Instagram Hashtags Not Working? Here’s What You Should Do

Speaking of Hashtags, they’re the lifeblood of users in the Instagram world especially marketers or anyone that is looking for maximum exposure for their post and Stories.

Hashtags either make or break your promotional efforts and that’s why you don’t want to play around with them.

Once you realize that Instagram Hashtags aren’t working, you will not be at ease until you fix the problem.

If you post your content without any Hashtags, you should know that only your followers have the chance to view the content.

Once Hashtags are added, you’ll get viewers from users that aren’t following you and you’re not following them either.

Hashtags are now fundamental of any Instagram promotion if you want to expose your content to the crowd.

It doesn’t mean that adding Hashtags is an automatic guarantee of maximum exposure, you have to learn using them properly.

Everyone is chasing trending Hashtags but they’re not necessarily the ideal Hashtags for your brand.

You want to select Hashtags within your niche and also with moderate followers. You don’t want to end up using hashtags filled with celebrities or public figure profiles, this is because your post will be buried without a single chance of getting noticed.

No need to keep on mentioning the benefits of Hashtags since you already landed on this post.

You definitely know the benefits of using Hashtags and stories, and that’s why you’re looking for ways to fix Instagram Hashtags not working so that you can keep benefitting from them.

We’ll talk about the reasons why Instagram isn’t working and steps to take in order to bring them back to working properly.

Why are Instagram Hashtags Not Working

Instagram Hashtags Not Working? Here's What You Should Do

Instagram Hashtags Not Working? Here’s What You Should Do

You’re abusing the feature

This is the No.1 mistake new profiles make when they join Instagram, after making a few posts and they realize that there is no engagement, they start abusing the Hashtags feature.

They’ll use Hashtags a lot whenever they create a new post or story and the worst mistake of all is that they keep on using the same hashtags in every post.

Once the Instagram Algorithm identifies such users, they’re blocked from using Hashtags in their posts and stories.

In some cases, it will end up with an action block, meaning that every feature on Instagram will not be accessible to them until after some time.

They won’t be able to like posts, send a follow request, add comments, and other actions.

Once you’re facing an action block you have to wait for it to expire, it can be up to one month, but normally it expires after 24 hours.

Hashtags are banned or don’t exist

If the hashtags you’re using no longer exist or are banned for some reason, you can’t use the hashtags and you’ll end up with errors while trying to post them. Some on the other hand don’t actually exist, it’s possible the creator has deleted the hashtags you’re using.

There are rules for Instagram Hashtags and when Instagram Identifies a hashtag that doesn’t comply with the rules, they will delete the hashtag without notifying users who are active on such hashtags.

Hashtags you’re using are irrelevant

Hashtags that are not related to your content shouldn’t be used, you have to make sure the Hashtags added to your Posts and Stories are within your niche.

Just for the sake of getting exposure don’t use irrelevant hashtags as you’ll be identified as a spammer and your account might be blocked from using hashtags for some time.

You have exceeded the limit of Hashtags

Instagram has limits to every action users can execute on the platform, they haven’t mentioned an official figure regarding the number of hashtags users can add to their posts.

A lot of experiments have been made to find out the maximum number of hashtags a user can add on Instagram.

The numbers however don’t apply to all accounts because the privilege you get on Instagram depends on some factors.

By summarizing these factors we can say that age of account and interactions have more influence than other factors. If you’re using an aged account with significant interaction, you should expect your hashtag number to be higher than new accounts.

On average, old Instagram accounts can add up to 30 Hashtags, while new accounts shouldn’t exceed 10. Whether your account is new or old, you shouldn’t cross these numbers, and if you find that you can’t use Hashtags it’s probably because you have exceeded these numbers. You should reduce some of the hashtags in your posts to see if you can fix the problem.

Your profile is under shadowban

Instagram profiles are placed under shadowban when Instagram believes the hashtag is using explicit content or it’s inappropriate for user view.

In a nutshell, Instagram perceives the hashtag as spam and hence you’re blocked from using it. You want to change another hashtag if that’s the case preventing you from adding the Hashtags successfully.

Technical problems

If the problem of Instagram Hashtags not working isn’t caused by any of the above-mentioned issues, the next probable cause is technical problems on the Instagram app.

When the app is having technical problems, it will not function properly. It can be that app data or cache causing the problem, or the app files have been changed.

Overall, we can say that if the Instagram app is corrupt, you’ll end up having problems running the Instagram app.

In such situations, you’ll find that you can execute other activities such as adding likes, comments, or even following Instagram accounts becomes difficult. If it’s a technical problem preventing the app from adding your Hashtags, it needs to be fixed.

These are the known causes of Instagram Hashtags not working, we’ll now look into the possible fixes of this problem so that you can get rid of it once and for all.

How To Fix Instagram Hashtags Not Working

Fix technical problems

You should start by fixing your app, if your app has problems, you’ll end up spending a lot of time trying to fix the problem of Instagram Hashtags not working and won’t work since you have to fix the app right away. In order to fix your app, you need to follow three steps, here are they;

Update Instagram

Start by checking for updates, not installing updates is the leading cause of Instagram app technical problems.

Abandoning updates for a long time will lead to various problems like not being able to login or even create your post and also not being able to post Instagram Hashtags.

Clear Cache and App Data

App data and cache can also corrupt your Instagram app, you have to clear these data on a regular basis.

They’re both useful, but if you start having problems running Instagram you should get rid of Cache and App data so that you might get the chance to fix technical problems such as not able to post Instagram Hashtags.

Clearing cache is easy, you should go to phone settings and click “Apps”, find Instagram, and tap on it.

You should then see two buttons; “Clear Cache” & “Clear Data”, this will clean the Instagram app and if it’s corrupt due to data stored or cache, you should fix the technical problem you’re currently facing.

Reinstall Instagram

If you’re still not able to fix the problem of Instagram hashtags not working, you should erase the app and install a new one. You need to uninstall Instagram from your desktop and visit your Play Store to download the app again.

By now you have taken care of any technical problem you’re facing with the Instagram app and if the problem of Hashtags not working is due to technical problems, you should be able to fix it now.

Make sure your account is not under action block

Your Instagram account can be placed under action block, and in most cases, it’s when you’re abusing some features on the platform or you’re spamming the website.

In order to find out whether you’re under action block or not, you should try to perform other actions on Instagram.

Try following some accounts or like some posts, if you’re not able to do this, then your account is restricted for a certain period of time.

It can last for as little as 24-hours or it can be up to 1-month, you have to reach the duration of the block before you’re able to send different actions on Instagram.

It can be possible that you’re only blocked from using hashtags, it’s not a permanent ban, it will be lifted after some time before you’re able to post again.

Confirm that the hashtags you’re using do exist and are not banned on Instagram

Before you continue fixing the problem of Instagram Hashtags not working, you should take a look at the tags you’re using and ensure that they’re active on the platform.

You should start by visiting the Hashtag feed and see if there are posts, if you can’t find new content or you receive some error message, it’s a sign that the hashtag is no longer in use.

Confirm that you haven’t exceeded the limit

We have stated earlier that there are limits when it comes to hashtags usage and the maximum for old accounts is up to 30, and new accounts shouldn’t exceed 10.

If the Hashtags you have added exceed 30 for old accounts and 10 for a new account, you need to reduce the number of Hashtags you’re currently trying to post so that you can succeed in adding them.

You can even reduce the hashtags below the recommended figure and see if things work.

Remove Hashtags in recent posts

Using the same set of Hashtags for every post you make on Instagram will lead to restrictions on using the feature.

If you know that you’ve been using the same group of hashtags for every post made on Instagram, you need to edit these posts and clear all the hashtags.

After clearing the hashtags, you should now use a different set of hashtags and see if they’re working.

Wait for at least 24 hours

Once you find that you’re not able to use Hashtags on Instagram, you need to wait for up to 24 hours and try again to see if the problem is fixed.

It’s possible that there is a temporary block for using tags, which normally lasts after 24 hours, or there is a problem on the Instagram servers triggering the problem.

The Instagram algorithm can also flag your account for the wrong reasons and waiting for at least 24-hours might help you fix the problem.

Make sure the hashtags you’re using are relevant

If you know that the Hashtags you’re using aren’t related to your chosen niche, you have to change a new set of hashtags and see if they’re working.

Just search for niche-related hashtags, select at least five and post, the problem should be resolved if it’s caused by irrelevant Hashtags.

These are so far the best fixes to Instagram Hashtags not working, you want to make sure that you’re not abusing the feature, doing so will not only cause blocking you from using Hashtags, your account will also be blocked from adding various interactions on Instagram.

How To Find The Right Hashtags

Finding the right hashtags is important and will help you find relevant Hashtags that won’t be blocked on Instagram.

The best way to locate the right hashtags is by using tools, you’ll find a lot of free online tools that will help you find popular hashtags on Instagram.

Instead of mining Instagram the hard way in order to find these hashtags, it’s better to use apps and tools to find them.

You shouldn’t use all hashtags presented by these tools and you don’t want to use hashtags with a massive following because chances are your posts will not be noticed by anyone.

Use Hashtags with moderate followers and make sure to drive some engagement for your posts if you want to stand a chance of getting top placement in the hashtag feed.

That’s it for this post and we hope you find the content useful, don’t forget to share how things have worked for you when fixing the problem of Instagram Hashtags not working.


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