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A couple of years ago, the idea of setting Instagram profiles private is more popular on personal accounts but now even brands are transitioning to private Instagram profiles, and that’s because it comes with a lot benefits. You landed on this post because you want to know whether it’s possible to view user profile on Instagram that is set as private, we’ll answer that question for you, we’ll explain all about private profiles. Right from the benefits and cons of having a private profile on instagram, to changing your profile as private and other important info you need to know about private profiles. Stay with us till the end to learn about private profiles on Instagram.

What Does It Mean To Change Your Instagram Profile As Private?

Before setting up a private profile you need to understand what it means to have it on Instagram. In simple terms, when you change to a private Instagram profile, it means only users you approve can view the activities on your profile. You should take note that I said ‘on your profile’, every other activity you perform on other profiles that are public can be viewed by everyone, you should get clear with the difference.
Here is what it means to have private profile on instagram;

Approve followers

Any Instagram user that wants to follow you has to request approval which will be sent to your notification when they hit the follow button. You can then accept or reject their request from your account.

Follow Request

Only your followers can view your profile activities

You don’t need to worry about blocking users, if they’re not your followers they won’t see what’s happening on your profile, and also when your followers engage with you, like sending likes and comments on your posts, it will not be visible by their followers.

You can’t use hashtags when your profile is private on Instagram
Since you decided to go private, Instagram has snatch some features from your account. This is a downside because no matter how much attention your content receives from your followers it won’t show up in trending hashtags, and that means you’re losing some traffic.

Why Do Users And Brands Set Their Profile Private?

As mentioned earlier it comes with benefits and we’ll talk about these benefits within this section.

You have more privacy

Anyone that sets up a private profile on Instagram, privacy is their top priority. If you’re the type that wants to control who view their content, a private Instagram profile is for them, if you don’t want companies to spy on your activities, going private is the best option. Let’s say you’re seeking for job and you already know your instagram posts aren’t that good, the best way to hide your activities from employers is to go private since they’ll have to send request before they’re able view your activities and you can choose to reject them or place their request on hold.

Avoid harassment

Harassment is very common these days and you can hardly avoid it, cyber bullying is real and a lot of people have committed suicide due to social media harassment. When you go private on instagram you can choose who can like your photos, comments and send messages. If harassment is a total no from your side or your children, you should switch over to private Instagram profile.

Get more followers

I know you might disagree on this one, but having a private profile on instagram can help you attract more followers than when your account is public. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the trick used by marketers to get followers fast. They start by sharing high quality content to other instagram users, but they won’t be able to see the content unless they hit the follow button, unlike when your account is public, where they have access to the content without following you and they’ll hardly follow after reading your content. Just imagine sharing your content with thousands of users and instagram will prompt them to follow you before they’re able to see it, your followers will increase fast with this trick.

Retain more followers

Not only attracting more followers, you’ll also retain more followers than when you’re having a public account. Whenever users try to unfollow a private account, they’ll be prompted with the message; if you unfollow this profile you won’t be able to see their activities. This message isn’t exact but it’s along those lines, and based on research this has impact on follower retention rate on Instagram.

Protect your content from theft

If your Instagram profile is public you have no control on who sees your content, it will be overused and will become less original, most memes accounts are set private so as to avoid content theft from users. on the other hand, there are a lot of websites that use tools to scrap content from Instagram and other social media platforms, they can’t scrape content from your profile since your content won’t show up in the search feed.

Avoid getting banned

Once you go private on instagram there is less risk on getting banned. As we already know a lot of accounts end up in suspension for no reason, public accounts are subjected to this error more than private accounts.

These are some of the benefits of having a private Instagram profile, there are downsides also, let’s take a look at them.

The Cons Of Having Private Profile On Instagram

Your activities on public accounts is not hidden

Even though you have set your account as private, other users can still view your activities on all public accounts. That means even after changing your profile to private you don’t have 100% privacy on instagram. Most people aren’t aware of this, if you want to go with full privacy you should restrict your activities only on your profile.

Users will still be able to send you DM

Instagram users can still send you DMs, the only thing you can do here is you can block some users from sending you direct messages especially when you realize they’re spamming your inbox. This is a huge downside and we’re hoping they should upgrade the feature in the sense that only your followers can interact with you and send you direct messages.

Your Story and Posts will not show in hashtag feed

This is another downside, as you already know a lot of people explore the site through hashtag, and unfortunately private profiles won’t show up in this feed. This translates to less exposure for your Story and posts, only public profiles are listed on the hashtag feed search and that’s why public profiles end up receiving more traffic than private profiles.

Your content cannot be seen in geographic tag feed

Geographic tag feed is very important for local businesses and private profiles on Instagram aren’t included in this tag feed. When users search for business or service based on location, they’ll be shown instagram profiles and posts that match that tag with the exception of private profiles.

You can’t embed content on your website

This is another huge downside for webmasters that want to display Instagram content on their website, other instagram users also won’t be able to embed your content on their website. Even if you manage to display some code, the box will show up but won’t display any content. And also even if you’ve displayed other content in the past, they’ll all disappear after changing your profile to private.

You’ll end up with less engagement

The whole idea behind changing your profile to private is to control the number of users that can interact with you, and that means you’ll end up with less engagement. You can still get massive engagement if you know how to play it right, but overall since only your followers can see your content it means you might end up with less engagement than public profile. Your profile won’t be promoted through any feed because by setting your account private you’re telling instagram you don’t require any promotions.
So these are some of the downsides of setting your Instagram account as private, let’s now move into creating or changing your Instagram profile as private.

How To Make Your Instagram Profile Private.

Account Privacy

• Open your Instagram app and login.
• Head over to the profile icon which is located at bottom right corner of your screen.
• Tap the three horizontal line which is at the top right corner of your profile screen.
• Go to settings by tapping the gear icon at bottom right corner of the screen.
• Scroll down and you’ll see the option ‘Private account’, switch it ON and your account is now private.
• That’s it, you’ve now set boundaries for Instagram users you’re not interested in engaging with on the platform because only after you approve them they’re able to see your activities.

Is It Possible To View Private Profiles On Instagram?

Yes, you can view private profile if they have approved you to become their follower.

And No, you can’t view a private profile if you’re not following their profile.

But there is always workaround, you can follow some methods to view their activities even if they haven’t approved you. let’s move on to share how to view private profiles on Instagram.

How To View A Private Instagram profile

You should follow the private account


This is the best way to have access to any private profile, I know you might find it hard since chances are they won’t approve you if they don’t know you. The good news is that you can always increase your chances thereby sending a direct message to explain who you’re and why you want to connect. We already mentioned that you can send a direct message to users with a private profile, so go ahead and prove to them you’re a real person, share your blog and other social media profiles and I’ll tell you that most of them will approve you except if they know and don’t really want to connect with you.

Even if they don’t approve you or respond to your DM, you should send a reminder, at least three times. This way you proved to them that you’re interested connecting with them and a lot of users will consider your request.

Search for their username on google

Even though their profile is set as private, you can still view their username, copy the username and paste on google search or google image search. Once you do that google will display some of their activities in search results, you can see the images they share and so on.

View their profile through a friend that’s following them

If they’ve blocked you or your follow request isn’t accepted, you can find someone that’s following them and through them you’ll be able to see their activities. It doesn’t matter whether you know the user in person or not, you can try to befriend them and after some time you can ask for favors, you might even request to send you screenshot of their activities.

Create another account

Another way to view private accounts that reject your follow request is to open another instagram account with a different name and then send the follow request again. You should fill every details on the profile for this new account including picture, real name and do some activities to look genuine.

Use private viewer tools

There is no any guarantee on this method. First of all, finding a reputed service or tool that can let you view private profiles on instagram isn’t easy. A lot of scam exist these days and you have to be careful when it comes to using such tools. These services will ask for some information and then will direct you to the Instagram profile you wish to view, these include;

• Your instagram username.
• Some personal information.
• How you want to view the content on the private profile, that’s, do you want to view or do you want download the data?
• And then they’ll show you the data you’re looking for.

As I’ve already mentioned, there is no guarantee on these tools, you should try them at your own risk. One thing however we recommend is that don’t supply your real Instagram account details to these services or tools, open a separate Instagram account with another name and then use on these tools or services. Even if they’re using your personal information for something dangerous, they have the wrong details about.

We’ve come to the end of this article, and so far we’ve shared all the basic information you need to know about Instagram account, by following the steps outlined you’ll be able to view Instagram Private profiles.

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