How To Effectively Share A Post On Instagram Story

Many times, we have come across something on our phone gallery or feed that we love or inspire us and want to share quickly for others to see. It could be a post from a friend trying to raise money for a particular cause or a new picture from your favorite clothes, food brand.

You can share these fantastic posts on your Instagram story from your gallery or your feed if you simply follow these easy steps that we have compiled for you. All you are required to really do is to read through the post and follow these layout steps.

Sharing A Post On Instagram Story From Your Gallery

This is one question that many people tend to search for on the internet, which is why we have come up with this detailed tutorial to clearly explain the steps bit-by-bits on how to add photos and videos to your Instagram story from both your iPhone and Android smartphones.

Apart from learning how to add single images and videos, we also have detailed steps on how to add multiple videos and photos to an Instagram story. Finally, you will also learn how to upload long videos to your Instagram story from both iPhone and Android.

How To Upload Single Photo And Video To Your Instagram Story From Your Gallery

How To Upload Single Photo And Video To Your Instagram Story

How To Upload Single Photo And Video To Your Instagram Story

Sometimes, you might want to share just a photo from your iPhone camera roll or your android gallery because you couldn’t access Instagram as at the time the moment was happening.

Or maybe that particular picture is the best shot that you took. Good news! Instagram allows you to share your photos and videos from your phone’s gallery whenever you decide to. Let’s quickly look at the steps.

  • First thing first, open the Instagram app on your phone and tap on the camera icon located just at the top left corner of the screen. Or you can choose to simply swipe right on your news feed to share your story. However, if this is your first time sharing a photo or video in your story, you should probably tap on the “Your story” avatar in the stories tray and select.
  • Next, you will be directed to the Story camera, and there you will be able to see the “Gallery Icon” with thumbnails of your recent media in your smartphone’s gallery. You can now tap on it to see the photos or videos from your gallery.
  • Now, on your phone screen, you will be able to see all the pictures and photos from your gallery. You can decide to select different albums by merely tapping on the Gallery menu. In fact, it is possible to pick pictures that are not recent at all. In essence, you can choose just any photo or video in your gallery that you want.

For iPhone users, you need to tap on the “Last 24 Hours” menu to be able to pick from your photos or videos from your gallery.

  • Next, please tap on the photo or video you choose to select it. Usually, the date sticker will be automatically added to the video or image to show the date it was taken. However, you can choose to resize, rotate, or even remove it. All you have to do is simply drag and drop the date sticker to the trash icon as you do when you want to delete any sticker.
  • Finally, you can choose to do whatever editing you want, and then you can send it to your story.

Sharing Multiple Photos And Videos To Instagram Stories

Instagram has another option to share multiple photos and videos to your Instagram story all at once. However, this feature is only available for “Android” users for now.

We have compiled steps to sharing multiple media to your Instagram story, and the steps are in two methods. So, if you are an iPhone or iPad user, you should probably skip to the second method.

The second method is for both Android and iPhone users. You should also note that the second method is for users that wish to share multiple photos and videos from the Instagram camera and not your phone’s gallery.

Sharing For Android Users Only

  • You have the choice of sharing multiple photos and videos on your Instagram story from your gallery at once. Simply use the “select multiple” icon that is located just at the top right on the screen that appears in the third step above. As earlier stated, this option is only available for Android users only.
  • By tapping on the “select multiple” icon gives you the freedom to pick as many photos and videos as you desire. All you have to truly do is simply click on the images and videos that you want and tap “Next” when you are done selecting. You can also undo a selection by simply tapping on the photo or video once again.
  • Now, the next page allows you to edit your selected photos and videos individually. You can now decide to switch to different files by just tapping on their thumbnails. When you are satisfied with your selection, you can begin the editing process like adding stickers, text, changing filters, etc.

You can also decide to remove a specific photo or video that you selected. All you have to do is long-press on the file thumbnails that you wish to delete or tap on the thumbnail again after selection and tap the “trash icon.”

  • Finally, after selecting and editing, you can now tap on the “Next” icon to share your selected Medias to your Instagram story all at once.

Sharing For All Mobile Devices

First, tap on the Instagram app on your smartphone, and on the home page (news feed), you can add photos and videos to your Instagram story using any of the options below:

  • You can simply tap on the “Your Story” icon where you have all the stories of people that you follow shown above the home page.
  • You can also tap on the “Camera icon” that is at the top left corner of the home page.
  • You can simply swipe right on the Instagram home page.

Now, if you decide to use any of these options, you will be directed to the camera screen. There, you will be able to upload any video or photo of your choice and create your Instagram story.

However, now that you have one photo or video shared on your story, you can now add more than one image or video. In order to do this, come back to the Instagram news feed and follow the steps below.

Many Instagram users make the mistake of tapping on the “your story” avatar on the story tray that is at the top of the Instagram home page.

Now, tapping on this avatar show users their already shared photo or video without the option of sharing another one.

There are two varying ways to go about uploading more photos or videos to your story.

  • You can either tap on the “camera icon” on the left corner of the screen.
  • Or swipe right on the Instagram home page.

If you decide to use any of the options, you will be directed to the camera screen, and then you can share another photo or video to your story. To share the third photo or video to your Instagram story, you should repeat the third step. If you wish to share more posts on your Instagram story, you can repeat the third step as many times as you want.

The only disadvantage of this method is the fact that you have to add multiple photos to your story one by one. Since iPhone users do not have the luxury of the first method, this is the only option for now.

Sharing Long Videos On Instagram Stories

Did you even know that it is possible to share longer videos on your Instagram story? Follow these methods mentioned in this post, and you will be sharing videos that are longer than 1 minute on your Instagram story. Now, let’s get to it.

Usually, when you try to share a long video, it automatically splits into 15 seconds section up to 60 seconds. This means that it is not possible to transfer videos from your gallery that more than 60 seconds.

However, what we are going to do is trim or split the video into smaller clips that are about 15 seconds each. Then we add multiple videos to Instagram stories for your gallery from the methods stated earlier. The trimmed videos will all be in continuation as though it is a complete video.

However, we have the option to trim and cut videos on Android and iPhone smartphones.

Posting Lengthy videos to Instagram stories for Android users

For Android users, they have the option of making use of the “VidTrim” app, which is available on the Play Store.

  • First, open the app and select the video that you want to split.
  • Begin the adjustment by sliding your fingers to adjust both the start and end markers. Be careful so that the video doesn’t exceed 15 seconds.
  • Next, tap on the “scissor icon” and select “Save as New Clip.”

Now you can continue this splitting process until you have the complete video trimmed into 25 seconds part each.

Posting Lengthy Videos To Instagram Stories for iPhone users

Uploading a lengthy video to your Instagram stories is not always easy but there are various options you can explore and some of them are listed below:

Using a Video Editor

For iPhone users, you also have the option of using a video editor to trim and split video.

  • Download and install the video editor on your iPhone or iPad. After installation, you can launch the app immediately.
  • Allow the app to access your phone gallery, and all the videos will be automatically be loaded into the app.
  • Now, you can tap on the video that you want to split. Then, tap on the “Select” icon that is located at the top right corner.
  • You can now select “Trim and Cut” from the options.
  • Now, on the next screen, you can select the “cut” icon at the top. You can move the marker at the bottom of the video to the start of the video and select “Start here.”
  • Then, move the marker to 15 seconds and select “end here.” You have to ensure that you have the start and end all set, then tap the “done” icon on the right.
  • You can now save the trimmed video by tapping on the “share” icon at the top right. Select “Gallery,” or you can decide to share directly to your Instagram story from the app.
  • You can now go back to the original video and repeat moving the start and end markers to 15 seconds an30 seconds, respectively. If the video you’re using is shorter than 30 seconds, the end marker won’t be at 30 seconds again. You can trim and save the cut video.
  • You can repeat the whole method repeatedly until you have the video trimmed in part of 15 seconds each.

Once you have all your trimmed videos, you can now share them with your story as usual.

There is another way to do trim your long video without going through all these troubles.

Using Continual

For iPhone users, there is a paid app called Continual, which quickens the whole process of video trimming and splitting. With this app, all you have to do is select the video, and the app automatically split the video into 15 seconds session. After the splitting, you can now share multiple videos to your Instagram story.

So, if you are a user that can spend money to complete a task, then the continual app is the right app for you. And, if you are the type who doesn’t want to spend money to have your videos trimmed, then the first option of downloading the video editor is for you.

Sharing A Post Directly From Your Instagram Feed/Profile

Sharing your latest vacation pictures and videos or your favorite throwback Thursday memory to your Instagram story is relatively easy.

You can do this correctly from your Instagram feed or moving directly to selecting individual photos/video posts from your profile. Once the draft is fully loaded, you can now treat as you usually do to any story by adding gifs, countdowns, and more.

Even more, Instagram not only gives you the ability to share your post on the Instagram story but also allows you to add pictures posted by friends, influencers, and other Instagram users that you follow.

However, this option is available for only accounts that allow sharing of their post for privacy reasons. This means that sharing a post from a private account to your Instagram story will not be possible. If you want to share photos/videos from your feed or profile, there are two ways to do it.

Sharing A Post From Your Feed To Instagram Story

  • First, tap on the Instagram app on your smartphone.
  • Find the post you wish to share on your Instagram story from your feed.
  • Select the paper airplane icon
  • On the airplane option, the “share” menu will show up. Select the “add post to your story” option.
  • The selected photo or video will be automatically uploaded as a draft. You can tap the icons to add some flairs like stickers, texts, gifs, and more.
  • Select “your story” at the bottom left-and corner to post.

Sharing A Post From Your Profile To Instagram Story

  • Tap on the Instagram app on your smartphone
  • Then select the magnifying glass icon placed on the menu bar to search a profile, or you can simply select your profile icon. Your profile icon is symbolized by a silhouette icon on the bottom menu.
  • Now, you can select the post that you wish to share with your story for your profile.
  • Then, just like sharing from the feed, you can tap on the airplane icon that is below the image.
  • The next action is to tap on “add post to your story” from the options menu.
  • The post also automatically uploads and saved as a draft. You can begin to add stickers, text, gifs, and others.
  • Then, you can tap “your story” to post to your story.

How To Use Instagram Stories To Gain More Followers

Just as you can use Instagram to view pictures and videos of your favorite celebrities and influencers, you can also use the app for marketing your products and services. However, many markers do not realize the power of using trending hashtags and uploading captivating stories on Instagram. Merge these two, and you have a strong weapon for an improved engagement and organic growth.

Do research

When it comes to using hashtags, the best thing to do is finding just the right hashtags. In essence, you should make sure that you research hashtags that will fit your story well and have search volume.

Creating an engaging story

The next thing to do is to ensure that the story you create is engaging. The time spent on your story will help you know how popular your content is and also how many people it will reach through your selected hashtag.

Photos can be engaging; also, sharing videos can go a long way and increase the time people spend on your page. Sharing a few posts a day is just the perfect way to keep your followers engaged without making them get tired and swipe past your story.

Adding your selected hashtag to your story

As earlier stated, you can decide to share a video or photo as long as it is engaging. Then, you can set up the trending hashtag that you like and add it to your post. You can simply add it across the photo, hidden at the bottom of the picture, or even used it as a sticker.

Tap “Your Story”

Now, once you are ready with your compelling and engaging content, be sure to hit the “your story” icon at the corner.

Check Always To See The Number Of Views

After sharing your post on your Instagram story, always watch out to see the number of views you have gained. This will help you know if your story is engaging or need more work to be done on your subsequent posts.

Make adjustments when necessary

When you notice that you are not getting more followers or generating more traffic as you should from your stories, then it’s time to make a few adjustments to two things. If your content on your stories is not very engaging and people don’t spend more going through your stories, it won’t show up on the hashtag story. So, we advise you that improve your content. If you use hashtags that are too specific, there won’t be any viewer. So, you should use a general hashtag and trending if you want to get views and engagement on your stories.


Are Shared Instagram Stories Temporary?

Yes! Instagram stories hang around for only 24 hours, and after that, they are gone just like the fluffy and tasty cake you bought.

Will Someone Know If I Send Their Instagram Story?

Instagram will notify the account owner when anyone shares a story as DM. So, you can also share stories with your friend via DM.

Why Is The Instagram Story So Popular

Instagram story is quite popular because it creates an incredible replication of any social experience and causes our brains to light up with the idea of knowing another person.


Sharing a post on the Instagram story is relatively easy to do, even if you are using an android or iPhone smartphone. Don’t forget that you can share single videos, photos, and multiple photos and videos as well. You can also share longer videos on your Instagram story with the simplified methods listed out earlier.

Let us conclude this guide by saying that Instagram stories are a perfect way to gain new followers. All you have to do is create an engaging story and use the right hashtag. With these factors being considered, you can put your account in front of a new audience and eventually convert into new and more followers.

Do not forget to share engaging stories, find volume and trending hashtags, ad ensure you are consistent with your posts.

If you keep doing this consistently, you will be able to help your story engagement, as well as your followers, count. We hope that this post was helpful, and you will be able to post your favourite photos and videos from your phone gallery, a news feed, and profiles.

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