Instagram Vs Twitter – Which One Is Best For Your Business

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the biggest social networks and they’re the “top dogs” when it comes to social media marketing for businesses. All the three social networking sites have their own advantages and they have a lot to offer to businesses, whether it’s a small business or large enterprise. Chances are anyone that’s using a Smartphone is signed up to one or two of these three giant social media platforms.

Everyone knows that Facebook is the biggest shark, most people know to how to use Facebook to promote their business and that’s why in this article we’re not going to talk about how Facebook can grow your business; we’ll talk about instagram and twitter since most businesses ignore using these platforms in their marketing campaign.

Most users on these two platforms are operating personal accounts and not business account, even business owners’ end up having personal accounts on these platforms. Every business out there can benefit from these two giant social media platforms; they can help you reach out more audience fast. In this article we’ll compare instagram and twitter to see which one is fit for growing your business grow, we’ll take a look at their features and the advantages they have.

When you look back some years ago, twitter was once a social media marketing king, marketers are on the rush to promote their products and services on twitter and even now a lot of businesses are growing their business on this platform. The thing is Twitter isn’t dead and it’s still a popular and powerful social networking site for marketers, but it’s not as dominant as it’s used to be.

Nowadays online users spend more of their time on instagram than Twitter; consumers from almost every industry are hanging on Instagram to engage with businesses. Let’s take a look at their similarities and differences based on audience, engagement, and statistics, and even more so that you can see which one is best for your business.

Instagram Vs Twitter – Statistics

Instagram stats

Instagram has larger audience than twitter, as instagram is owned by Facebook, they’re constantly making it easier for instagram users to connect their account activities with Facebook. Here are some statistics for instagram

• More than eighty million images are posted every single day
• About three billion likes are received on a daily basis.
• Instagram has over four hundred million active users every month.
• And has forty billion shared photos

These results are really astonishing and that’s what makes instagram as the second biggest social media site worldwide.

Now let’s look at twitter statistics;

Twitter Stats

• Twitter receives more than five hundred million tweets every day.
• It has over three hundred million active users every month.
• 80% of users are active on their mobile devices.
• And 77% of the users are outside the United States.

Twitter is older but instagram has taken the lead since they have more active users in every aspect than twitter. Now let’s compare their audience;

Instagram Vs Twitter – Audience

When it comes to audience, these two social media platforms share a lot of similarities. There have been a lot of debate on them and most of the time the conclusion drawn is similar in terms of location, education level, income age and other characteristics.
Instagram and twitter have more active users that are within the range of 18-29 years. Most of these audiences are in college or have just graduated in college. This means if your business is serving younger generations, you don’t want to miss any of these tow platforms. And the best part for using these two platforms is that you can view demographics of your followers, this will help you customize your posts for better engagement.

Instagram Vs Twitter – Engagement

Now this is the most important aspect for every business, the more people you’re engaging with the more your business reach out to more people. According to statistics, instagram has more user engagement than any other social media network, even Facebook with more active users doesn’t offer engagement like Instagram.
Instagram glued it’s users to the app even while they’re performing other tasks on their phone. Instagram doesn’t place clickable ads that can cause distractions to the user, they focus only on the content that’s posted on the feed.

On the other hand twitter has its own portion of engagement but it’s a noisy platform. Twitter offers lots of suggestions to their users; you’ll be bombarded with content that will always take you away from the site such blog posts, articles, videos and more. Instead of focusing on showing content from the people and pages you’re following, they end up showing content from third party websites that will take users away from the platform.

Twitter has a great advantage to businesses that are looking for engagement outside of twitter, because that’s exactly what Twitter offers. And what this means is that you’ll be able to drive more traffic to your website and other sources online. Most businesses and marketers also are always looking for ways to land prospects on their website. So in summary I’ll say that if you want to increase your website traffic fast, you should consider twitter more than Instagram.

Instagram Vs Twitter – Functionality

In order to get the best experience for using instagram you need to be using the app, and instagram ensures you’re within the app’s jurisdiction. All the value you get is mostly within the app through content shared by users.
On the other hand twitter is more like a content distribution platform. Content shared on twitter isn’t much of an original content, most users share links to external sources since the number of words for each tweet is limited. The value you get from twitter comes from external websites and links shared on the platform.

Instagram Vs Twitter – earnings and income

Earnings are really important to businesses; because you want to make sure the people you’re promoting your business to are able to afford your products and services.

Let’s look at user earnings on these two platforms;


• 38% users are earning less than Thirty thousand dollars
• 31% of users earn more than seventy thousand dollars
• 32% are earning from fifty thousand to seventy four thousand dollars
• 32% earn between thirty thousand to forty nine thousand dollars


Twitter doesn’t have the same categorization when it comes to earning, majority of the users tend to have uniform earnings and this is what they have;
• 54% of their users earn more than Fifty Thousand Dollars.

This means twitter users can afford more of your product and services than instagram. This shouldn’t discourage your from promoting your products and services on instagram because there are a lot of other factors that influence sales.

Instagram Vs Twitter – Gender

Gender also plays a vital role to marketers and there is the need to figure out who you’re promoting your products to. Let’s take a look at gender percentage for both the two social networks;


Instagram has more female users than male and that’s because 16% of all female internet users participate on instagram, and only 10% of male internet users are active on Instagram.

You should however take note there are hundreds of millions of both male and female on the platform, you just need to understand the population of females on instagram is higher than males significantly.


Twitter on the other hand has more males than females and that’s because 24% of male internet users are using twitter and 21% of female internet users are actively on twitter. You can see that males are slightly higher on Twitter than females.

By looking at the features of both instagram and Twitter we can now draw our conclusions regarding the two social platforms.

For instagram here are important facts you should conclude;

Instagram features;

• Women use instagram than men based on the statistics we’ve given.
• Instagram is the best platform for marketers that are targeting teenagers, because according a survey by, about 20% of teens say that they love instagram than any other social platform. Businesses that want to target teens should definitely focus more on instagram.
• Instagram is best for promoting millennial hipsters like art gallery, lifestyle setting, food share and more of them.
• Millennials of all size and shape have a presence on instagram, but women and teens are more active than any other age group.
• Businesses can reach audience from different regions, whether it’s from urban or suburban rural areas you’ll surely find your audience hanging there.
• Instagram users significantly have high earnings, meaning there’s a lot of money to be grabbed from the platform for marketers.

Let’s look at twitter conclusions;


• Users rely on twitter for news such as celebrity updates and entertainment.
• Twitter is also ideal for young age, youngsters are very active on the platform and any business that aiming for them, should consider using the platform.
• Twitter users also have income of $50,000, this is slightly greater than instagram and that means businesses can market their products and services on the platform.
• Businesses from Japan, Mexico, and Brazil can reach out to these demographics faster than instagram.

Let’s us now share some tips on how to use these powerful social media sites for your business

Instagram And Twitter Tips For Businesses

Make your profile stand out
The first step to succeeding on any social media site is customizing your profile. You don’t want to have twitter egg as your profile picture or some random picture on your instagram profile photo. Instagram is popular for sharing images and you need to start with an excellent picture on your profile.

A lot of people will run away from your profile when you don’t use the right profile image, excellent profile image not only presents you a professional, it also makes people remember you whenever they see your business logo or brand.

Add A Lot Of Value

Don’t just bombard your followers with advertisements, as we’ve mentioned earlier, twitter is more of a news site, so you want to make sure you update your followers with the latest and trending news that’s available online. And the good part is you don’t actually need to create the content, you can share content from other sources, just write a short description and then drop the link. Add a lot of helpful information from your website and you’ll be more engaged with the audience.

While Instagram on the other hand is more of adding informational content, sharing news content also is good but focus on sharing helpful information on instagram and you’ll definitely get more engagement from users. On instagram you need to update to stories, because they receive a lot of attention.

You Must Optimize Your Content

Your content won’t go viral on Autopilot; you need optimize it so that more people can view it. There are few strategies you can use on twitter to optimize your content. One way is using Hashtags, you have to be careful though in order to avoid been spammy or look like you want to force attentions to your business.

You just need to stick to one or two Hashtags for every tweet; you should only use Hashtags that are relevant to your business or niche. On instagram you can get more visibility by sharing other peoples content, this is a good way to get followers to a new instagram account.

Engage With Audience

Social media is all about engagement; you shouldn’t just add content and ignore user responses. You should make sure to reply as much as you can especially when you’re starting out new.

Both instagram and twitter won’t promote your profile without engagement, instagram has the most engagement from users and you have to focus more of your time responding to comments. Following these few tips will help you succeed in promoting your business on instagram and twitter.

Verdict – Instagram Vs Twitter – Which Is Best For Your Business?

Looking at the features I can say that instagram will bring in more audience to your business. You should however not ignore Twitter on the other hand, it has a lot to offer and who knows it might even grow your business than Instagram. Let us know what you think in the comment section on which platform is better for business.

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