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    We can’t overemphasize the importance of account safety when it comes to social media automation. And in this article, we’ll be showing you how to get the best out of your Instagram account using Gramto and to remain safe at the same time.

    Avoid the Use of Other Automation Tools

    Once you start using Gramto, you have to know that you can NOT use it along with any other Instagram Automation Tool.

    Doing this will place your account at a great risk because we have carefully put in place safety measures to ensure you remain safe while using our service. Using other tools might conflict with our practices and you might be seen running too fast on Instagram.

    If you are to use any other tool for some reasons. Ensure you stop all your running activities on Gramto before proceeding with the other service. And do the same on the other service when you’re resuming the activities.

    Be Active on Instagram

    It shouldn’t be just about Auto Liking, Commenting, Following… You need to also post relevant content to your account, this is why we have provided the Post Scheduling option. Ensure you have up to 10-15 published posts on Instagram before you start automation on a new Instagram account.

    If your Instagram account is new, to avoid complications, perform some tasks from the account on the Instagram Official Mobile App. Try to Post, Follow, Like and comment on the account via the app before adding to your Gramto account. This will increase your Instagram trust rate.

    Personalise Every Account

    We understand you might want to create some Instagram accounts just for the purpose of marketing. If you want to remain on the safe side, you need to personalise each and every one of these accounts.

    • Confirm every account with a mobile number
    • Link your Instagram account to a Facebook page
    • Add Unique Profile picture and description to every of your account.

    Start Automation Slowly

    If you are a new user of Gramto, we always advise you start SLOWLY regardless of your account age.

    For old Instagram accounts, start with the Slow speed option and if your Instagram account is new, start with the Very Slow option for the first few days. You can increase your speed to Medium and Slow respectively after the first week of using our service.

    If you have used Gramto for some weeks, you can then decide to increase the speed to Fast (if necessary). We strongly advise against running your account on the Very Fast speed. Except for those who have tested their accounts for different speed options and know that the speed option is never too fast. See our speed options explained here.

    Start with a Single Action

    As a new Gramto user, do not schedule Auto Follow, Auto Like, Auto Comment at the same time as this will seem suspicious to Instagram.

    Start with a single action in the first week. If you’ll like to use another function, simply disable the currently running action

    You can run multi-action after some days or weeks.

    Do not Follow and Unfollow at the same time

    We know you want to follow and unfollow as fast as possible. It is unhealthy to perform both actions at the same time because this will only make your account look like a spam.

    You can choose to do auto follow for some days and build your followers. When you have enough followers, you can then use the unfollow function. It is also advisable to unfollow those who do not follow you and those followed using Gramto auto-follow.

    Use a Proxy (if you can)

    Our servers are located in USA and Canada, and we know that a high percentage of our users aren’t from these countries. This is why we have made provision for a proxy for every users’ accounts.

    The implication of using our server proxy is that Instagram might notice that you’re using your account from different locations leading to a break in session (You have to re-login your Instagram account on Gramto anytime this happens).

    Although there is no banned risk involved when you don’t use a proxy, it could be frustrating at times to know that your activities stop running in the middle of a campaign due to session break.

    When you use your country’s proxy, this means your Instagram account will be used from the same location as your mobile app, increasing your trust rate and a stable session.

    We recommend the use of private HTTP proxies because they are more stable and reliable, using a non-stable proxy could hinder your campaign’s success.

    Avoid the use of banned Hashtags

    One of the common reasons many Instagram accounts ge banned is the hashtags they use. Many do not know that some hashtags have been flagged by Instagram and a user that constantly uses such hashtags will land in a temporary Instagram jail. Here is the full list of banned/restricted hashtags on Instagram.

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    1. RLS 2:25 pm

      Automation welcome message is not working with my account using grantor.

      1. Gramto 1:36 pm

        Kindly contact our support via livechat.

    2. Nonso 1:36 pm

      Please how do or can I get a proxy. And is it because I’m from another country that my automation bot isn’t working? Because my instagram account has been stagnant since it was connected

    3. MOHD SYAFFIQ RAMLI 6:15 pm

      why u say my email seems tobe invalid. i already subscribe your package

      1. Gramto 1:47 pm

        Kindly contact support via livechat.

    4. Ratan Kumar 8:23 am

      Thanks for your tips. My gramto account shows “proxy not valid or inactive”. Can you solve this?

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        Kindly send the proxy you tried using to so we can analyze.


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