Instagram Scrapping, How To Get Unlimited Emails And Phone Numbers From IG

Instagram has more business profiles than any other social network, I am talking about active businesses that are engaging with their followers on a daily basis.

These businesses display their contact details (Email and Phone Number) on their profile page, and also in some of their posts.

Visiting these businesses’ profiles manually and searching for their email and phone numbers can be time-consuming, automating the process is the best way to go.

You’ll save yourself a lot of time and also save money on hiring virtual assistants that could do the job manually for you.

There are 100’s of apps, tools, and software out there promising to extract millions of emails with the push of a button, these apps aren’t as easier as they seem to be, you have to understand how the scrapping method works, or else you can end up spending your money and not getting the results you want.

In this post, we’re going to talk about extracting emails and phone numbers on Instagram so that you can understand how it’s done the right way.

Where Can You Extract Emails And Phone Numbers On Instagram?

Instagram Scrapping, How To Get Unlimited Emails And Phone Numbers From IG

Instagram Scrapping, How To Get Unlimited Emails And Phone Numbers From IG

This is the first thing you need to understand, you need to know the sources where businesses list their emails and phone numbers before you even begin scrapping on Instagram.

Basically, there are two sources you can generate Emails and Phone numbers on Instagram, and here are they;

Profile Bio; As you may already know, there is a bio description box on every profile where users can include details about themselves.

Most businesses will add their contact details in the field because it’s one of those places where users will take a look when they visit their business profile page. A lot of the time you will see the Email and Phone of the business inside the profile bio.

Contact Us Button; When you’re switching to a business profile on Instagram, you’re required to add contact details including address, phone number, and email.

They even offer the option to import all your business details from Facebook so that you don’t have to spend more time adding your business info.

Adding this info during profile setup will ensure that users see your contact details when they tap on the contact us button.

Whether you’re searching for the email and phone number by visiting a business page, or you’re using a scraping tool, your source of email extraction is from these two sources.

Some businesses can mention their contact details in posts and stories they post which could be displayed in their images or by other means.

One important thing to note is that the contact us button can’t be seen when you’re using the Instagram desktop version.

A lot of tools out there will end up failing to grab the emails and phone numbers you’re looking for, they can only grab emails and phone numbers included in the bio description box and it’s not every business that includes their contact details in the profile bio.

How To Get Unlimited Emails And Phone Numbers From Instagram

If you’re definitely looking for unlimited emails and phone numbers, you have to use a tool or I’ll say a scrapper that will endlessly search Instagram for you to get those emails you’re looking for with ease.

Doing it the manual way isn’t an option, if you still want to go that way, you can visit any profile page and tap on the “Contact us button”, the email and phone number will be revealed to you.

But just imagine how many you can get after spending a couple of hours? Is it not a better option to use a tool that will do it at the push of a button, tools that will help you generate emails and phone numbers from businesses you don’t even know!

I bet any reasonable person will save time and take advantage of these tools.

What’s the Best Instagram Scraping tool?

With lots of tools out there, it can be confusing to choose the tool or service that will extract emails and phone numbers on Instagram, but we have a solution for you and you don’t need to spend countless hours searching or spending weeks and months testing different tools that don’t actually work before you finally find a tool or app that work partially.

Let me introduce you to GrowMeOrganic, a powerful tool that can scrape unlimited emails and phone numbers from Instagram with ease. Let me show you the features of this powerful tool so that you can see how it can improve your business.

GrowMeOrganic Overview

GrowMeOrganic Hashtag Scraper

This is an interesting feature and I believe using this option is the best way to scrape targeted emails and phone numbers on Instagram.

We all know that everyone uses Hashtags on Instagram and anyone that’s using such hashtags is a sign that they’re interested in the topic of discussion for that hashtag.

Using the GrowMeOrganic hashtag scraper you can scrap the emails of any user that mentions that particular hashtag in their post.

All you have to do is find hashtags within your niche and then add it to this tool, you also have the option to specify the number of your emails you want to scrape which makes the tool even better.

If you don’t have any Hashtag idea, you can search on Instagram, find hashtags with a decent following, and then scrape all the emails which you can use for your business promotion.

GrowMeOrganic Follower Scraper

Do you want to snatch the followers of your competitor? You can do it with the follower scraper. This is an easy way to get a chance to promote to your competitor’s followers without much effort.

The follower scraper tool on GrowMeOrganic will search the followers of any given username and then extract their emails for you.

Search for profiles with a massive following and then type the username on GrowMeOrganic follower scraper and you’ll extract all their emails for you.

You have the option to specify the number of unique users you want to scrape and it will take care of the rest for you.

GrowMeOrganic Likes Scraper

If you have come across a post on Instagram and you’re wondering who has liked the post? Well, with this tool you can find them, or at least let me say you can grab their email.

The GrowMeOrganic likes scraper can mine all the email addresses of any user that has liked a certain post on Instagram with an absolute breeze.

Once you extract these types of emails, you can as well promote your posts or a product to them. To conduct this search, you’ll be required to enter the URL of the post that has the likes, and then specify the number of users you want to extract.

GrowMeOrganic Comment Scraper

If you’re interested in only targeting users that commented on a post, you have the option to do that using the GrowMeOrganic comment scraper.

Just like the previous tool, you will enter the URL of the post and any user that left their comment will have their email extracted, and as with other features, you can specify the number of unique users you want the tool to scrape for you.

GrowMeOrganic Following Scraper

So by now, you can probably guess what every option can do for you, but we’ll still mention it for you to avoid any doubt about using this powerful tool.

GrowMeOrganic following scraper is at your disposal whenever you want to scrape the emails of all profiles a user is following and you can choose the numbers as usual.

GrowMeOrganic Username List Scraper

If you don’t want to scrape emails from random users, you can define the usernames you’re only interested in scraping the emails.

The GrowMeOrganic username list scraper offers the option to add bulk usernames and it will scrape the email of all the usernames you have added.

You’re required to add one username per line and boom, you’ll have the emails which you can export.

These are the major features of GrowMeOrganic, these features alone are enough for you to scrape unlimited emails on Instagram.

How to use GrowMeOrganic for Scraping Unlimited Emails on Instagram

This is a desktop app and you need to download and install the application on either your Windows device or Mac. Here are the steps;

Installing GrowMeOrganic Software

  1. Download GrowMeOrganic from the official website HERE
  2. Extract the downloaded zip file.
  3. You should click on the GrowMeOrganic icon that can be seen in the extracted folder if you’re using a Windows device, and if you’re a Mac user, you should click on the Black box icon (terminal icon).
  4. Before it starts running, you’ll be asked to enter the license you have received in your email and you need to enter it before using the GrowMeOrganic software.
  5. After that, you’re now ready to start using the GrowMeOrganic app to scrape unlimited emails from Instagram.

Using the GrowMeOrganic Software

  1. When you first open GrowMeOrganic, you’ll have to log-in to an Instagram account, it could be any Instagram account you might have and it’s highly recommended that you don’t use your personal or business account. Just create a new Instagram for the purpose of using it on GrowMeOrganic to scrape emails and phone numbers. As you already know, Instagram does support the creation of multiple accounts and they can be added to the Instagram app. You should create the new account using a unique Ip address and also use Incognito mode when using the browser for chrome users, or private browsing on Firefox. After creating the new Instagram account, you then connect it to GrowMeOrganic and you’re ready to start using the tool right away. You should also know that you can add multiple Instagram accounts on GrowMeOrganic, and I believe you definitely need to enter multiple Instagram accounts if you’re going to be using the tool a lot. This is because Instagram limits the search query for each account and once the search query limit for one account is reached, you can switch to another account. GrowMeOrganic also searches faster when you connect multiple accounts than when you’re only using one account.
  2. On your dashboard, you can now select the tab option you want to use, we’ve already talked about the options available. If you want to scrape emails from accounts that are using a hashtag, you should select the “Fetch Hashtag” tab.
  3. After selecting the appropriate tab, you’ll be given the field to enter the parameters needed, in the case of the “Fetch hashtag”, you’ll enter the hashtag you want to fetch the emails, in the case of “post likes”, you’ll enter the URL of the post. You’ll also have the option to specify the number of unique users you want to scrape.
  4. You’ll also have some filters so that you can disqualify some users.
  5. After applying filters, you then hit the “Extract” button to begin the scraping process.
  6. Depending on the filters you have applied and the number of users you want to extract the emails from, it might take a lot of hours, or in some cases, the emails can’t be scraped in one day. You should leave the tool running and attend to your activities, provided you have a stable internet connection and power supply to your PC, you shouldn’t worry. The tool will keep running until it finishes searching the number of users you have specified. You can let the tool run overnight and you can continue performing other tasks on your PC.
  7. When the tool finishes scrapping, you have the option to export your data in CSV format and can now be viewed on your device.

Using GrowMeOrganic isn’t really complicated and by summarizing it all you can see that you just need to install the app on your device, connect your Instagram account and then select the options tab you want to use for scrapping the emails.

When it’s done, you now export the extracted email on your PC for later use. There are a lot of tools out there you can use, but in my opinion, GrowMeOrganic is one of the best options to use since it’s easier to use and it offers multiple options for scraping emails on Instagram.

Let us know in the comments if you have a better tool or trick for scrapping emails and phone numbers on Instagram.

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