How To Search Instagram By Videos Only

Video is the best content you can watch on any platform, whether it’s on Instagram or Facebook. Images are also great but they can’t be compared with videos since they offer more valuable information, that’s why sometimes we just want to refine our searches on Instagram in a way that only videos are shown for our keyword searches or even tag search.

As you already know Instagram shows different content, including photos and videos mixed together in your feed and search. They’ve offered the option for you to refine your searches so that you can only view either photos or videos and it’s pretty easy to do that either with your phone app or with your browser on PC.

A lot of Instagram users don’t know that when they search for something on Instagram, they can search for video content only. Whatever type of search you’re going to perform on Instagram, be it tags, hashtags, or keywords, it’s possible to search only videos.

If you want to also take things further, you can use different tools to refine your Instagram searches for better-targeted information. You have to be careful though when working with automation on Instagram because some can lead to account suspension.

If you’ll be conducting a lot of searches and you definitely want to use a tool or software, it’s better to use a separate account you’ll connect to perform the searches. Some software and services don’t even need you to connect your Instagram account before you can use them, it’s better to use such tools when conducting your Instagram search.

In this post, we’ll explain how Instagram searches work and also show you how to search Instagram by videos. By the time you finish reading this post, you’ll get all the important information you need to know when it comes to Instagram search.

Search Instagram By Videos Only

Search Instagram By Videos Only

Instagram Search Options


The top result is where you search for keywords and Instagram deliver the exact results that match your keywords. Instagram uses its Internal search to display the best content for you based on results it believed to match your query.

In the top results, you can also search for top hashtags and top accounts especially the ones you’re following and engaging with.


There is the account lookup also which allows you to search for different accounts on Instagram. The results will be sorted by the accounts you follow, the profiles you viewed recently and the accounts that are popular based on the alphabetical order you typed.


You’ll hardly find a post without a hashtag these days, any Instagram user that’s looking for more exposure will definitely take advantage of Hashtags. You can use an Instagram hashtag search to find trending topics and profiles.


If you want to explore your Instagram search for places, you can as well refine your search for that. You can search for restaurants in your new city, or you can just search for any local business using the places search on Instagram.

How Instagram Display Content In Your Account

Let’s take a look at the factors that influence the type of content you receive in your Instagram feed; these factors also have an influence on the type of content displayed for you when you conduct a search on Instagram. Let’s take a look at them briefly;


Content is shown based on your interest and Instagram can know your interest based on search history and engagements. This data is tracked in your Instagram account to ensure that you’re getting the best content in your feed and search. You’ll receive content based on the posts you liked, the accounts you’re following, and how much time you spend viewing their content.

Instagram is doing its best to ensure that only the content you love is displayed for you on both feed and search. You might find that if you’re following a lot of accounts, some of the content in your feed might become irrelevant but still if you’re engaging with accounts, their content stays at the top in your search and feed.


If you’re keeping an eye on your feed, you’ll find that new content always stays at the top. This is also true when you conduct any search, Instagram gives more consideration to posts and stories that are shared recently than old content that has been around for days or even months.

You’ll always receive fresh and relevant content in your Instagram feed. If you want to promote your brand as a business owner, you have to update your profile daily with fresh and new content, and if you don’t have the time to create and update new content, you need to hire a social media manager even if it’s on a freelance contract.


Your relationship with the accounts you followed is also considered, accounts closer to you like friends and family or work colleagues will be placed on top of your feed and searches.

You’ll always receive fresh updates from friends and family or business associates. These accounts are identified by your interactions with them and their interactions with you.

Instagram will keep an eye on the users you send DM the most and the users that tagged you the most. These are all signs pointing that you’re close to them and hence their content will be prioritized when you make a search or in your feed.

Time spent

The time you spend when you log in to your account will also determine how content will be displayed in your feed. Instagram will try to display all relevant content you have not viewed since your last visit. If you login daily, you’ll receive content posted for the past 24 hours, but if you login like weekly, you’ll still be able to see all the content you’ve missed within the week.

Profiles you’re following

You can still receive content from accounts you’re not following, but the ones you’re following are giving a high priority in your feed and searches.

You shouldn’t follow a lot of accounts, and also you don’t want to have a few of them. When you happen to follow many accounts, Instagram will hardly display the content you love because all content is mixed up in your feed and it’s hard to notice the important posts.

These are the major factors considered by Instagram and they play a great role when it comes to displaying content on both search and feed. Let’s now talk about how to view Instagram by videos only.

How To Search Instagram By Videos Only

Instagram video search only websites

We’ve already mentioned that there are services out there that will display only videos for your Instagram search. These are third-party services that don’t necessarily involve using your own Instagram account.

We suggest using a website that doesn’t require any app or software installation. One good website or search engine you want to give a try is the “Skimagram”, this is a powerful search engine that lets you explore Instagram by video content, you can as well choose to display only photos if you want.

All you need to do is enter your topic or phrase and the results will be displayed, both photos and videos will be displayed. You can however select the option “Show only videos” so that only video content is displayed.

If you also want to only see photos, you can choose the option “Show only photos”. That’s how simple it is without the need to conduct the search using your Instagram app.

Another website you want to try is “Websta”, this is a social media marketing online tool that will give you insight into all the leading social media websites we have. If you want to get full analytics of any account, you can rely on Websta. When it comes to the search feature, it allows you to find influencer profiles on Instagram that you can follow, you can search videos or any other content you want to view based on the parameters you set.

These two websites alone can help you conduct Instagram searches by videos only and I believe it’s faster than using the app. The good part is that you can use these websites with your PC, this means you’ll work faster than when working on a small screen. You can still use these sites on smartphones or tablets using your browser.

How To Search Instagram By Videos Only Using The Official Video Search And Explore Option

If you still want to use the app, you can do so with the official video search and explore option. As you already know, the Instagram search can display customized posts matching your area of interest.

The Instagram search and explore feature helps personalize your Instagram browsing experience and in order to use this option, you need to click the “Magnifying glass icon” which is at the bottom of your Instagram app. The search bar will show up at the top while the explore link option will be below it.

Using the search feature you can refine your searches based on places, people, and tags, and you’ll receive mixed content. With the Instagram search and explore feature, you’ll be able to find videos related to your search.

You have the option to choose from the popular categories available including fitness, food, beauty, décor or animals. Videos are more prominent in the search and explore the option, this means most of the results will be videos.

How To Search Instagram By Videos Only Using Hashtags

If you want to conduct a hashtag search, you can also see the video content for such tags. You’ll be able to see only video content that has been tagged, most users will tag their videos and any great video will be tagged before upload.

If you’re looking for a video that has gone viral, chances are it has been tagged and you need to use the hashtag to locate the video. If you want to explore videos for your hashtag searches, you should type the hashtag using the search and explore feature we talked about and videos tagged with that hashtag will be displayed and the ones that are related to it.

This is how you can conduct a video search on Instagram and you can see that two options are available to you; first is by using websites that make the process easier and secondly, it’s by using the official Instagram search and explore feature.

There are also apps that can be installed on your phone and will let you perform video searches on Instagram. Many of them are available for free on your App Store or Play Store and they’re simple to use. Just add your keyword or hashtag and they’ll show you videos that match your search phrases and keywords.

How To Use Instagram Search To Find Influencers

You’ll need to find the profiles of influencers for various reasons: First, you want to keep eye on their latest updates. Instagram is a source of great content but only if you know how to find them. Secondly, you need to monitor influencer’s profiles to see their promotion strategies so that you can implement the same for your business. There are a lot of reasons why you want to look for influencer profiles on Instagram.

To begin your search, you should start with people’s search, take a look at the results and take note of profiles with massive followers. Every influencer out there will have a massive following on any social media platform and hence they’re the ones you need to keep eyes on.

The second effective way to find influencers is by considering the suggestions of Instagram. Once you start following profiles in a particular niche, Instagram will start making recommendations for similar profiles, most of the time, they’re profiles of influencers. Use tag and hashtag search, this is another way to locate influencers using popular hashtags because they’re using these hashtags as well.

That’s it on how to search Instagram by video only and we hope you find this article helpful. Let us know in the comments if you have more ways to explore Instagram search by videos only.


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