How to Use Instagram Quick Replies in Your Direct Messages

Social networks continue to bet firmly on conversational environments promoting the development of their chat features. Taking into account this, Instagram was not going to be less knowing that it is one of the most used platforms by young people and companies.

In Instagram, one of those new chat features benefits to those professional Instagram accounts or companies profiles which will allow them to create quick replies to be able to answer instantly.

Quick replies have been created for those users who receive the same questions with some frequency, for example: “Hello, how are you?”, “When is the new collection coming out?”, “What is the price of this…?”, etc. and they must be answering the same thing several times a day, so it is perfect for business profiles since it allows you to manage better the time you spend answering the direct messages.

Do you not know how to use it? Do not worry, here we’ll help you step by step to know how to use Instagram quick replies for direct messages.

Instagram Benefits

Since its beginnings, Instagram has used the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Its ability to illustrate and generate brand image has led to exponential growth, and just a few companies do not have an active account in this social network.

Today, Instagram is the fastest growing social network, ahead of its “older” brother Facebook. But, as if this were not enough, the arrival of Direct Messages through Instagram Stories caused the revolution to skyrocket and, as a consequence, the number of messages received by the companies has increased considerably.

Taking into account this, the need to respond automatically to some of the messages that companies receive through stories is a reality to which companies must adapt and that we will see more and more frequently in Instagram.

What are Instagram’s Quick Replies?

Let’s start from the beginning. Let me tell you what the Instagram quick replies are, so you do not go more lost than a penguin down the street during the remainder of the post.

The immediate answers of Instagram are functionality that the company accounts have (sorry, if your account is personal, you will not find it) and, as its name says, these are answers you can give in the direct messages in a fast way and without wasting time.

They are answers (or, to put it another way, drafts of text) that you have saved in your Instagram account and that you can copy in a plis plas in your private messages when someone writes to you. In this way, you avoid always having to write the same thing over and over again when more than one person asks you for something similar.

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It is very likely that many accounts do not need to use this functionality since they do not receive many private questions always asking the same, but I assure you that, for accounts that have tens or hundreds of direct messages a day, the Quick Replies are a gift dropped from heaven.

Of course, these quick replies you have to mark yourself every time you are going to answer a message and choose from those that you already have saved, depending on what the private one is all about.

Why Should you Use Instagram Quick Replies?

According to statistics, on Instagram over 100 million users send direct messages per month with their inquiries to different companies. An important detail is that to reach so many people, brands use Stories, which have a positive effect of gaining visibility.

The truth is that to answer the stories there is no other than direct messages and this is where simplified messaging makes communication efficient for companies that are also interested in providing optimal customer service.

If you come across specific questions that you repeatedly ask through Instagram direct messages, or issues that arise frequently, you need to use IG Quick Replies. That’s how clear I have said it.

I’m going to name a few situations in which Instagram quick replies can be beneficial for you and your company:

  • If Instagram profile management is carried out by an external agency: it is always good to have possible answers to the issues or questions that most appear in the private ones, to make sure that the person or people who manage private messages can work more efficiently, without having to be in touch with you all the time.
  • If there is more than one person who manages the same Instagram account, sometimes it can be complicated to keep a record of how to write and transmit brand messages to the customers and maintain the same right communication level.
  • In industries such as finance or legal matters, care must be taken in how certain things are written since misunderstandings could arise and thus lose customers, reverberating in the image of your company. In these situations, it is necessary to keep saved those quick answers which have been previously reviewed by a professional.
  • And, because you are going to optimize your time. Do you know what it takes to answer all the private messages one by one writing almost the same thing again and again?

How to Create Quick Replies in Instagram’s Direct Messages?

Create, modify or delete a quick reply on Instagram is easy peasy. Super simple and fast. I’m going to tell you with steps and screenshots so you can not go wrong.

There are three (equally simple) ways to create a direct response:

First Way To Create a Direct Message:

  1. Go to your Instagram profile.
  2. Click on the menu icon that you will find at the top right (3 horizontal lines) and then click on “Settings” that is below all.

C:\Users\HP\Desktop\1.jpg C:\Users\HP\Desktop\2.jpg

  1. Then go to “Quick Replies” that you will see in the “Business Settings” section for then click on the plus button (+) that you will see in the top right (you can NOT see it, my darling).

C:\Users\HP\Desktop\3.png C:\Users\HP\Desktop\4.png

  1. Here you can write your message and add a shortcut so that when you want to use one of your saved answers, you only have to write a couple of words.


You can create all the quick replies you want. So be creative and start being more productive!

Second Way To Create a Direct Message:

  1. Go to a direct message you have and click on the Quick Reply icon (as I show you in the screenshot). If it does not come out, you will have to click on the plus icon (+) and then the Quick Replies icon.


  1. If you have not yet created a quick reply, you will see the following screen:


  1. If you already have some created, you will see them here (one below the other). In both cases, to create your quick replies, you must click on the plus icon (+):


I did not say it before, but shortcuts cannot exceed 15 characters long.

Third Way To Create a Direct Message:

If you are not so proactive and do not know what quick replies to create, you can do it from a message you have already sent.

  1. Open a direct message in which you have already written a response that you want to save.
  2. Keep your finger pressed on the text you want to save and click on “Save quick reply”. The same screen will open so you can edit it (if you wish to) and add a shortcode.


How to Edit or Delete a Quick Reply in Instagram DM?

To edit or delete a Quick Reply, you have to open the answers that you already have saved in your profile settings (as we did first to create a direct response) and click on the message you want to modify.

You can edit the text or change the shortcut. Or, if you do not like it at all, delete it (you’ll see, in red, where you can click to remove it).

How to Use a Quick Reply in Instagram’s Direct Messages?

Ok, you already have your answer or quick replies created and saved. Now it’s time to use them to avoid wasting time writing the same message over and over again.

There are two ways (Instagram likes to give us more than one option to do the same thing) to use your quick replies.

  1. When you are inside a direct message, click on the Quick Replies icon (the one we have seen before, the bubble with the three dots inside) and choose the answer you prefer.

If you want, once the answer has been selected (you will see that it appears as if you were writing a message), you can edit the text (for example, add the name of the person you are talking to, to personalize the answers as much as possible).

  1. Also being inside a direct message, you can directly write the shortcut in the message box. When you do, you’ll see that the blue Quick Replies icon appears. Then, click on the button and the text associated with that shortcut will automatically be inserted. As in the previous option, you can edit the message before sending it.

6 Ways that Companies Have to Use Instagram Quick Replies

Now that you know how to create, edit, delete and use Instagram’s quick replies, let’s go to the essential thing: strategies to get the most out of this IG functionality.

I’ll tell you six ways that companies have to use Quick Replies and be more productive. Let’s go!

1. Use Instagram Quick Answers to answer FAQs

Do you usually receive many direct messages asking the same?

They can be questions about your products, your office hours, information about courses, doubts about shipments or returns, etc.

If so, the best thing you can do is create a quick reply for each of these questions so you will not waste time writing the same.

Check your private messages and make a list of the topics that come out most in the conversations.

Of course, every time you use one of these saved replies, customize it to the maximum as possible so that the person on the other side of the phone will not think you are a robot.

Add his/her name and a wink referring to what the person asked.


2. Use Saved Replies when you launch drawings or contests on your profile

When you start a contest on your Instagram account, you know (you know!) That you will receive dozens or hundreds of private messages asking questions related to the conditions/prize/bases, etc.

Do not you think you would save a LOT of time if you already have the most common answers to these doubts saved? You already know the answer.

The most common doubts that people will ask you (even if you have written everything in the post, do not worry, they will keep asking you):

  • How to participate
  • When the contest ends
  • How the prize is sent
  • Who can participate
  • How the winner will be chosen
  • And along etc.


3. Use Direct Answers to improve customer service

We all know that Instagram is TOP to generate leads and get sales, but (I assure you) it’s also great to have an excellent customer service.

Many users do not want to call or send an email. Now (well, now and since a long time ago) they go straight to Instagram to send a direct message as if there were no tomorrow because they know that there is someone behind the account who will see it before an email (in principle).

Therefore, so that “the bull does not catch you”, it is best to have quick answers to questions that you know customers will ask you or at least, to tell them to leave their contact information where to call later.


4. Use Instagram Saved Replies to improve engagement with your fan community

Answering all direct messages on Instagram is something you have to do yes or yes. And not just for the simple fact of being educated, but because it can grow your business.

Yes. Answering the private ones can make your audience trust you much more and end up buying your products or using your services (true story).

It is the best way to grow engagement with your followers. Long live the DMs!

If you usually receive private comments about your photos, your posts, your stories. Have prepared typical answers to gain time answering.


5. Be ready and use the Quick Replies to get a lot of leads

Getting leads thanks to Instagram Stories is not complicated. Well, now I tell you that, with Instagram Quick Replies you can ALSO get leads. How we like leads!

You can have saved answers that speak of one of your lead magnets, or one of your courses with a link to them.

Create an answer for each of your lead magnets and use it when a user asks you a question about a specific topic or answers one of your Stories in which you have spoken about the resource.

So you will not have to be writing the same information every time someone asks you a question about your courses, or resources, or discounts, or whatever is necessary.

6. Use Quick Replies to get sales and/or customers

And if you can get leads with quick replies, do not you think you can also make sales quickly and without much effort? Absolutely!

With the quick replies, you can have an ace up your sleeve and get new (or recurring) customers thanks to having saved texts that encourage the purchase.

Have prepared messages that speak of your product or service (because many people will ask you questions) with the direct URL of sale. Keep all the possible answers to convince the person on the other side of the screen that what you offer is the best of the best.

Are you talking about resources for Community Managers in your stories and someone replies that they would love to learn much more about social networks?

Always have an answer ready to send to your followers about your stories!

Of course, try not to seem desperate. Do not go trying to sell to anyone who says “I like your post.” Start a conversation first to test the terrain and, when you see that the user is interested in your product/service, launch that magnificent quick replies.

Instagram Tests Direct Messages in Its Web Version

Instagram is testing with some users a web version of its direct messages feature that would allow companies to start private chats from any browser on a desktop computer.

The developer, Jane Manchun Wong, has reported in her Twitter account that the social network of Instagram has introduced the function of direct messages also in its web version, although hours later it has been removed, according to the same user.

The Instagram web version has been available for all users for some time. However, in this version, you can not hang Stories or send a quick reply or read any private message sent by its corresponding instant messaging channel, Direct Messages.

The company seems to be working on this and testing this feature with some users that allows access to these messages from any browser. If this new feature manages to get ahead, users can send private messages to others on any desktop, laptop or Mac, or a device other than Android or iPhone, accessing Instagram through a web browser.

This last strategy seems to be a new step towards the unification of Facebook’s three major messaging applications: WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger.


As we are seeing, Instagram is making it possible for companies to communicate with their audiences more and more efficiently and smoothly.

You must remember that it is necessary and very important to know how to communicate your message as what to say.

For this, Instagram is on your side since with its latest update where it has developed the option of quick replies will make this task much easier. What is your opinion?

Also as a tip, keep in mind that your direct messages on Instagram should reflect what you show on your profile, always respond with style and good predisposition. For this, you also have nice options; for example, you can accompany your answers with GIF and of course, without leaving the emoticon aside. This is a good way to start a relationship with users and possible leads, to break the ice, a funny GIF can make a basic response, an unforgettable moment.

Another tip to keep in mind is that it is important not to leave users waiting for a long time for an answer so dedicate yourself a few minutes a day to answer them and remember that this includes the comments that you receive in your posts. This is another way to relate to your audience. Besides, the followers love when you answer them even if they are not asking questions, at least, give them a “like” or a “heart” so they will know you’re there.

Have you used the quick replies before? Do they seem effective? Do you think they can help you improve communication with your Instagram audience? Will they help you save time?

Leave me a comment and tell me your opinion about the quick answers, that you already know that I love reading you.

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