How To Put A Link In Your Instagram Bio And Why You Should In 2021

Any business owner that’s not using links in their bio on Instagram is leaving a ton of traffic wasted.

Not only business owners, even as someone that’s running a personal account, but you should also add a link to your portfolio which will help you showcase your skills.

This way you might get a connection that will introduce you to bigger opportunities.

You have spent years building the audience you currently have but you end up not monetizing your engagement the right way.

You need to find a way to direct them to your website and the bio link is the only place on Instagram where a clickable link is allowed.

As a business owner, you will not be able to showcase your business by only posting pictures or short videos. You need to have a web page where every information users are looking for is available.

Instagram is always haunting business accounts and you might have come across users complaining that their Instagram business account was shut down for no reason, and that means they’ve lost all the audience they worked for over the years.

But if some of these audiences were directed to your website and you have collected contact details like email and phone number, you can get in touch with them and prospect whatever you want without limitations.

Instagram wants business owners to always use the PPC promotion services which will cause a lot of money, if you have the right audience and you know how to direct them to your bio link, you don’t need to spend money on any paid traffic.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the top reasons why you should consider adding a link in your Instagram bio and also how you can easily put it to promote your business.

Instagram Bio Link Overview

How To Put A Link In Your Instagram Bio And Why You Should In 2021

How To Put A Link In Your Instagram Bio And Why You Should In 2021

A bio link on Instagram is the link you add to your profile page, there is the provision to add a link on your profile pages and you can use a strong call to action that will convince visitors to click on such links.

The link in the bio is clickable and it’s one of the only places on Instagram where the clickable link is supported.

You can use the bio link to sell products and services directly or you can add any link you want your followers to visit and get some information.

How To Add Bio-Link On Instagram

  1. You should launch the Instagram app and log into your account.
  2. Visit your profile page by clicking on the photo avatar.
  3. Tap on the 3-dot lines at the top corner of your screen.
  4. You’ll then see the option “Edit profile”, and you need to tap on it.
  5. You can now see the bio description box where you can add some details about you or your business.
  6. The description box is limited to 150 characters including the link you’ll add. You first copy the website link or URL you want to add, then you can type some text that explains what the website is all about. You have to make it brief and use a strong call to action since the characters aren’t much.
  7. You can add different links, it can be profile links that are connected to your Instagram account, it could be a business page or a corporate website.
  8. Once you add the details you want including the bio link, you now save the changes by tapping on apply changes.

You can see that it’s simple to add a link in the bio section of your profile, most users end up having problems when adding the links.

The main reason is that the link they’ve added isn’t supported on Instagram. In order to help you avoid sharing the wrong links, let’s mention the type of links that are supported and the ones that are not allowed in the Instagram bio.

Links Allowed On Instagram In The Bio Section

Corporate website links

It doesn’t matter whether you own the website or if it’s a corporate site, provided it doesn’t showcase something prohibited on Instagram, you can include it in the bio section of your profile.

Your Blog sites

Blog sites like WordPress are also supported, if you have a blog where you share useful content, you should definitely paste your link in the bio section. You can also share other people’s blog links you found to be helpful to your followers.

Video streaming websites

Video links from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and other video streaming sites can be shared in the bio section.

You can paste a link to your YouTube channel as well so that you can drive more traffic to your videos, make sure the video doesn’t have prohibited content.

Sales Pages

Sales pages or landing pages selling items which can be info products or even physical products are allowed in the bio section. Just avoid selling something harmful and is suitable for users under the age of 16.

Survey and contest links

You’re allowed to run contests or take surveys from Instagram users; you can share links to these contests and surveys without any problem in the bio section.

Links to free gifts

Whatever type of gift links you want to share, you can do that if it has met Instagram guidelines. You can share digital gifts which can be eBook, software, or apps.

These are the types of links you can add to the Instagram bio of your profile page. Let’s now take a look at the prohibited links so that you can avoid them.

Links That Are Not Allowed On Instagram

Websites selling Instagram services

This is the first category of links that will be blocked on Instagram. They’re the type of websites selling Instagram accounts, followers, comments, likes, and so on.

Once Instagram detects them, they can also block your account since you’re spreading spam on the platform. Even if you’re sharing a link that directs users to these services, it will be blocked as well.

Direct affiliate links

Affiliate links are lengthy especially Amazon affiliate links, you’ll find affiliate links that exceed the number of characters.

Using such links aren’t allowed, you should create a personal affiliate website where you can review any product and then paste the main website link or the review page that has the products you want to promote.

Adult links

This is also a big no on Instagram, we’ve already mentioned that your content or link should not be explicit, that’s to say it’s suitable for user views under the age of 16 on Instagram.

You already know that adult content is rated 18+, this shows that these kinds of links aren’t supported on Instagram.

Links redirecting other websites

You’re not allowed to post links that end up redirecting users to other websites, you’ll be perceived as trying to send redirects to a harmful URL or have content that’s not allowed on Instagram.

Spam URLs

Any URL Instagram believed to be a spam website will be blocked, they already have a database of blacklisted websites and if you attempt to post such kinds of links, it will not be allowed.

Links to messenger apps and social media

As you already know Instagram owns the giant social messenger Whatsapp, any other apps similar to it aren’t supported.

These include Telegram, Snapchat, and others. You can’t also share links to other social media accounts or profiles that are not within the Instagram network.

Domains with Instagram in them

You can’t post any domain name that has “Instagram” or words and phrases similar to Instagram. You should avoid using URLs that have “insta” or “gram”.

For instance, you can’t use “gramo” or “instafollow”, you get the idea. Most of these URLs sell Instagram services that aren’t allowed on Instagram.

A website that is frequently used on Instagram

Once a website has been used a lot, it will be blocked by Instagram. You can, of course, use websites that are shared on other profiles but you shouldn’t use it immediately after using it on other profiles.

These are some of the links prohibited on Instagram, and if you find that the link in your bio is rejected, you want to check the link and the type of content on that link.

Once you post a link to your bio and Instagram is displaying the message “Link not allowed” it means the link doesn’t meet Instagram guidelines, you should consider using another link.

Let’s now take a look at the reasons why you should consider adding a bio link on your Instagram profile, we’ll take a look at the powerful benefits you’ll get when you post a link in the bio section of your profile.

Why You Should Add a Bio-Link On Instagram In 2021?

Generate more traffic to your website

We all know how competitive Search Engine Optimization is these days, and Pay Per Click traffic is very expensive and that too without any return on your investment.

If you have active followers on Instagram you can definitely send them to your website especially if you share high-quality content in your posts and Stories, this because Instagram users will assume there is even better and quality content on your website.

They won’t hesitate to visit your website when you direct them to your links in the bio.

Promote your Online business

Instagram is a one-stop place where you can grow your online business with ease, what is even more attractive about Instagram is that you can always build a targeted audience.

Whatever niche you’re in, you’ll find that audience on Instagram and that equates to more conversions for your offers. If you’re running an online business, you can definitely grow it very fast on Instagram.

Increase sales fast

Once the traffic is coming to your website, you can see an increase in sales. You just need to implement conversion tactics to make sure that more visitors are converted into customers.

If your website isn’t making any sales, you should consider adding a link to your website where you take orders and you’ll notice an increase in sales fast.

Increase brand awareness

If your brand is not popular, the best way to promote it is on Instagram and by including your website link in the bio, you’ll skyrocket the process of your brand building.

Instagram users visit profiles when they love your posts and stories, and the best way to let them know about the brand is by including links in the bio section.

Save costs

There are a lot of users spending money on Instagram paid traffic and they hardly get a significant return on their investments.

You’ll notice that even though they’re spending money promoting their content, they don’t have the bio link added to their profile. They’re losing money on the traffic they should have acquired for free using their bio link.

Collect contact info

It’s not easy to collect the contact information of your followers since Instagram has a lot of limitations, the best way is to create a landing page and then add it to your bio page.

Once your followers visit the website, you can collect their contact information such as phone number or email.

Most people don’t lose their email or phone number easily, but you can end up losing your Instagram account for various reasons.

If that has happened to you, you now have follower’s contact details where you can send them promotional messages.

Basically, we’re saying that you’re transferring your followers to your contact list where you have more control, you can sell whatever you want through email marketing without worrying about Instagram restrictions.

These are some of the benefits of adding an Instagram bio link to your profile and you can see that there is no harm in adding the link to your profile.

If you have a massive following on Instagram, you’ll definitely benefit from adding links to your profile.

That’s it for the article and we hope you love the content, let us know in the comments if you have any thoughts that will be beneficial to our readers.


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