All You Should Know About Instagram Direct Messages

The best way to get in touch with anyone on Instagram is by using the Direct Message feature. Most Instagrammers won’t notice your comments or even when you tagged them especially if they have a lot of followers.

The best way is to send them personalized DMs which will of course take their attention. Auto DMs are also very helpful to businesses that want to get in touch with their audience really fast. The Auto DM allows users to send automatic replies to their followers when they execute certain actions on their profile.

As a matter of fact, some are using Auto DM as customer care, there is a way to set answers to some of the common questions asked by the customers and once that query is identified, they’ll receive an automatic reply through their DM.

It saves a lot of time for Instagram users and every brand or business will want to take advantage of Auto DM.

This post is all about Instagram Messages and Auto DM, we’ll explain how they work and how to use them wisely. By the end of this post, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Auto DM as well. Without further delay, let’s get into it.

Instagram Direct Messages

We’ve all heard of Instagram DM, and that just the short form of Direct Messages, it’s a way to send private and personalized messages to another Instagram user. Direct messages can only be seen by the parties involved in the message, that’s to say it’s not a public message. This feature is available on the Instagram app only, it cannot be accessed on PC. You can however read and reply to the direct messages you received using your PC. Maybe in the feature, Instagram can consider allowing users to send DMs with Pc and we’re looking forward to that.

Instagram DM color

Depending on the delivery status of the message, you’ll find that Instagram Direct Messages have different colors and are subject to change as time goes on since Instagram can update any color they want. Sent messages will be colored in Purple, Delivered messages will be in Blue and all messages read will be grey. You can also change these colors from your app settings if you want to personalize your app, it’s all up to you.

Instagram Direct Message Character Limit

You cannot just add a large text content inside the DM, just like every other text post on Instagram, DM also has a character limit. The character limit for Instagram DM is 1000 characters including spaces, once you reach this limit, you’ll find that you’re not able to add any character anymore, even if you hit the keypad nothing will appear. You’ll have to delete some characters or words before you’re able to add more characters.

Instagram DM Limit

A lot of users abuse the DM feature thereby sending unsolicited marketing messages to users they don’t even know. This is the reason why Instagram is very strict when it comes to the number of DMs you can send on a daily basis, the restriction is tight for new accounts, old accounts can enjoy more freedom when it comes to sending DMs.

There is no exact official number mentioned by Instagram for the daily limits of sending DMs, once you just exceed the limit, your account will be blocked from sending new DMs until after 24 hours.

If you try to send DMs frequently and there are complaints, you’re most likely to face account suspension or even complete ban. But still, some recommendations are made for both new and old accounts.

New accounts shouldn’t exceed more than 50 DMs per day and that should not be sent at once, you should send like 5 every one hour. For old accounts, they can send up to 100 DMs every single day, which should also be distributed within some hours.

How To Send DMs On Instagram

Almost everyone knows how to send DMs using the App except if you’re completely new, but most don’t know how to send using a PC. We’ll share how to do both.

How To Send DM Using The Instagram App

  • Launch the Instagram app.
  • You’ll notice the “DM box” at the top right corner of your Instagram feed, you should tap on that.
  • Use the “Search” to look for the user you want to send the message to.
  • After selecting the user, you then write your message which should not be more than 1000 characters as mentioned.
  • Then you hit send.

Anyone can do the above, but how do you do it with a PC? Let’s look into it.

How to send DM on PC

We’ve already mentioned that it’s not possible to send DM on PC by default, you can only view and reply but you can’t send a new DM message. You’ll have to use some tricks or in some cases, you’ll have to install some applications that will allow you to send DMs on your PC. Let’s share some of the best ways you can send DMs on your PC.

Use Gramto Direct Messages Manager


Gramto’s DM Manager is one of the most efficient and effective tools that can be used to manage your Instagram DM on the PC. It enables you to manage multiple Instagram inboxes at the same time and you can easily respond to messages on the go.

This tool comes free with all Gramto plan. Sign up for Gramto and Get started for Free.

Use Instagram For Windows

This is the first application you want to use since it’s officially provided by Microsoft. There is however one downside because this application is only available to Windows 10 users, it won’t work on other versions of Windows like Windows 7 and Windows 8. The next alternatives we’re going to provide will work for old Windows versions, you should check the next alternatives if you’re not a Windows 10 user.

Head over to Microsoft Store and search for “Instagram”, the app will show up and you need to download it on your PC. After installing you should launch the app and log in just like you will use the Instagram phone version. After login, you’ll find that the app is the same as the phone version, you’ll compose your DM message just like you will on the Smartphone app.

Use Bluestacks or another Android emulator

This alternative will work for old Windows versions like Windows 7, 8, and even 10. I am not sure if Bluestacks is supported in Windows XP and Windows Vista, there are still other light Android Emulators that work on these old Windows Versions. Android emulators like BlueStacks will create an Android environment on your PC. Once you install Bluestack you’ll be able to install and use any Android app and can be downloaded right from Google Play Store. BlueStack is offered by Google, we can say that it’s the official app for launching Android Apps on PC.

After downloading BlueStack or any other Android emulator on your PC, you should head over to Play Store and install Instagram. It’s the usual app you’ll download and it will appear in your Android emulator, you need to launch Instagram and login, then you start sending your DMs.

Twist your browser

You can still use your browser to send the DM by making some twists to the Instagram website. Here are the steps to send the DM using your PC browser;

  • Visit the official Instagram website and log in.
  • After you’re logged into your account, you should right-click an empty space and select “Inspect element”. Every browser has this option, sometimes you’ll see the option “Inspect” only.
  • A new tab will open for some browsers and the developer page will open where you can edit the website.
  • Once on the developer page, you should locate the toggle device icon and click on it.
  • Then you reload the Instagram page and the direct message icon will appear, and then you can click on the + icon which will allow you to send your DM.

Using third-party tools

You can use third-party apps and tools to manage your Instagram DM, there are 100’s of such tools. These tools are mostly used when you want to automate your DM, you’ll be able to send automatic replies to your followers with ease. We’ll mention some of these tools but before that, we’ll first talk about Auto DM so that you can understand what they’re all about.

Auto DM

Auto DMs are automatic replies set on Instagram, it’s a way to schedule sending DMs automatically. You can set up Auto DM for everyone that follows you or comment on your posts. Auto DMs are a way to free up your time and to also serve your followers better. If you’re also offering products and services you can use Auto DM to provide customer service on Autopilot. Let’s talk about the uses of Auto DM

Benefits Of Auto DM On Instagram

Answering common questions

If you’re providing some service or you’re the type that receives a lot of repetitive questions, you can use Auto DM to simplify your day. You just need to create pre-written answers so that whenever the same question is asked, they’ll receive an Automatic reply through their DM. They don’t need to ask the exact question, once certain keywords are mentioned, they’ll receive the Auto DM.

Sending Your Instagram Giveaways

Imagine you’re running a giveaway with thousands of members, it will not be easy to send the giveaways manually. By using Auto DMs, you’ll be able to send out the giveaways automatically.

Provide customer support

Businesses can take advantage of the Auto DM to offer customer services, it’s like setting up a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). You’ll answer all your FAQ questions and when users ask queries for your FAQ keywords, they’ll receive auto-reply in their DM.

Engage with your followers

Most of the time when users receive Auto DM, they have no idea it’s an automatic reply. Before you know it, you’ll start engaging with them by setting up automatic replies through their DM. Imagine someone just liked or commented on your post and they just receive Auto DM thanking them, they’ll feel good and will keep an eye on your coming posts.

How To Set Up Auto DM On Instagram

Setting up Auto DMs on Instagram is best set up using third-party tools, you have to be careful though when it comes to choosing the tool that will automate your DMs.

You can even find free tools but most of them have limitations and some offer free trials for the first few auto DMs you’ll send. Once you choose the right tool, you’ll be able to set your rules on how you want to send auto DMs.

You’ll be able to compose your messages and also the type of actions that should trigger the sending of the message. Like when a new user follows you or likes your post. Let’s take a look at some of the tools you can try out when it comes to sending Auto DMs on Instagram.


When it comes to sending Instagram auto DM, Gramto is arguably the best tool for you. It takes less than two minutes to set up and you can start sending the Instagram Welcome messages almost immediately.

Gramto also lets you send an unlimited number of Automated DMs targeting a niche or your competitors’ followers. This is a perfect way to promote your product and services free on Instagram. Gramto starts at $9/month and you can enjoy all features. See Pricing.


This is a popular tool that will take care of all your Auto DMs on Instagram, not only sending auto DMs, it allows you to manage your Instagram account with ease and you can do that with your Pc. Some notable features include: sending DMs to all new followers, welcome messages, Instant replies, photo, video and text format is supported and Audience segmentation. You can also schedule your posts. This is not a free tool, it costs $20 per month and that shouldn’t be a problem if you’re running a business.


The next tool you can try is BigBangram, it’s capable of automating most of your Instagram tasks. It comes with features that will help you build the audience you always wanted. BigBangram offers 100 free DM templates to its users, there are free sales scripts available, and there is a flexible distribution list. You have all the promotional materials you need in your account and it just costs $9 per month which isn’t a big deal.


This is also another great tool that’s worth trying. You can use Instavast to send auto dm to a custom list of Instagram users, you can send photos, and can set up auto-pause. This tool costs $10 per month.

There are lots of Instagram Auto DM tools out there and if you want to automate your Instagram DMs, you’ll never run out of options. You just have to be careful when using automation tools on Instagram because they hate automation. Don’t try to send bulk DMs at once because that will probably land your account in suspension or permanent ban.



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