How to Fix Instagram Won’t Let Me Log in on My iPhone

Instagram is among the leading social media platforms, it’s probably second after Facebook, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Sometimes you’ll end up receiving error messages when using the app and one of such problem users face is not able to login to the Instagram app using their iPhone. These days’ login problem is popular among Instagram users when they’re using the app, but can encounter the problem when using a browser as well.

You might have tried some fixes but didn’t work and that’s why to continue to search for more solutions, and hence you landed on this article. Worry no more, because in this article we’ll explain to you how to fix login error on Instagram and also show you possible causes from the beginning so that you can prevent the error from happening.

What Is Instagram Login Error?

You might have typed your login details correctly but still, you can’t access your account, in most cases, an error is displayed on your iPhone screen, the error reads as; “We’re sorry, but something went wrong. Please try again”, in some cases the app might just freeze without showing any messages or you’ll just be prompted to enter your login details and again. It’s annoying to keeping doing the same thing and no result.

What Are The Causes Of Instagram Login Problem On iPhone?

Their many reasons for Instagram login problems, it could be technical problems from your app or you’re banned from using the service. But here are the possible causes of Instagram login problems on iPhone.

Why You Can’t log in To Your Instagram Account On iPhone

Account temporarily suspended

If you’ve performed unusual activity in your account you might be restricted from login in. This is mostly the case for internet marketers, they try to follow a lot of Instagram users within a short period, or they comment a lot within a short time frame, or even worst they use automation tools to massive follow or like posts. Also posting advertisement in comments can get your account suspended when reported by account owners. So if you’ve done unusual activity and your account isn’t accessible it might possible that your account is temporarily suspended.

Your account is closed

Assuming all your login details are correct and you can’t get access, chances your account has been closed, though if the situation is like this you’ll receive notice that your account is terminated. But in some cases, you won’t receive the message, you’ll be denied to login. When you’re banned, Instagram will block everything you have, right from accessing their services, this includes your IP address, phone number, username, email address, phone IMEI and any other info they can use to detect your activities. When your Ip address is blocked, even if you use another iPhone, you’ll not be given access.

Your App Is Corrupt

When your app is corrupt, you can have face login problems. Not only login problems, but you can also encounter other Instagram errors, like not able to follow users, or add comments and so on. If there is a problem with your Instagram app, login problems can happen and the best fix is to repair your app. we’ll talk about that later in this article.

Outdated app

If you haven’t updated your app for some time, the app might not work properly as well. so checking and installing updates should be your priority if that’s the case.

Instagram doesn’t recognize your device

If you’re used to login in with the same device over a long period and suddenly you changed a new device, you might face login problems, in this case, more verification is needed.

Problem with Instagram services

Sometimes there can be technical problems from Instagram, especially when they’re running maintenance or there are problems with their servers. In this case, login problems can be experienced by most users. Nothing can be done here but to wait until they fix the problem.

Information isn’t sent to Instagram servers

There has to be proper communication between the app or your phone to connect with Instagram servers, if the information isn’t sent to Instagram servers, you won’t be given access to your account.

Check your internet connect

You have to be online before connecting to your account, sometimes it might be that you lost connection while trying to log into your Instagram account. So check your Wifi or data connection to ensure you have an active connection on your iPhone.

Entering the wrong login details

You need to double-check both username and password to ensure that you’re using exact password and username for your account.

So far these are the possible causes of not being able to log into your Instagram account, now we’ll talk about some of the best possible fixes to this problem.

How To Fix Instagram Won’t Let Me Log in on My iPhone

Reset internet connection

The first thing you want to do is to ensure that your internet connection is alright, even if it shows you’re connected, try resetting it, this will refresh your network and bring settings back to normal. You can reset your network by going to settings, general, reset,

Reset network settings.

Fix Instagram Won't Let Me Log in on My iPhone

Fix Instagram Won’t Let Me Log in on My iPhone

Your iPhone network settings will now be reset, if someone may be changed your network settings, it should now be working properly.

Login with browser

The next thing to do is to switch from using the app on your iPhone to using a browser, either your phone browser or PC browser. If you’ve logged in successfully it means the problem is with your app or phone settings.

Change IP address

If you’re still blocked with browser, it’s probably your Ip address has been banned. You can change your IP address by using VPN service. Choose a good VPN provider and change your Ip address, when using a different IP address, you might be required to verify your account through text code that will be sent to your registered phone number.

Switch your connection

If you’re connected to the internet with Wifi you should switch to mobile data. Sometimes there might be a problem with Wifi connection and still, the signal will show everything is ok, after switching to data connection you might be able to login successfully. Also when you changed the connection type, even your IP address will change, so this is another method of changing Ip address if you don’t want to use a VPN service.

Login with your Facebook account

This is another great way to bypass login error on Instagram, on your app or browser there is an option that says ‘Login with Facebook’, click that and sign in with your Facebook details. Even if you don’t have a Facebook account, you should go ahead and create one for this purpose.

Solution to Instagram Won't Let Me Log in on My iPhone

Solution to Instagram Won’t Let Me Log in on My iPhone


Disable your Instagram account temporarily

If you have successfully logged into your Instagram account through the browser and you can’t log in with the app, you should disable your Instagram temporarily and then enable it again. Here is how you can do that;

  • Log in to your Instagram account through the browser.
  • Click on the profile icon which at the top right.
  • Select the edit profile.
  • Down the options, there is ‘Temporary disable account’
  • You’ll be asked for a reason, just type anything, and also you’ll be required to type your password again.
  • Deactivate your account and Wait for 3-4 hours, then you log into your Instagram account using your iPhone.

This method has worked for many people, so give it a try from your side to see if you can log in successfully on your iPhone.

Instagram login fix on iPhone

Instagram login fix on iPhone

Confirm if Instagram servers are down

As mentioned in the causes, it might be that the problem is from Instagram servers especially during maintenance. So what you want to do here is to ask your friends or family whether they’re experiencing login problem from their Instagram. If there is no problem from their side, it means the problem is from your side and that means you need to try more fixes. On the other hand, if they’re also experiencing the problem, there is nothing you can do but to wait until the problem is fixed. Most of the time it’s only a few minutes or some hours. Instagram servers can be down for many reasons and all users experiencing problems have to wait until servers are fixed.

Restart your phone

Restarting your phone will refresh some of your phone settings or if other apps are messing up with the Instagram app. Close the Instagram app and then restart your iPhone. You then launch the app again to see if you can log in successfully, this is a basic fix ignored by most people but it can help get rid of Instagram errors. After restarting your iPhone but didn’t work, you can then proceed with other troubleshoot.

Update your Instagram app

Lack of update can mess up your Instagram app, if you know you haven’t install updates for a long time, there is the need to check for updates. You can do so by visiting the app store for your iOS, if there are updates you’ll be able to see them. Once update packs have been downloaded you should try to log in and see if you can log into your Instagram account.

Clear cache

The cache can also mess up with app performance and that’s why there is the need to remove cache, these are harmful files stored in the app that most of the time cause the app to malfunction. You can clear the cache by going to settings and then finding app data and cache. Once you cleared the cache your app should be back to working normally.

Reinstall the app

If things are still impossible, you should reinstall the app, this means deleting the app completely and downloading another setup from the app store. This will help you fix any technical error related problem, by the time you install a new app, you’ve taken care of any technical problem related to the app. Don’t worry about your data, all your data from the previous app will be restored. You can uninstall the app from settings, select and apps and from the list you should select Instagram.

Request change of password

If you failed to log into your Instagram account on both browser and the app, you should try resetting your password. On the login screen, you’ll see the option ‘forgot password’ which is at the bottom, below the ‘login with Facebook’ option. Tap on that and you’ll be prompted to enter email or phone number, a link will be sent to you that allows you to set a new password. This method too can work for you if you’re lucky this time, don’t use the same password with the old one, try to add some variations to it.

Reset your iPhone

It might be possible that your iPhone settings have been altered especially if you know that other people have access to your iPhone, this is also applicable if you’ve made recent changes to your iPhone when you started experiencing login problems. Resetting your iPhone will bring it back to its factory settings, go to settings and you’ll see the option that says reset phone. Tap on that and choose the right options for your reset, before resetting your iPhone make sure to close all apps. After resetting your phone, you should now launch your Instagram app to see if you can log in successfully.

Contact customer support

So far we’ve outlined all the best possible fixes to solving login problems on Instagram, if you believe your account isn’t closed and you haven’t done anything wrong, you should contact Instagram support to see if they can resolve the problem for you. Make sure you haven’t violated their terms of use and also you haven’t used copyright content in your account. If it’s due to a problem from their side, they’ll help you log in to your Instagram account successfully.


It’s annoying to realize that Instagram won’t allow you to log into your account, but by following the solutions outlined in this post, we hope that you solve the problem fast. Let us know in the comments the solution that worked for you or if you have more information to share regarding login problems on Instagram so that our reader can learn more about the problem. Thank you for reading.

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