How to Manage Your Instagram Accounts With Gramto (The Ultimate Guide)

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    Gramto is the best Instagram poster and automation tool you can ever have on your team. Gramto does almost all of the functions you can perform on the official Instagram app in automation.

    This means you do not have to be online to perform certain tasks. We let you handle other aspects of your business while we handle the Social Media Management with Gramto for Instagram and Pilot Poster for Facebook.

    This article serves as a complete guide to what activities you can run on Gramto and how to perform such activities


    Getting Started

    This section covers how to sign up, set up your account and add your Instagram Account to Gramto.

    1. Creating a Gramto Account

    The first step requires you to create a Gramto account and sign in to the account. We have covered this in our How to create a Gramto account guide. After creating and login to your account, proceed to the next step.

    2. How to Add Your Instagram Account to Gramto

    For you to start automating your Instagram activities, you need to grant our system the permission to your account. This we have covered in how to add your Instagram account guide. Are you worried about your data? See our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

    Posting Activities

    Gramto offers you two powerful options when it comes to publishing your content to Instagram, Instant Posting and Scheduled Posting.

    1. Instant Posting

    Gramto is the first Instagram auto poster that lets you publish post instantly to your Instagram accounts from any web browser.

    With most other services, they let you schedule your post but would not let you post instantly. This is a feature we have gone an extra mile to achieve because the official Instagram API does not let you do this, but to make your Instagram marketing easier, we went an extra mile.

    How to Post Instantly

    To Publish your content to Instagram Instantly;

    • Click on the Add Post menu, select your post type (Photo/Video, Story or Album),
    • Upload or import your Images/Videos
    • Write your Caption
    • Select your desired Instagram Accounts to post
    • When you’re sure everything’s fine, Click on the Post Now button

    And you have successfully posted to your Instagram Account (s). Click on the account name to see the post live on Instagram.

    2. Scheduled Posting

    This is one of the best ways to interact with your followers and prospective customers and also grow your social media account.

    Gramto lets you plan your posts ahead of time, this is very important because you don’t get to forget important dates and you do not need to be planning every single post you publish to Instagram.

    To save time, you need to can set a single day to plan all of your posts for a week, month or even more. This will not only mean you’re active on social media but also save you a great deal of time to focus on other aspects of your business.

    How do you Schedule post on Gramto?

    To schedule your content to post at a later time on Gramto;

    • Click on the Add Post menu, select your post type (Photo/Video, Story or Album),
    • Upload or import your Images/Videos
    • Write your Caption
    • Select your desired Instagram Accounts to post
    • Tick the Schedule box
    • Select your desired date and time to post
    • When you’re sure everything’s fine, Click on the Schedule the Post button

    You can view the progress of a scheduled post by clicking the Scheduled Post menu item, this will open the schedule calendar, click on the desired day that you have scheduled a post, you can also click the Add Post option on each of the calendar days to start a schedule.

    3. Captions

    The Caption section on our website lets you save an unlimited number of captions for later use. This is a great way to save your list of Hashtags to be used on your posts for a period of time.

    We always recommend using between 20-30 hashtags per post and at least 15 of these hashtags should be your generic hashtags that’ll fetch you better attention leading to lots of followers why others should be related to your service or product giving you better leads.

    Saving captions makes your scheduling easier. You can easily pick from your captions, edit and add an image and publish.

    Gramto do not let you repost an old content because it could place your account at risk, with captions who needs to re-post anyways.

    How to Save and Use a Caption

    To save a caption;

    • Goto Captions from the main menu
    • Click the Add New button
    • Enter Title and Caption in their respective boxes

    You can add @username and #hashtags to captions.


    Gramto is beyond an Instagram Scheduler, it is a complete Instagram tool that does most of the activities you do as a human being on the platform, but this time round the clock and faster.

    1. Auto Follow

    The Auto follow function lets you follow up with 240 Instagram users daily on a complete autopilot. There is no better way to gain followers on Instagram than following hundreds of users daily and you’re sure to get some love back from the love you share.

    You have three parameters to select from in choosing who to follow. You can follow by Hashtags, Locations and People. This not only streamlines those to follow but also let you follow relevant accounts who’ll also be interested in your business or account.

    How to set up Auto Follow

    To set up Gramto auto-follow activity

    • Click the Auto Follow Menu from the main menu
    • Select the Instagram account you wish to set up
    • Enter your filter (Hashtags, Locations or People)
    • Select your Speed and change the status to Active
    • Select what time of the day to Pause the action (this is recommended)
    • Click the Save

    Seat and relax, the activity will run according to your settings. You can view the Auto-Follow Activity Log in the log section.

    2. Auto Unfollow

    When you have followed thousands of users with the auto-follow tool, you might want to reduce your number of followers to reduce your Follow to Unfollow ratio. You can unfollow up to 240 users in a day.

    This tool lets you unfollow users based on advanced filtering parameters.

    You can choose to unfollow users followed via Gramto’s Auto Follow tool or unfollow only users who do not follow-back. You can also choose to whitelist some accounts you do not wish to unfollow during the unfollowing process.

    How to set up auto-unfollow
    • Click the Auto Unfollow menu from the main menu
    • Select the Instagram Account you wish to configure
    • Select Speed and change the Status to Active
    • Enter the accounts you wish to whitelist (optional)
    • Tick Don’t Unfollow my Followers if you do not wish to unfollow your followers (Optional)
    • Select the unfollow source (All your followers or followers followed using Gramto’s Auto-follow)
    • Choose what time of the day to pause action (Optional)
    • Click the Save button

    Your account will immediately start unfollowing those you followed based on your predefined settings. You can view the unfollow activity log on the log page.

    3. Auto DM New Followers

    This is one of the best Instagram marketing tools because it has 300% higher conversion rate to email marketing. Imagine getting 500 new followers weekly and you get to give them a nice welcome message and a short introduction to your products or services.

    Below is @gramtoposter’s auto dm to our new followers;

    Hello {{username}}, Thank you for following @gramtoposter. Do you know you can grow your Instagram followers with our amazing tool? Gramto is 100% FREE and with great features. The best Instagram Automation Tool. Thank you.
    The above message is personalised and is quite welcoming, many of your new followers will be forced to check out your profile once again after receiving a message like this and will be compelled to check out what you have to offer.
    How to Send DM Automatically

    Note: If you configure auto direct messages for the first time, this will also send messages to all your current followers.

    To  schedule Instagram auto direct message, follow the following steps;

    • Click on the Auto DM icon from the main menu
    • Select the account you wish to set up for auto-DM
    • Click on the Messages tab
    • Add the messages you wish to send to your followers (It is recommended to address users by Usernames or Full Names)
    • Save your Messages
    • Goto the Settings Tab
    • Set the Speed and change status to Active
    • Save

    Your selected account will immediately start to DM all of your followers and any new follower afterwards.

    4. Auto Repost Tool

    There are many ways to gain massive followers on Instagram and among them is sharing relevant content with the right hashtags targeting.

    However, it could be difficult for you to constantly come up with amazing photos to publish to your Instagram page. Posting engaging and beautiful content every time can be time consuming and expensive.

    This is why you need Gramto’s auto repost function. The first of it’s kind, you can repost content from other users based on hashtags, locations and people.

    How to Repost with Gramto
    • Click on the Auto RePost menu icon
    • Select the account you’ll like to configure
    • Set your target (Hashtags, Places or People)
    • Select the posting speed
    • Configure the Remove After, time to auto delete the post (optional)
    • Change Status to Active and Save

    All you need to do is relax and watch how Gramto searches for engaging content to post on your behalf to your account.

    5. Auto Comment

    The auto comment function lets you start an interaction with others’ posts. This is one of the ways to be engaged and gain attention from others.

    Instagram auto commenting has proved over time to be one of the most effective ways used by Instagram marketers to improve follower rate and drive sales.

    Although this function has been abused by many, this is why we always encourage the use of spintax when auto-commenting and most importantly, post relevant comments and be creative about it to avoid your comments looking like spam.

    How to schedule Auto comments
    • Click on the Auto Comment icon on the main menu
    • Select the account you wish to set up for auto-comment
    • Click on the Comment tab
    • Add the comments you wish to post (It is recommended spintax and variables)
    • Save your Comments
    • Goto the Target Tab
    • Set the Speed and change status to Active
    • Save

    6. Instagram Auto Like Tool

    The Instagram auto like is the safest and the easiest way to grow your Instagram account. Unlike comments that could go off topic at times, like are universal and they can be given to any type of post on Instagram.

    Everyone loves to receive likes from fellow Instagrammers, and in return, they either give you likes back or they give even more by following you, leading to more potential customers.

    The auto-like tool has the fastest speed on Gramto. You can give up to 300 likes daily with Gramto, and according oto statistics, you get an average of 6 followers from every 100 likes giving when you target the right hashtags and locations.

    How to Schedule Auto-like on Instagram
    • Click on the Auto Like menu icon
    • Select the account you’ll like to configure
    • Set your target (Hashtags, Places or People)
    • Select the posting speed
    • Change Status to Active and Save

    Your account will immediately start liking the contents of your hashtags, places and people that you have configured.

    Above is the summary guide to all of Gramto’s major functions. Full guide will be published soon for each tool on this guide.

    If you have any question regarding any of our tools, kindly drop a comment below.

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    1. John 7:20 am

      I want to subscribe to your newsletter list. Let me know if you have.

    2. Wan faisal 9:26 pm

      Why is my auto follow activity log keep stating “couldn’t follow user. InstagramAPI/Response/friends feedback required”

    3. Roger 9:10 am

      Hi everyone.
      I would like to know video size is correct for using in gramto
      Greetings from Chile

    4. nichlas hansen 11:49 am

      Hey guys,
      whenever i upload a vidoe, nothing happens, i can only upload pictures. Tried from computer and one drive, just loads a bit and then it doesn’t show.

      1. Gramto 5:51 pm

        Hello Nichlas,

        Ensure your video does not exceed the size limit for your plan and is in .MP4 format.

        You can contact us via for more help.

        Thank you.

    5. fabian 1:05 pm

      Can I set caption templates on auto repost function? So that I can name the author etc. of the posted (reposted) image?

      1. Gramto 12:01 pm

        Hello Fabian,

        This option isn’t available yet.

        Thank you.

    6. Borkj 2:25 am

      When I go to Auto Follow option, on speed ‘Very Fast’ I follow only 5 people in 5 hours only… Please fix so we can enter values manually…

      1. Gramto 12:02 pm

        We already fixed this issue. Kindly confirm from your end. Thank you.

    7. Chris 11:41 pm

      I keep getting this message: (Something went wrong – InstagramAPI\Response\GenericResponse: Feedback required) What dose this mean? Can you fix it?

      1. Gramto 1:29 am

        Hello Chris,

        This is because there is too much load on the server that your account runs from.

        If you’re a paid subscriber, you can email us to get your free Private Proxy which will rectify issues like this.

        And if you’re a free user, you need to deactivate the activity that populates such error for a few days.

        Thank you.

    8. papakacak 9:20 am

      All AUTOMATION TOOLS can be use after we upgrade the package?

      1. Gramto 11:24 pm

        Yes, all tools are available on the paid plans.

        Thank you.

    9. Amit 6:30 pm

      Unable to see the suggestions for hashtags why?

      1. Gramto 12:03 pm

        Kindly clear your browser cache and cookies.

    10. Alexis Valera 11:22 am

      Hi, I upload a file to the media bin and dont want it there becouse is a wrong file, how can i delete it from there.

      1. Gramto 1:52 pm

        Click on the 3 dots on the image (top left) and you’ll see the delete option

        See screenshot –

    11. Narniva 12:51 pm

      Hello Gramto,
      How to follow, comment to any particular accounts followers, timeline images?

      1. Gramto 10:24 pm

        This option is not available at the moment. Thank you.

    12. Keon 4:53 am

      How do I save hashtags for auto like.

      1. Gramto 10:23 pm

        Hello, When you enter the hashtags of your choice, suggestions will be shown and you can click/select the hashtags you’ll like to use.

    13. rupert 10:43 pm

      hey simple question.

      do i need to write the # on the functions where i can set that as peramiter or is already doing that for me with out writting it ?

      1. Gramto 10:24 pm

        Hello, you do not need to use the #, except in your captions and comments.


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