Kenji.Ai Review, Features, Pricing, And Alternatives

Having a massive following on Instagram is crucial to your profile growth, without having a considerable number of followers, your content will not be seen by many users.

Your followers are the building blocks of your Instagram growth, if you want interactions and engagement, you need more followers.

Even popular accounts with millions of followers on Instagram are looking for more, the more followers you have, the more outreach you’ll get, but you have to offer great content on the platform as well.

The question now is; how do you get more followers for your Instagram profile? There are a couple of ways and some strategies you can implement to ensure that you’re attracting followers to your account.

You can start by collaborating with influencers in your niche to promote your profile and content, I believe this is the best way to attract real followers that will engage with your content.

The second option is buying these followers from third-party services, you’ll have to be careful when it comes to using these services because a lot of the time they’re selling fake followers that will just increase the number of followers you have without any engagement.

And finally, the last option you might consider is by using automation, there are lots of bots out there promising to attract followers and engagement to your Instagram profile.

It’s however not easy to find an Instagram bot that will attract engagement to your profile because Instagram is against the use of such automation tools. Most of them aren’t authorized and in the end, you’ll lose your account.

Bots or automation in general, if you have the right tool and you’re using them properly will lift the manual work in promoting your Instagram profile so that you can generate more followers.

These bots work by accessing your Instagram and then interacting with other users on autopilot so that you can attract more followers. You can set the bot to start following accounts, or start adding likes to posts.

As a result of this, most of the users you follow or send likes to will start following you, they’re real users and will engage with your profile as well. is one of such bots that can automate tasks in your Instagram account which would lead to attracting more followers, they use advanced AI to ensure that you’re getting the maximum engagement for your Instagram account.

We’ll review bot and see how you can benefit from using this tool, we’ll talk about the features and then share our verdict on whether it’s worthy of trying or not.

Before that, we’ll talk about Instagram automation so that you can work with any bot safely and ensure your Instagram account isn’t terminated.

What Is Instagram Automation/Bot

Kenji.Ai Review, Features, Pricing, And Alternatives

Kenji.Ai Review, Features, Pricing, And Alternatives

They’re tools for automating Instagram actions, you’ll be able to set these tools to start following accounts on Autopilot, you can for instance set them to follow two accounts every five minutes.

You can also automate other actions like adding comments, sending likes to posts and stories, sending automatic direct messages, and so on.

Instead of staying all day in front of your PC or smartphone performing these tasks, you can let the bot or app execute them for you with ease.

When you set the bots to execute these tasks, you’ll find that a lot of users want to follow your account. The more you’re interacting with users, the more they’ll check your profile and if you’re offering content that’s valuable, they’ll definitely follow your profile and will start engaging with your content.

Why Do You Need To Use Instagram Bots

There are lots of reasons why you want to consider using Instagram bots or automation services, it all comes down to what you want to achieve. Here are some of the benefits of using Instagram bots;

Save time

This is the number one benefit you get when you’re using Instagram bots and automation services. Instead of spending a lot of hours every day following accounts or liking posts hoping that the users will follow you back, why not automate the process.

If you’re to do the tasks manually, long hours must be spent and Instagram doesn’t allow sending massive actions at once. For Instance, you cannot follow 1000 profiles at once, it has to be spread within the hour and within some days also.

It’s kind of boring to stay all day long doing the same job repeatedly, it’s better to configure a bot that will do these tasks with ease. This will help you free up more time so that you can focus on other important things in your life and business.

Save money

If you’re not considering doing the manual tasks, you’ll end up hiring someone to do it and that is going to cost you some money.

Instead of hiring a freelancer or a full-time employee, why not spend a few bucks and get access to a tool that handles the tasks. You can have access to automation tools and Instagram bots for as little as $9.99/month.

This can be afforded by almost all Instagram users, even hiring the cheapest virtual assistant can cost you up to $400/month to manage these tasks, but for $9.99 – $50, you can find an effective tool that can take care of the tasks for you.

Customer support

Bots will help you automate your conversations on Instagram, even if you’re not using bots for other tasks, you should consider using bots to automate your messaging on Instagram.

Instagram bots and automation services are used to send auto-replies to new followers, whenever a user follows you on Instagram, you can send the auto-reply, you can also set auto DM when they comment on your posts.

You can use Instagram bots to provide customer support in different ways, and I believe every Instagram user should take advantage of auto DMs to simplify their business.

Schedule your posts

There are specific times that are proven to generate the most engagement after posting on Instagram, you might not be available at these times and your best solution is to schedule the posts so that they’re posted when you’ll get the maximum engagement.

Instagram bots will help you schedule your posts, and the best part is that you can schedule the posts on multiple accounts.

Instagram bots allow you to schedule posts for days or even one month in advance, which is a great deal time saver for anyone that can utilize the feature wisely.

Improve engagement

We’ve already mentioned that you can set auto-replies and can send auto DMs, these actions will increase engagement really fast.

After a user has followed your profile and they immediately receive a welcome message in their DM, they’ll definitely reply to your message not knowing that it’s an auto-reply set on the profile they just followed.

If they also leave a comment and you reply to them automatically, you’ll get their attention and they’ll perceive that you take their comment as important, they’ll also reply to you very fast in such situations which will also increase engagement.

The Downsides Of Using Automation

Using automation comes with a lot of downsides and the worst is that it most of the time leads to account suspension and termination. Let’s share the downsides as well;

High risk involved

As stated earlier, Instagram doesn’t like automation, they’re doing all they can to spot accounts using automation.

They have zero tolerance for using automation tools that aren’t authorized by Instagram and once caught, It’s difficult to restore your account.

The Instagram algorithm is getting smarter due to improvements in AI and they can detect automation quickly unless you know how to use the tools smartly.

Requires a lot of testing before you find the right bot

Some bots will cause account suspension immediately after connecting your account, while some will require that you pass through the Instagram checkpoint.

Before you find the right tool, you might have to test many tools before getting the right tool that can accomplish the task you want to automate.

You can spend months testing different tools and apps, every tool out there claims to be the best but it will turn out they’re the worst in the market.

Bots will add strange comments

Most bots have the option to add auto comments which will end up either posting many duplicate comments or will add strange content on posts.

The type of comments you get from these bots will make other users question your profile, some will easily conclude that the action isn’t human and might lead to reporting from other users.

Robots can exceed the limit

Though a good bot should have the option that allows you to set the limits for the number of actions you want to send within a specified time, there are some however that will exceed the limit which will raise a flag on your account to cause suspension or a complete ban.

I believe you shouldn’t rely on bots to add comments on Instagram unless the bot is using advanced artificial intelligence to customize your comments the right way.

Your feed will be messy

If you want to avoid having a messy feed, you shouldn’t use bots to run your personal account. What you want to do is create a separate account for your promotions and businesses.

This way all the content you’ll receive in the feed isn’t relevant to you, you can just ignore any content you don’t want to see.

These are the downsides of using bots or automation to operate your Instagram profile, you should now weigh down the options and see if it’s something you want to be using for your Instagram accounts. Let’s dive into to see what they have to offer.

Kenji.Ai For Instagram Review is a powerful Instagram bot for automating your tasks, it’s a bot designed to grow your Instagram profile.

It’s capable of automating tasks that will increase user engagement on your profile. Kenji is powered by Ai to help you get the targeted audiences you have always dreamed of.

The tool is easy to use and you can start using it right away after you sign up. It’s a tool used by more than 100,000 users, this is a lot of numbers and it’s a sign of quality to have massive subscribers like these numbers.

Once you purchase Kenji, you’re backed by their guarantee, you can opt-out within 2 weeks if you’re not satisfied with their services.

Features of

Kenji offers different services like every other automation tool out there, you’re offered to follow accounts on autopilot, auto like posts, unfollow accounts, blacklist and whitelist accounts, react to other users, and more. Let’s take a look at the core components of

Audience targeting

Your social media promotions begin with targeting the right audience, targeting random users won’t do you any good, and most users that are against bots and automation are targeting the wrong users. Without targeting the correct audience, you won’t receive any engagement.

Kenji offers to target users by location using the right filters. You can as well choose keywords to blacklist during your outreach.

With Kenji, you’re able to target users based on the Hashtags you added, this is a good way to target users following your competitor.

Setup your automation

  1. You can add likes to any posts; Kenji can search for targeted posts and drop the likes for you, and what happens is that the more accounts you like the more you’ll find new accounts following you.
  2. You have the follow and unfollow options, this is another action that will help increase engagement as well and will also help you generate more followers. Most tools out there can execute these actions but will most of the time raise a flag on your account. Kenji is however different from them because it has the options you can make these actions as if they’re executed by a real user and not a bot.
  3. React; this feature can’t be found on many accounts, Kenji allows reacting to posts when they go live, it’s a way to make users notice you and that means you grab their attention which could then turn into following your Instagram account.
  4. Story view; The more you’re viewing user stories, the more they’ll notice your profile as well. Kenji offers this option to keep on viewing stories so that more profiles will notice you and interact with you.


Kenji offers two pricing options, the first option for you is $4/Month, you almost have access to every feature out there, except hashtag support that is missing and you have limited support.

You can still contact them whenever you need help but you shouldn’t expect a fast turnaround on this package.

The pro version which costs $78/Month offers more features than the previous plan. There is a more advanced targeting and you can access their fast support which is called “Skip-the-queue”.

In all these two plans you’re giving 2 weeks guarantee and if you’re not happy with the service you can ask for a refund within 14 days.

Is it safe to use

Based on user reviews, doesn’t really have any problems, it all comes down to how you set up your preferences.

You don’t want to send actions that exceed your Instagram account limits and you want to ensure that you’re not sending the actions too fast.

You don’t need to worry about this service when it comes to securing your Instagram account or processing payments. You’re assured that your IG account isn’t going to get banned or other negative flags about your accounts. Alternatives

There are lots of bots out there offering the same services as with, but before sharing these tools it’s important to note there are three best ways to drive engagement to your Instagram account, let’s take a look at them briefly;

Do it yourself

If you really want to protect your account, you should log into your Instagram via browser or the app and execute any action you want.

Even by login to your account, you need to follow the rules and stay within your action limit. This is the best way to avoid getting your account a shadowban or suspension.

You can spend a few hours every day interacting with other users and you’ll definitely start attracting engagement to your profile as well.

Hire social media assistant

If you can’t do it yourself, you can hire someone to do the engagement for you. It can be a virtual assistant or onsite employee that will work full time to manage your Instagram accounts.

I don’t think it’s necessary to hire an onsite employee, with cheap virtual assistants available on freelance sites, you should be able to find the right fit for your business for less than $500 per month.

The price depends on the hours they are going to spend every day, you can even find virtual assistants for as low as $200 per month.

Use Instagram ads

If you don’t want to hire anyone, you can consider promoting your content with Instagram paid ads. Since you’re spending money for impressions and clicks, you need to do your research carefully and ensure that you’re targeting the right audience.

This is so far the best way to start driving engagement for your posts but it comes at a cost. Real Instagram users will view your ads and will respond to your content, you’ll attract followers and likes to your posts if done right.

Use influencer accounts

Whatever niche you’re into on Instagram, you’ll find influencers with a massive following, and you can take advantage of such influencers to promote your profile and posts.

It’s not easy though, because they probably don’t know you and it’s not going to happen that they’ll start promoting your content every time you contact them.

You need to engage with them, introduce yourself and you can present your offer even if it means paying some money to compensate for their effort.

I believe these are the four ways you can start attracting followers and engagement to your Instagram profile. With that said, let’s now take a look at other services and tools you can use to promote your Instagram profile.


Instead of using automation services alone to grow your Instagram account, why not use services like ViralRace to send real followers that will engage with your Instagram profile and content.

This is what ViralRace focuses on, it’s not a bot where you’ll spend time figuring out how the options work. They’ll promote your profile and content to real users so that they can follow your account or add likes to your content.


This is a marketplace that specializes in adding real followers and likes to your profile. You can also order for views as well and you’re required to input your username only, they’ll take care of the rest.

No need to log into your Instagram account and no one will have access to your Instagram account by any other means.


This is an Instagram bot similar to, you’ll be able to use their features and then attract engagement to your Instagram content or profile in general.

The tool will help you find the right target audience with which you can connect and then drive engagement to your posts and profile as well so that they can become your followers.


This isn’t actually a bot, but rather a platform where you can automate Instagram activities, they also use Ai just like Kenji to get you noticed in front of Instagram users.

This automation service can be used to follow and unfollow accounts, and also like targeted posts on autopilot.

You can select the target location and the best of all is that you can try the service free for one week. During the trial you can test their services with no risk involved or whatsoever, if you don’t like the service, you don’t need to continue using them with no strings attached.

That’s it about, please don’t forget to share your experience with them in the comments or if you have better alternatives than them.


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