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    This guide will show you how to add your Instagram Account to your Gramto account.

    After creating your Gramto Account, the next step requires you to add your Instagram account for you to start posting and performing other tasks.

    Add your Instagram account takes less than two minutes and requires just few steps;

    1. From the Main Menu, Click the Accounts icon instagram accounts icon

    2. Click the Add New Account buttonadd new account

    Enter your Instagram Username and Password and Click the Add Account button

    Advanced Users can also enter Proxy (This is Optional)


    3. You might need to select a verification method, click on the Send via SMS or Send via Email button and a verification code will be sent to you.


    4. Enter the verification code in the box that comes up next and click on the Save Changes button.

    Your account should be added by now.


    If you face consistent re-login required or verification loop, read how to fix here – How to Fix Re-login Required for Your Instagram Account


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