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    Creating an account on Gramto is a straightforward process. You have two account creation options, Facebook or Sign Up form.

    Both of these processes take less than a minute to complete. We’ll be guiding you on how to create an account in this article.

    How to Create an Account Using Facebook

    To create an account using Facebook, follow the steps below;

    1. Goto
    2. Click on the Login With Facebook Button
    3. On the new Pop-up window, Click Continue as (Your Name)grant facebook app on gramto
    4. You’ll be automatically redirected to your Gramto Dashboard.gramto dashboard
    5. Now you need to Set your Time Zone – Click on Your Name at Top Right > Profile
    6. Set your Time zone accordingly and Savegramto Timezone settings
    7. You have successfully set up your Gramto Account using Facebook.If you want to log in next time, simply click on the Login with Facebook button and you’ll be logged in automatically.


    How to Create an Account With the Sign-Up Form

    1. Go to
    2. Fill the short form with your information
    3. Select the Correct Time zone
    4. Hit the Get Started Button
    5. You have successfully created your account.

    After creating your account, ensure you change your timezone and Language from your Profile page.

    You can now head over to Add Your Instagram Account.

    Do you have issues creating your account? Kindly drop your comment below.