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Frequent Instagram users must have come across the site at least once. Some may be aware of what it is, and some may not.

But a common point that all Instagram users are aware of is their follower count. How does one get organic followers?

How can one increase the reach of their content? Is Instagram only for celebrities? At one point or another, individuals might find themselves having these questions either at the front or the back of their minds.

Be you an Instagram Influencer, a growing small business, or even a new Instagram user, growing your follower count becomes a Major goal in the course of managing your account. Either to increase exposure, improve engagement rates or maybe because having a large following is the ‘IT’ thing now; whatever the reason, the question of how to get it accomplished must have pop up.

In this 21st century, life has become so much easier. So many activities have been modified in such a way as to cause as minimal stress as possible. From hardware devices to software applications, the 21st century was undoubtedly the dawn of ease.

One such innovation is the use of Instagram bots. Achieving Instagram goals has never been easier since these bots were created. One of these amazing bots is INSTAZOOD.COM.

What Is Instazood Review, Features, Pricing, And Alternatives 2021 Review, Features, Pricing, And Alternatives 2021

Instazood is an Instagram automation bot. It was created by brothers Patrick and Nicholas Garito in 2016. It is a handy Instagram tool that automatically likes, follows, and unfollows, comments, views stories, and posts, as well as sends direct messages.

All this is accomplished by setting preferences and through the use of schedulers. Instead of doing all of these activities manually, Instazood accomplishes it all in an instant.

Instazood was designed to aid Instagram users in the growth of their accounts, while still remaining entirely user-friendly.

The aim is for this growth to constantly run, even when the user is inactive for whatever reason. With its efficient bots, this platform ticks all the boxes of a typical social media user’s dream.

Features Of Instazood

  • Automated Publishing: This is the ability of the bot to carry out certain tasks after it has been scheduled by the user (e.g. posting content). In the world we leave in today, the consumption of data is through the roof, as people are always on their mobile devices looking for the next big ‘gist’. This has led to the need for constant pushing out of information to meet up with the demand. To reduce this burden, the automated publishing feature on Instazood comes in handy.
  • Content Management System: This is a software tool available on Instazood. It allows content to be effectively managed. It is the ability to collect, manage and publish properly ordered information; thereby keeping the Instagram account organized at all times. This feature allows the automation of tasks to be carried out smoothly and without hassle.
  • Conversion Tracking: This is the ability of Instazood that allows it to know what meaningful action is taken by viewers of an Instagram page. It details exactly what happens when an individual interacts or clicks on an Instagram page. This is especially useful for brand owners who need those interactions. A simple click can lead to a purchase, or profile expansion, or even signing up for a weekly newsletter. Being able to track all these little details makes growing a brand both easier and efficient.
  • Customer Targeting: This feature allows Instazood to create audiences from either existing customers or by reaching out to a new audience who share the same interests as your target market. This feature is also great for brand owners as it allows the user to reach out to the different market segmentations. These include;
    • Demographic: Based on age, education, gender, race, religion, and even marital status.
    • Psychographic: Based on beliefs and values, interests, personality, as well as lifestyle.
    • Behavioral segmentation: Based on purchase habits, interaction with brands, and their competitors.

It also includes automatic targeting, where signals such as location and interests are used to create visibility for the Instagram page. Customer targeting makes pushing an Instagram page out to almost 500 million users that much easier.

  • Keyword Filtering: This is the ability of the bot to filter out certain words or phrases that a user is averse to interacting with. It enables a user to set up certain regulations that block or filter keywords from showing up during a leisure scroll through Instagram. This feature allows actions to be taken upon discovery of any of the keywords or phrases. In that same vein, this feature can be used to find specific information based on certain keywords. This feature basically allows a user to have control over what kind of content they want to be able to absorb from the internet.
  • Multi-Account Management: Instagram allows access to up to 5 pages on its app at one time. This means that users are allowed to manage different accounts from the same application. This helps users who have personal pages as well as business pages. The only issue with this lies with managing content sharing on the different accounts. With the sheer number of accounts and the need to constantly push out content, it might become very difficult to keep track of it all. The multi-account managing feature allows all the previous features to be utilized across all the accounts a user might poses. This reduces the burden drastically, as the user has more time to create quality content, instead of being overwhelmed with managing all the accounts manually.
  • Post Scheduling: Posting schedules have been a fantastic feature on many social media platforms, Instagram included. It is almost impossible to constantly be online to post like clockwork every single day and because of this reason, the post scheduling feature was created. It allows creators to sit back and create as much content as they want at a go. With all the content already created, they just need to schedule the exact time and day they want the post to be posted and Instazood does the rest. With all the content already created, the tension that comes with deadlines is reduced, if not removed altogether. Time is saved, quality of content is assured and team collaboration is significantly improved.

Simple Instazood Guide

  • Sign up on to use the Instagram bots. Click on the 3-day trial period to give the features a whirl.
  • Read up on all the Instazood advice columns and tips. To be aware of all Instagram terms of services that Instazood obeys. This is to avoid performing any activities which may lead to permanent banning.
  • Add targets and preferences, so that the Instazood bot is aware. This awareness enables an effective accomplishment of the tasks laid out
  • Decide whether or not to continue the subscription. But it must be known that after a taste of the good life, it becomes entirely impossible to resist.

Pricing On Instazood

There are several plans for varying purposes that can be activated on Instazood. To utilize these features to the best of its capabilities, then a fee will be paid to that effect. The price ranges from $9.99 per month to $14.99 per month. Here is a list of the different plans offered:

  • Follow Bot: Automatically follows and unfollows Instagram users, Allows automatic likes and comments. This plan includes an activity filter as well. For the follows to be organic and not fake followers, the bot follows accounts that would be interested in the content of the user. The Unfollow option also allows the bot to bypass the Instagram rule on ‘certain number of follows per day’ – $14.99/month.
  • Comment Tracker: Automatically tracks comments. Allows a user to mark essential comments, and also delete and reply to comments. This feature also allows the user to set preferred criteria, this is to reduce misplaced comments in the comment section – $9.99/month.
  • Direct Message Sender: New followers are automatically sent a prepared welcome message. Messages are also sent to both followers and non-followers, with the option of including an image. The limit of messages lies between 80-120 messages a day – $14.99/month.
  • Post Organizer: Allows for full management of posts, it includes post scheduling, post drafting, as well as automatic deleting of posts – $9.99/month.

Purchasing any of these plans comes with a Three (3) day free trial, after which the cost of the plan will be deducted. Purchasing all three plans allows for the full utilization of the application. It comes to a total of $50.00/month.

A recently added feature is the TikTok Automation bot. This is an application that in recent times has gained massive traction all around the world.

It is so popular that everyone seems to have jumped on the bandwagon, from children to adults and on occasion the elderly. With this in mind, Instazood recently updated its system to include the TikTok automation bot.

Although not part of the Instagram features, it is still a feature of Instazood. It allows one to follow and unfollow, as well as like and comment. It costs 14.99/monthand also comes with a free three (3) day trial period.

Pros And Cons Of Instazood


  • Easy to Use

If one is not familiar with the use of Instagram bots, then Instazood might be a good option to use. The user interface is easy enough to be understood by beginners, and there is the added option of taking advantage of the tooltips. A guide to aid users on their journey for Instagram growth.

  • There are a couple of ways to use the service to grow your account

Having so many options mean there are literally different avenues to grow an Instagram account. It matters not if the user is an influencer or brand owner, the different plans make it possible for different kinds of people to grow their Instagram account.

  • Automated DMs can be sent to welcome new users and engage existing ones

This makes every interaction seem more human. It lets followers know that some kind of connection exists, and this opens them up to engage with the content on the Instagram account.

  • Manage all comments from a single interface

There is no need to log out of Instazood to manage multiple accounts. Therefore, social media managers have an easier time getting activities sorted out.

  • Pay only for the services you need

Unlike some other applications; where ever plan must be purchased before use, Instazood allows users to purchase only the plans they need. Thereby allowing various users the opportunity to use the application without having to spend more than their budget.


  • Each feature feels like it is a new subscription

With the plans being independent of each other, users have to individually purchase each one. This might seem bothersome for some, who would rather have a joint package.

  • There are no account managers to contact

Basically, users are left to figure out the application on their own. Although there are videos and tip pamphlets, it simply is not the same as having a conversation with a representative. Thus, no customer service to talk to in case a question arises. There are complaint tickets to be sure, but more often than not they are concluded as resolved even when the issue is yet to be resolved.

  • Investing in all plans costs quite a penny

Although having all the plans might seem great, i.e., in terms of how one’s account growth might skyrocket. It is also important to always ‘cut our clothes according to our size.’ This simply means that if it’s out of the budget, then do well to avoid it. Also, if there is no need for a plan, it is advised to simply steer clear.

  • Support is very slow

The support from Instazood has been noted to be a huge weakness. In most cases, questions go unanswered, or specific answers are not provided. Instead, template responses are sent.

Instazood Faq’s

To know more, kindly visit for more details

Alternatives To Instazood

As human beings, we are constantly faced with the need for choices. This is an understood and widely exploited fact. Of course, the opinion of one is not absolute in any way.

For a decision to be truly made, one must first be exposed to alternatives. This leaves the final vote up to the user. Knowing this, a list of alternatives to the popular Instagram bot- Instazood, has been collated below. Here are six (6) alternatives:

  • Kicksta

Kicksta is an Instagram growth tool that provides brands, influencers, and everyday users, a chance to improve their reach and connect them with real-time followers organically.

Kicksta is one of the most popularly used Instagram growth bots as thousands of users have attested to its value. The best thing about Kicksta is the fact that accounts are free from fake followers and bots.

That is to say that every follower action is from a real account. Thus, users can spread their content to their target audience, while knowing that only organic growth will come from that exposure.

Kicksta also features an auto-engagement option. This feature makes interaction with followers possible, even when the user is not online.

This includes comments and Direct messages. Kicksta has two (2) payment plans namely the Standard and the Premium package, which come to $49.99/monthand $99.99/monthrespectively.

  • BigbanGram

This is an Instagram tool that consists of several bots that allow users to increase promotions and visibility through increased followers, likes and views.

These auto-features allow users to grow their audiences organically. BigbanGram bots are also programmed to follow all the terms of services of Instagram. This makes it possible to avoid being flagged by Instagram, or worst-case scenario banned.

BigbanGram also possesses a daily limit tool. This tool allows a certain number of followers to be followed in a day, in compliance with the Instagram terms and conditions, usually 40 to 50.

Auto-posting and scheduling tools are also available, to upload content at later times. Another added feature on BigbanGram is the hashtag search bot.

This bot allows users to search for the best hashtags to improve post visibility. The total cost of this entire package comes to $24.99/month.

  • YoViral

This is an Instagram growth platform that takes a unique approach to the usual growth of Instagram accounts. Using YoViral allows a user to purchase likes and views from real Instagram accounts.

This feature allows for the likes and views to either be supplied gradually or all at once. Once the monthly subscription is paid, likes and views are immediately seen on the Instagram account.

It does not matter how many times a day a post is made. This is because, for every post made, the corresponding like or view will be reflected in less than a minute.

This process of auto-liking ensures that post visibility is increased exponentially, while also generating an increase in genuine interactions.

With prices ranging between $19.99/month to $49.99/month, YoViral users are assured of legitimacy and a significant absence of bots and fake accounts. While also experiencing their full money’s worth.

  • Ingramer

This is one of the most effective Instagram growth tools on the internet today. With several features including the auto-like, auto-follow, and smart unfollow options, it basically carries out the same tasks as other Instagram bots. In addition to the general features, ingramer boasts of the hashtag generator feature.

This feature allows users to come up with the best possible hashtag for increased visibility. It also provides clear statistics for users to have an idea of how followers interact with their posts and content.

The best part about ingramer is the fact that the website is secure and it possesses verified payment platforms.

Ingramer also provides an increase in the number of organic interactions. This is made possible through various payment plans ranging between $19.99/2 weeks to $74.99/3 months

  • Instavast

Instavast is an online platform that offers Instagram growth services. It offers complete automation. From liking of posts automatically to posting scheduled content, Instavast has it covered.

Added features include the fact that Instvast can send up to 200 automatic dm’s in a day, thereby cutting down response time by half. Another great feature is the excellent use of both analytics and statistics.

Users can keep track of various interactions and note down which target audience truly enjoys their content, they are also able to work on areas that need improvements on changes thereby using the application to its full potential.

Instavast also boasts of the ability to operate numerous Instagram accounts on its interface, and with its easy to navigate UI/UX, Social media managers can be assured of effective and efficient management. Like Instazood, the different features have individual prices. The cost of each feature comes to $10/month, and the combined packages total $40/month.

  • IG Instant

This is a genuine Instagram growth service that provides users with interactions from real followers using active Instagram accounts.

Constant customer support via the live chat section of their website and even though their email service. This platform allows follower boosting, as well as increased likes and interactions on content.

IG Instant users can view their post details via a dashboard due to improved statistic and analytic tools. It shows in-depth details of the kind of followers that interact with their posts.

Even narrowing it down to factors such as age and location. The most active time of interaction is also shown to the user to encourage improved posting scheduling. Prices range from as low as $2 to as high as $365.But rest assured, there will always be equivalent value for the cost.


Having viewed every possible option, it is up to the user to pick what suits them best. Either because of the price or because of the capabilities of the various features, the choice to boost Instagram engagement should be deliberated on soundly.

While nothing seems perfect or 100% full proof, users can be rest assured that all Instagram bots mentioned above remain safe and legitimate. Now the choice is yours.


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