Is There A Way To See Deleted Instagram Photos

Instagram has become one of the fastest-growing photoApp. We all seem to love taking and posting photos on Instagram. Capturing adventures, hobbies, special moments, even marketing through photos. But what happens when we lose these photos or they get “accidentally” deleted?

Are they gone for good? Is there a way to see your deleted Instagram photos again?

Whether your photos are gone via a lost account or you deleted them by mistake or even on purpose, you might not want to see certain memories completely gone. Well, not to worry, I’ve got you covered.

In this article, we will be talking about the possibility of getting back deleted Instagram photos as well as ways to get them, (if it’s possible).

But first, let’s talk about, Sharing and Unsharing photos on Instagram

Instagram is an awesome photo and video sharing app with tremendous online reach. It creates a fun space to play with photos and be creative with them.

Instagram has become the most rated picture-sharing app. It allows you to upload and share pictures that can reach anyone in the world. Cool right?

And if you decide to delete or unshare at any point, you’re free to. It allows you to take your pictures down if you’re not feeling it anymore or just don’t want people to view them again.

Let’s say, you’ve gotten older and you have an embarrassing photo on Instagram from when you were younger. Just hit up the delete option and it won’t be there anymore (just pray someone hasn’t saved that embarrassing photo).

To delete, Open instagram> Open profile > click on Photo > click on options bar>select delete.

Is it Possible to Get Back Deleted Instagram Photos?

The lingering question, Is there a way to see your deleted Instagram photos?

The answer is, Yes. In fact, there is more than one way to see your photo again.

Sure Instagram has its pecks, but sometimes we upload pictures and decide we don’t want them up anymore. Then we want to unshare. We delete and takedown pictures on Instagram, and decide later that we want them back.

Other times, it could be that we unshare the pictures mistakenly and of course, want them back.

There’s also the loss of your photos when you disable your profile or close your account.

It doesn’t matter how, if your picture is gone and you want it back, this poses a problem.

If you’re here it means a photo was taken down via one of the ways mentioned above, and you need it back. Good thing we have different solutions for you.

So, yes, it is possible to get back deleted photos on Instagram. Now we know it’s possible, what are the ways we can see deleted Instagram photos?

How to Recover Deleted/Lost Photos on Instagram

Photos are usually so precious, holding memories that stick. So if you haven’t already lost your photos, Imagine losing them? Sad, I know. Maybe you got hacked or you grew up and had to take out that embarrassing childhood picture. Either way, you need the memory back.

Do not fret, Whether you’re an ios user or an android user, there are different ways to get back that important photo.

You can get back deleted photos and videos on your Instagram. There’s an answer to every question.

Now, what are these answers you might ask? We’ve put together a list of the ways you can see your deleted Instagram photo.

You can check them out below.

Tack 1: Check the Instagram Archive Feature

So many people do not know about this feature, so don’t worry if you are one. We will help you with that.

This feature is somewhat similar to a recycle bin. Instagram Archive stores pictures and offers you the option of referring back to them, no matter how long, and guess what? It keeps all your likes and comments too. So, check your archive, it’s most likely a missing photo has been archived.

This works well with stories and lives, as you can automatically archive them.

The feature is a part of the app but many people overlook it just like the terms and conditions.

To see photos in the Instagram archive, you should:

  • Open your Instagram app and go to your profile
  • Next up click on the options icon at the top right of your app. Yes, the 3 horizontal lines stacked up. When it pops up, you’ll see different options listed.
  • Next, you click on the Archive option. When it opens, you see all your archived pictures. There you go, select your photo.

New Instagram upgrades have even made it easier to find pictures in the archive by separating posts into stories, posts, and live archives. Easy peasy right?

Tack 2: Check your Photo Album or File Manager

Chances are you took that photo with your phone camera app and the picture is saved in your photo album or file manager, as long as you haven’t deleted them there too. Even if you have, both ios and android phones have the recently deleted/recycle bin, where it could be( usually for 30 days). Search for the picture and click restore.

Another way devices have made things easier for us, is by creating folders. When you upload a photo to your Instagram, it saves a copy to a separate Instagram folder. This goes for both ios and android users.

Or you simply search your file manager for android users or files for ios users. There you go.

Tack 3: Look into the clouds

The clouds? Yes, the clouds. And no not the blue one above you, I’m talking about storage clouds, Google Photos, and iCloud. Chances are your photo has been backed up by Google Drive or iCloud. When you upload pictures, your phone does you the favor by backing them up. So, if you can’t find it in your photo album, check the clouds.

For android users, log into your Google photos and search for the photo.

For ios users, log into your iCloud and search for the photo.

Some pictures might also be in the cloud trash, so before you jump and start panicking again, please don’t forget to check the trash.

Track 4: Check the Internet Archives

Do you know how they say the internet never forgets? Well, it doesn’t. Another way you can try is by checking the internet archives. It is effective when you want to get the previous version of any website, so it just might work for you.

How to check:

Go to

Then type Instagram account details in the text box. Next, you select the date from when you want the pictures.

This would work well if you remember details about the photo, so it’s easier to narrow down.

Track 5: Use a Recovery Software Tool

Let’s say you’ve tried all the basic ways and still nothing, time to use a photo recovery tool. As the name implies, it recovers, and quickly too. Many data recovery tools have advanced recovery rates, getting back your photos, just as it was. A photo recovery tool can recover your photo without any backup.

Most of this software has really good algorithms, plus, recovery is both easy, and fast. There are really good ones that are easy to navigate and comes at the price of nothing. Yes, you don’t have to pay to use it.

Just download any easy-to-use or recommended photo recovery software.

  • Install a photo/ data recovery tool.
  • Select location of deleted photos ie Instagram.
  • Scan location for photos.
  • Select and preview Photos.
  • Recover Deleted Instagram photos.

You can download any good software to help you.

I’ve put together a list of ten recommended photo recovery tools, for android, ios and pc users. They are:

  1. Stellar data recovery
  2. easeUS data recovery
  3. Recover my files
  4. Recuva
  6. Puran Data Recovery
  7. Acronis revive
  8. PhotoRec
  9. Disk drill
  10. Remo recover

Tack 6: Update your Instagram and get the New Recycle bin Feature

This has honestly got to be a lifesaver. This is a new feature that was announced by Instagram this year. This feature allows you to delete pictures and still have them back. It’s almost like the archive feature, only not as permanent.

Like your normal recycle bin, it keeps the photos for up to 30 days after which they will be permanently erased. If you have mistakenly deleted a photo, all you have to do is go to the recycle bin and either permanently delete it or restore it.

How it works: Open app > Settings> Account > recently deleted

It also comes with various protections. Check out more about this new feature on the Instagram official website.

What is the easiest way to get back a deleted Instagram photo

All the ways listed in this article are your sure bet at getting your photo back. Whichever method you decide to go by, the important thing is to recover your photo. If your photo isn’t found through one, another will do the trick.

But they are all easy to navigate when trying to recover a deleted or lost photo on Instagram.

What is the fastest way to get back my deleted Instagram photo

All the methods mentioned above can get back your deleted Instagram photo, in no time.

Instagram’s new “recently deleted” is a great feature but it can only keep deleted pictures for 30 days. So if the picture you’re trying to get is older than 30 days, it won’t be there.

Photo recovery software can restore photos in any format, including PNG, JPG, GIF, RAW, TIF. But it can also take some time to scan, as scanning speed depends on the size of the photo.

The important thing is getting your photo back.

Is it possible to see the deleted Instagram photo of another user

First off, I am curious as to why you would want to see another person’s deleted photo. Whatever the case may be, the answer is NO.

Except the picture was saved by someone else before deletion, there is no way to see another User’s deleted Instagram photos.

How to make sure I do not completely lose a deleted Instagram photo

  • Save your photos to your device before uploading

This is so important and very simple to carry out, just save the picture on your phone. If you took the picture with the Instagram app, right before uploading there is an option to save original photos(ios) and save original posts (android). Also on the app, in the options bar, there is the option to automatically save original photos. Open instagram> Profile> Option bar>Account > Original photos/Original posts, to activate.

  • Backup your photos on the cloud.

This is so important even for other data. Having back up for documents has legit saved people. Whether you’re using an android phone or ios or windows, there’s an option for you to back up your data, use it.

It usually costs nothing to do so, except in some cases when you probably have too much data and you need more space. You have to pay for it, usually something very small, but trust me, it’s worth it. Using iCloud or google photos will save you the trip to google next time.

  • Use the Instagram archive option.

Try to always use the archive option. You might think you don’t need the photo now but in a few months, what happens when you change your mind. Even if you want to hide a photo from the world or want it down for some time, you can decide to archive it instead of blatantly removing it, and looking for it later. And the good thing is, the Instagram archive keeps your likes and comments too. So when you’re ready to have it back up, everything comes back like it never left.

Here’s what to do:

Open Instagram > profile> Options bar> Archive>Turn on or click on picture> option bar > Archive.


It’s easy not to think of unexpected or bad situations, but that doesn’t mean, they can’t happen. Sometimes even when we take all preventive measures, mistakes, and losses, can still occur.

Instagram, has made picture taking interesting and something to be creative with, especially for people who use the app to their advantage, (Millennials and Gen Z, I see you). I wouldn’t want to imagine losing that moment forever.

So whether you’ve lost your photos or accidentally deleted them, one of the ways mentioned above is sure to get back your deleted Instagram photo.

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