How to bypass Instagram Checkpoint (Updated)

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    Note: You can easily resolve this by jumping to the method 2 below.

    This article shows how you’ll bypass the Instagram Checkpoint while adding your account to Gramto.

    If you encounter an error like the one below when adding your account;

    Please goto and pass checkpoint!

    All you need to do is

    1. Goto and log into your account

    2. A notification message will immediately pop up after login in requesting for you to confirm if you tried login in elsewhere.

    First, you need to confirm your identity if requested and then click the It Was Me button on the next prompt.


    instagram checkpoint

    After confirming this, you can go back to to add your account.

    You might need to perform this up to 2-3 times to finally bypass the loop. Also, it is recommended to request a private proxy from this page to increase your chances of bypassing this loop.

    Method 2 (New)

    The new update made it impossible for some users to bypass the checkpoint as it keeps bouncing back to checkpoint after confirming (It WAS ME) on Instagram.

    While we work to have this issue fixed, we have proffered a temporary solution to this below (confirmed 99% to be working);

    This method requires you to temporarily disable your Instagram account, wait for 2 hours and then add it to Gramto.

    Note: Temporarily disabling your account does NOT have any negative impact on the account.

    Below are the steps to achieve this;

    1. Goto on desktop and login to your account

    2. Click on your profile name

    3. Click the Edit Profile button

    edit profile

    4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Temporary Disable My Account

    temporary disable instagram account

    5. Select the Just Need a Break option, enter your password and click on the Temporary Disable Account button.

    disable instagram account

    6. All you need to do now is wait for 2 hours.

    7. After the waiting period. All you need to do is open your Gramto account and add your Instagram Account. And it’ll be activated automatically.

    account added

    Note: Do NOT login to Instagram on any device (Mobile or PC) during the waiting period, you should only use other devices after you have successfully added your account to Gramto.

    Note: If you own a busy account, we suggest you do this at night or off-peak period so many of your followers don’t notice the 2 hours off-time.

    Kindly drop your comments below if you have any question regarding this article.

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    1. pankaj bishnoi 7:00 am

      thanks for sharing this wonderful article. Now i can get rid of checkpoint required error easily.

    2. Mojumder 3:06 pm

      Its working . thanks a lot

    3. Reza 7:02 am

      I really appreciate, I’ve been surfing the internet for so long and did not find a solution., then everything works well after I get the instructions from you. Thank you very much

      1. Gramto 2:09 pm

        Thanks for the feedback.

    4. ivan 12:36 pm

      Its working fine now as you instructed above.. thanks

      1. Gramto 4:12 pm

        Thanks for the feedback?


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