can be software, an app, or cloud-based tools, most services out there use cloud-based tools because everything has been set up including the accounts that will send the likes.

If you’re using an app or a tool that you’ll operate on your phone or PC, you have to create a lot of Instagram accounts that will send the likes. The likes will always be sent by the accounts you integrate into these tools, this is one of the downsides, and in most cases, Instagram will identify you’re using the same accounts to send likes.

But still, there is a way to do it, you want to make sure that you’re using random accounts, or at least you’re using a different set of accounts every week.

The likes will be sent automatically at the interval you want, you don’t want to make the mistake of adding all the likes at once, they’ll be removed. In most cases, your account will be suspended if you send massive auto likes to your Instagram posts.

This is just a brief about auto likes, it’s similar to auto followers and auto comments. Let’s take a look at the advantages of using auto likes on Instagram.

The Advantages Of Sending Auto Likes On Instagram

Increase your popularity

The moment your post starts receiving a lot of likes, it will be assumed by the Instagram algorithm that it’s a useful content users love. The more likes your content starts to generate, whether it’s organic likes or auto likes, the more that content will be promoted.

Such type of content will be placed on top of user searches and suggested content as well. Sending auto likes is a way of optimizing your content on Instagram; it will help you generate likes from real users and before you know it, you’ll start attracting more followers to your profile.

Auto likes are mostly used by new accounts, even though popular accounts are still using them to stand out from the competition.

On the other hand, some are using auto likes on other people’s profiles. The more you’re liking posts, the more followers you’re going to attract.

Users will notice it when they realize you give attention to their Instagram posts, some even have the habit of following any account that liked their post even if it’s once. By sending auto likes to other profiles, you’re increasing your popularity as well.

Save time and effort

If you decide to be sending likes to other people’s posts manually, it’s time-consuming and you’ll end up doing repetitive tasks every single day.

We’re talking of opening user posts and then linking these posts, you’ll have to pause for some time before you add another like or else Instagram will place an action block on your account.

But using Auto like tools or services will lift all the effort, you can set the interval you want to add the likes and you can also choose the accounts you want to send the likes.

It’s cost-effective

There are paid services out there offering to send user likes or followers to different Instagram accounts including your accounts, these services are expensive because it’s a pay per like module.

Even though it’s a few cents, when you add up to some hundreds of likes you’ll find that you’re paying a significant amount of money that won’t necessarily give you any return.

But on the other hand, they’re more effective because the like is sent from a real Instagram user, they’re still fake likes since the users that will send the likes are not interested in the content. They have a platform where anyone can join and get paid for liking posts.

For Auto likes, I’ll say the only investment is buying the tool, but there are free options or the ones with a free trial but limited to the number of accounts and likes you can send. If you also don’t have the time to create the Instagram accounts, you’ll have to buy the accounts. After loading your accounts, you’re ready to start sending the auto likes continuously without any further investment.

These are the major benefits of using Auto likes, but there are disadvantages as well, you can of course deal with them. Let’s share the downsides of sending Instagram Auto likes.

The Downsides Of Instagram Auto Likes

Instagram can easily detect automation and the consequences are severe

If there is one thing that Instagram hates, it is using automation. Once you start sending the auto likes, you should know that you’re placing your Instagram account at the risk of suspension or termination. Though there is a way to play it safe and we’ll share how you can send the auto likes safely.

User’s don’t like bots

Instagram is looking for genuine influencers that deliver true and valuable content. Once they realize you’re using automation, they’ll stop interacting with you and they’ll spread the word about your actions, which means you lost your reputation and credibility for your brand or business.

Creating genuine Instagram accounts takes time

By now you understand that you can send the auto likes out of nowhere, you have to use accounts to send the likes, and creating these fake accounts isn’t easy. You have to create a real account with some engagement which will take time, not some empty accounts without any activity on them.

Instagram Organic Likes Vs Auto Likes, Which Is The Best

No doubt organic likes are the best since they’re more expensive, if you can afford organic likes, you should definitely pay for them especially if you’re running a business on Instagram. You can however still use the auto likes in a way that you cannot be detected.

How To Choose Auto Like Tools And Apps

If you don’t want to lose your Instagram account by sending auto likes, you have to consider some factors when choosing a tool, app, or service. Let’s take a look at these factors briefly;

Choose a tool that has been around for years

If a tool has been around for a long time and it’s still working over the years, it means it’s an effective tool you can rely on. Stay away from new tools launched for a few weeks or months, if you want to try them, you should create a test account.

Positive customer reviews

You cannot ignore testimonials, make sure you read or watch real customer testimonials that have used the tool for a long period of time without any problem. I am not talking about watching a review video on YouTube, those are affiliates that want to convince you in order to make the sale at all cost, they’ll offer a lot of bonuses and they’ll claim that the offer will expire soon.

Don’t get into their trap, please. Go for a genuine testimonial, most of the guys offering these testimonials won’t push you to buy the tool or app, they’ll just share an honest opinion and let you decide.

These two important factors are enough to help you buy the right Instagram auto like tool. Just imagine, a tool has been around for more than years and it has a lot of positive reviews, this is a sign you won’t harm your Instagram account by using such a tool.

How To Use Instagram Auto Like Correctly

I am sure every guide online will warn you against using any sort of automation and that’s based on the experience they had with the tools or services they have used. While giving attention to the factors mentioned above and you play by the rules we’re going to share, you have nothing to worry about sending auto likes. Here the tips that will help you stay safe while sending auto likes;

Obey the rules

As you already know, Instagram has limitations on the number of likes you can send within a different time range, that’s to say there are hourly limits, daily limits, and monthly limits. You want to make sure you set your options right when using an Auto like tool or service.

These limits depend on the age of your account, for new accounts, you shouldn’t exceed 10-likes per hour and shouldn’t send more than 100-likes per day. You shouldn’t also send the auto likes at once, you should spread like adding 1 or 2 likes every 10 or 15 minutes.

Use a unique IP address

This is applicable if you’re sending the likes to other accounts. You want to make sure the bot or tool is using your unique IP address, but if you’re sending the likes to your posts, you’ll have to figure out a way to use a unique IP address for each like you send.

It doesn’t make any sense to send massive likes with the same IP address you’re using to access your account, you’ll easily be caught. You can use reliable proxies and VPN services to take care of this issue.

Make sure the accounts you’re using have activity

Don’t just buy the so-called verified Instagram accounts and start using them to send massive likes, make sure the accounts have profile pictures and if possible, add some followers too. This way everything looks genuine and you don’t need to worry about the detection.

Use the accounts randomly

This applies if you’re sending likes to your posts, but you should implement this as well when you’re sending the likes to other accounts. You’ll raise a flag if you’re using the same accounts to send auto likes for each and every one of your posts. If you have like 100 accounts, you can use them randomly. Pick and use 30 or 40 accounts randomly, you should also replace the accounts over time.

Clear browsing data

If you’re using automation on your browser, you want to make sure that you get rid of all browsing data on a consistent basis. Instagram stores cookies that track your activities, and clearing these data will ensure that you’re safe from suspicion.

Should I Use Instagram Auto Likes

By all means, if you want to do it, go ahead and do it, but you have to do it cautiously. First, you need to select the right tool, and secondly, you have to obey the action limit on Instagram.

Finally, I strongly advise creating a separate account where you’re going to use these tools, don’t use them on your Instagram account you’ve been running for years and have a decent following.

Create a new account for your automation and make sure you’re using a different IP address. Even if things go wrong, you have your original account.


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