How to Fix Re-login Required for Your Instagram Account (Updated)

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    After the release of Gramto version 2.0, some users might be asked to re-login their Instagram accounts over and over again. This is due to an update from Instagram that prevents accounts from login in from multiple locations. However, you can easily overcome this by trying any of the methods below;

    Method 1 (Using a Proxy)

    We offer Free Private Proxy to all Paid Users. Upgrade for as low as $5/Month to claim yours!

    Due to the fact that our servers are located in Canada and the USA, users from outside of these regions are likely to face a re-login issue (except in some rare exception).

    The quick fix to this is getting a private proxy for your account, and enter the proxy in the proxy field while adding your account to Gramto. You can get your special Instagram proxy for free by upgrading to any of our paid plans.

    We have made available proxies from over 60 Countries to have this resolved. All you need to do is fill this form to request for your own private proxy.


    After getting your proxy follow the steps below to avoid re-login loop;

    1. Remove the Instagram account from Gramto (If already added).

    2. Enter Instagram Username, Password and the Private proxy we sent to your email.

    3. Enter the Code sent to you via Email/Phone and hit the Save Changes button.

    And you have successfully fixed the re-login required loop issue. Read more about the importance of Proxy.

    Method 2

    In some rare cases, If the method 1 above doesn’t work or you’re a free user without a Proxy. You can use the method 2 below which has 90% success rate.

    This method requires you to temporarily disable your Instagram account, wait for some hours and then add it to Gramto before you log in to any other device.

    Note: If you run a very active account, we suggest you do this at night or off peak period so many of your followers don’t notice the 3 hours off-time.

    Below are the steps to achieve this;

    1. Goto on desktop and login to your account

    2. Click on your profile name

    3. Click the Edit Profile button

    edit profile

    4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Temporary Disable My Account

    temporary disable instagram account

    5. Select the Just Need a Break option, enter your password and click on the Temporary Disable Account button.

    disable instagram account

    6. All you need to do now is wait for 3 hours.

    7. After the waiting period. Now open your Gramto account and add your Instagram Account. And it’ll be activated automatically.

    account added

    Note: Do NOT login to Instagram on any device (Mobile or PC) during the waiting period, you should only use other devices after you have successfully added your account to Gramto.

    Please do let us know if you still cannot add your account!

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    1. shpresa 3:48 pm

      my Instagram Email is Not Working

      1. Gramto 1:37 pm

        May I know the error you encountered?

    2. joshua Close 9:09 pm

      even when turned active my activity log doesnt work anymore

    3. pablo 10:42 pm

      i can´t pay and upgrade please resolve it

      1. Gramto 11:04 pm

        Hello Pablo,

        The issue is now resolved.

        Thank you.

        1. C 7:25 pm

          im having the same problem with the re-login … it is happening constantly … my account won’t stay logged in

          1. Gramto 1:40 pm

            Kindly contact our support via livechat.

    4. Sultana 2:34 pm

      i can’t add people and places on autofollow page. Only hashtags. Please solve this

    5. omer 12:17 pm

      I didn’t solve the problem of Re-login

      1. Gramto 10:24 pm

        Hello Omer,

        Kindly remove the account and try adding after some hours (3-6).

        If that doesn’t fix it, please contact us at

        Thank you.


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