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If you’re a business owner and you’re engaging in social media marketing, chances are you’re having more than one social media profile.

Just imagine the amount of time you’ll spend promoting all your social media accounts. You’re either spending all your time managing these profiles or you’re looking at hiring employees to manage it for you which will cost money, a lot of tests and trials will be done before you find a strategy that works.

If you can find a tool that will manage all your social media profiles on one interface, wouldn’t you consider such an option? I bet you will since it’s a win-win situation for you and your business.

There are lots of social media marketing tools out there and only a few of them can actually manage your social media profiles.

Not only managing your profiles, but the tool you’re going to select should also help you grow your social media profiles so that your business can benefit from them.

Socinator is a one-stop tool for all your social media profiles management and we believe it’s the best tool you can use to manage your profiles and also automate most of the tasks on social media.

In this post, we’re going to review socinator and its features, but before that, we’ll talk about using automation on social media so that you can avoid getting flagged.

Remember that you’re connecting all your social profiles and that’s why you have to be careful on using these automation tools or will risk your accounts especially Instagram and Facebook that are very strict about using automation.

Should you use Automation for your Social Media Profiles Review, Features, Pricing, And Alternatives 2021 Review, Features, Pricing, And Alternatives 2021

The short answer is; if you’re spending a lot of time or you’re spending money that your business hardly benefits from such investment, you should definitely consider using a social media management tool to help you manage your profiles.

If you’re not involved in serious tasks on social media, there is no need to use any management tool, but for a business account with a lot of followers engaging with the account, you might consider using social media management tools to help you automate tasks like sending auto-replies and auto DMs.

When To Use Social Media Automation

It’s not every task on social media that needs to be automated, you have to identify tasks consuming most of your time and then find a way to automate them. Let’s share the best time to automate your social media tasks.

Schedule your Posts

If you want to be relevant on any social media platform, you have to be active, we’re talking of posting content multiple times a day.

If you have noticed, profiles with massive followers and engagement post frequently on Instagram and that’s because it’s the only way to stay ahead of their competitors.

Staying all day long on your screen trying to post on social media might not be an option, especially if your business is servicing outdoors.

This where you can use social media automation to schedule your posts in the coming days, weeks, or even months. Your content will be posted at the scheduled time even if you’re away from your device. This is one of the best ways you can take advantage of social media automation.

Provide Customer Care Services

Some use chatbots while some use the auto-reply feature to automate the process of replying to their followers or customers on social media.

Customer care services are time-consuming and it’s a boring task. In this age of social media automation, you can set up auto-replies or even initiate chats with prospects on complete autopilot.

You just need to set words and phrases that will be identified and also set up an excellent reply that will be considered as a human reply.

 Fast Response

This is also another way to improve customer care, with auto-replies and instant chat replies which are supported by most social media sites, you can improve customer care services and this will lead to more conversions for your products and services. The more you’re responding to customer queries, the more your prospects would love to do business with you.

Automate Sharing Reports

Once you’re using social media automation to track the growth of your social media profiles, you can automate sending reports to multiple clients or even your boss.

You can as well automate sharing the reports with your employees so that the right team can implement the right strategies needed for improvement.

Share content across all your social accounts

Though, a lot of experts believe it’s not a good idea to share the same content across all social platforms. But from our own side, we believe you need to sort out what works for you.

Sure, every social network has its own requirements and the users on the networks are different, but you can still share the same content across all networks to see if it’s yielding positive results.

Grow your Followers

Any effective social media automation tool will help you attract more followers to your profile. They have a different set of options that allow you to target and engage with the right audience so that they end up following your profile on all networks.

When it comes to followers on social media, every business wants more, and social media automation will help you with that.


Without engagement, your social media profiles will be empty and they’ll all fade away at some point. Their algorithm gives more preference to accounts that receive the maximum engagement, such types of accounts appear on top of searches and are also at the top of hashtags.

Social media automation will help you drive engagement because they can identify posts and then start adding likes or comments so that the profile owner can interact with your account.

These are some of the instances where you can take advantage of social media automation like, and I believe every business owner would love to benefit from them. Let’s share some of the downsides as well.

Disadvantages Of Using Social Media Automation


Social Media Networks Hate Automation

They do authorize some tools and apps to access their services, but most of the automation services available aren’t authorized and will likely be blocked by the network once such unauthorized tools are detected.

Social media networks including Facebook and Instagram don’t like automation services and they keep an eye on them so that they’re blocked whenever they try to access their platform.

You can lose your accounts

Most of the automation services out there have led to the loss of many accounts due to their usage. If you’re using unauthorized automation tools, you should understand that you’re placing your account at the risk of getting banned on all social networks.

It Requires Trial and Error to get the Right Tool

No matter how good a tool can be, it might not be the right option for you based on your requirements. You’ll have to keep testing and trying on the available options at your disposal until you come up with the right tool that has what you’re looking for and at the same time, it’s not going to cause account closure.

These are the main downsides you’ll face when using social media automation. Let’s now take a look at socinator and see if it’s the right tool for social media management and automation.

Socinator Review

Socinator is an all-in-one social media marketing solution for businesses. Most social media automation offers services on a single social media site, but Socinator claims to manage all of them for you.

Socinator comes with different tools, every tool also has its own unique features for the services offered. With Socinator you can manage social media sites like LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook with ease. Let’s take a look at all the tools that come with Socinator.

Socinator For Instagram

As mentioned earlier, Socinator offers different kinds of tools and we’re going to talk about them and the features they offer for such tools.

Socinator for Instagram offers the option to schedule your Instagram posts. You can include your captions, tags, hashtags, and location in your posts, and schedule them ahead of time. If you want, you can schedule posts weeks ahead to save your time.

Stats report is another great feature of the Socinator for Instagram, you’ll have all the data you need to analyze your Instagram account.

Analyzing your account is important if you want to grow your IG profile, you need analytics data in order to grow your account. You need to monitor your engagement like the number of followers you gain every day and on a monthly basis.

The amazing feature of Socinator for Instagram is the ability to automate your actions on Instagram, you can automate following accounts, adding auto comments and likes.

Care needs to be taken when dealing with these actions like you’ll do with other automation tools. Don’t abuse the automation features, send your actions slowly, and later you can increase the limits.

Sending massive actions at once is the last mistake you want to avoid because if used the wrong way, you’ll end up terminating your Instagram account without the chance of recovering it.

Socinator for Facebook

This is the next tool available on Socinator, it allows managing Facebook accounts with ease. You can automate different tasks as well just like you’ll do using the Instagram tool.

You have the statistics and report option where you can view Facebook performance and other metrics. With the report tool, you can learn how your Facebook followers are engaging with you and the type of content that receives the most engagement.

Socinator for Facebook allows posting to Facebook groups automatically and you can publish content from RSS feeds.

Facebook is one of the places you can start driving free traffic on Facebook, you need to use this feature wisely also because Facebook can always block such actions. The best way to avoid getting flagged is to avoid posting the same content to a lot of groups at once.

You can accept all your friend’s requests with Socinator for Facebook and you can as well cancel the requests to save your time than doing it manually.

You can send the Auto likes and comments also like any other automation tool out there but with care, because this is where most users get caught and end up losing their account when detected for using automation.

It has already been mentioned that social media networks hate automation especially from unauthorized tools and apps, whey they caught any account using automation especially when it comes to sending actions, they’ll block such accounts right away.

Socinator For LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the perfect social network for businesses, and with Socinator, you can take care of your LinkedIn profile with ease.

It offers most of the options as with the previous tools discussed for both Instagram and Facebook. Socinator for LinkedIn will help you make the right connections thereby identifying powerful connections and ensuring that you’re following such accounts.

LinkedIn is all about connections right in the first place and if you can get them, you’ll succeed on the platform. Use this tool to send connection requests on autopilot to accounts that matter.

Scheduling your posts is another thing you can with Socinator for LinkedIn, no worries if you don’t have the time to be on the screen all the time because you can schedule your posts on LinkedIn with absolute ease.

Plan and schedule your LinkedIn posts for days or weeks in advance and your posts will be published as scheduled.

Then you have the auto engagement feature as well which allows you to auto comment and like other posts on autopilot. These two actions will help build up engagement and will ensure that you’re getting the right connections on LinkedIn.

Socinator for YouTube

Most businesses out there don’t have a YouTube presence due to the daunting tasks involved in creating video content.

YouTube is a gold mine if you know how to use the platform, and one of the ways you can take advantage of it is by using the right tools to track and improve your YouTube account. Socinator can help you with that.

Socinator for YouTube can help you interact with other videos that will as well help increase interactions on your YouTube channel.

You can automate liking videos on YouTube. You can view all the data you need in order to improve the performance of your channel.

It offers account management, auto commenting feature, and you can subscribe to channels automatically as well. Socinator for YouTube offers everything you need for YouTube marketing, you need to figure out how to do things right to avoid getting your account suspended.

These are some of the features and tools Socinator has, by exploring the different tools available you can see the features in action. Let’s now take a look at the pricing.

Socinator Pricing

Pricing on Socinator depends on the number of accounts you want to manage, more accounts mean a higher price, and if you’re not going to use all the tools available, you’ll end up not using most of the features it comes with.

You can however start using Socinator for as low as $9.95, this option lets you connect up to 10 social accounts. The next plan costs $29.95 which supports adding 70 accounts, and the third option costs $49.95 which supports 150 accounts, and the fourth option costs $69.95, but this plan supports unlimited social accounts.

You should select the right option based on the number of social accounts you want to add.

Should You Buy Socinator?

This is a great tool you can start with when it comes to social media management and automation. The advantage of using this tool is that it supports multiple networks so that you can connect all your social accounts in one place.

For large businesses and brands, they will not find Socinator impressive because of the slow engagement they’ll get. Socinator can offer some engagement but based on user reviews, it’s not that impressive.

If you want to figure out whether it’s right for you or not, you should run a test with the lowest plan available at $9.95, if you’re impressed, you can upgrade to higher plans.

Socinator Alternatives

If you find Socinator not to be impressive, there are a bunch of other options that can help automate your social media promotions and tasks. We’ll share other alternatives that are effective when it comes to social media profile management and automation.


If you’ve been in digital marketing for quite some time, you’ll definitely know the existence of Hootsuite, but you might not know how powerful this tool is. Hootsuite has withstood the test of time.

It’s one of the tools you can use without any worries that your account will end up in suspension. The tool is authorized to perform most of the tasks it performed on different social media networks.

Most of the successful brands out there use Hootsuite to manage their social accounts and that’s because the tool works. If you’re looking for something dependable in the long run, you should go for Hootsuite to manage your social media accounts.

Pricing for this tool is on request, it will be based on the solutions you’re looking for, this is a sign that you’re getting superior and quality service than the rest. Before you opt for any pricing option, you’ll be presented with a demo to see the tool in action.

Act-On Marketing

This is a cloud-based service that also offers all the marketing solutions you need on different social media platforms.

The tool will help you reduce the complexity of your media promotions, they offer highly effective features to help grow your Instagram profiles with ease.

The tool goes beyond social marketing and management, it will also help in lead generation, managing your contacts, getting referrals, and other digital marketing promotions.

Pricing starts at six hundred pounds a month and will be billed annually. It’s an expensive tool but at the same time offers a great deal of value than other tools.

Somiibo – Social Media Bot

This is another effective social media marketing software designed for businesses to automate and manage their social media tasks with minimal effort. It’s a Windows application that provides end-to-end solutions to promote businesses and brands.

You can automate your content publishing, target the right audience, content management, analytics, and so on. The pricing is also based on requests just like Hootsuite. This is the kind of tool you need if you want to manage your social account in the long run.

These are great tools you want to try and I assure you that they are exceptional and are different from other tools, you can still explore more tools based on your requirements and preference as well. You should understand that high-quality tools come at a cost.

Sometimes cheap tools that cost $10/months might not do the tasks you’re trying to accomplish and such tools might not offer any guarantee for account protection.

You need to check full reviews on every tool you decided to work with and most importantly, don’t ignore customer testimonials. You need to check real testimonials from customers that have actually tested a tool, then you can make your own verdicts.

That’s it about Socinator review, you have seen that it’s a tool that allows businesses to manage their social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube as well.

The key to using any social media management and automation tool is to abide by Instagram’s rules. A decent tool like Hootsuite won’t allow you to exceed Instagram’s limit, while others will let you take full control but at the same time will likely lead to account termination if not used properly.

Automation can help promote your business on different social media platforms if done right and I believe anyone can take advantage of these automation tools. Thank you for reading and we’ll love to hear some of the best tools you’re using to manage your social media accounts.

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