How To Fix “Unfortunately Instagram Has Stopped”

Instagram is the most popular app used by Smartphone users worldwide, and the use of this popular photo and video sharing app is always on the rise, but users receive a lot of error messages when using the app. You’ve already installed the app, and it’s working perfectly, but sometimes you’ll just open it, and it shows you the error message “Unfortunately Instagram has stopped”, and in most cases, you closed the app and launched again, but it’s still showing the same error message again and again.

How to fx to Unfortunately Instagram Has Stopped

How to fx to Unfortunately Instagram Has Stopped

This error message is very common among Instagram users, and it’s an error that some Instagram users find it difficult to get rid of. Sometimes you’ve fixed the problem, but after some time, the error message is back again. How do you get rid of this problem from your Instagram app or your phone?

If you’re looking for how to fix “unfortunately Instagram has stopped” you’re in the right place because in this article we’ll provide the best solutions to this problem, we’ll talk about the common causes of the problem and then share how to fix it without pushing your head to the wall, we’ll also share helpful tips that will help you prevent the error message from showing again.

What Are The Common Causes Of “Unfortunately Instagram Has Stopped”?

There are some reasons why your app displays such error messages, and we’ll share the common causes now so that you can learn about them and prevent them from happening. We’ve compiled them for you and here are they;

Connectivity problems

One of the popular causes for receiving “unfortunately Instagram has stopped” error message is internet connectivity. When you’re on a slow internet network, you’re bound to receive this error message or even if your internet network is good and goes down suddenly you can receive such an error message. Whether you’re on a wifi connection or cellular data, you want to check your network connection to ensure that everything is right.

Your network status might show everything is ok, but you need to disconnect and reconnect again, this will refresh your internet connection and bring it back to normal. One of the ways to ensure that your network signal is good is by visiting a web page on your browser when the page loads fast it means your network isn’t the cause, you then try another fix.

There is a bug in your app

This is the next major cause for getting such kind of error message. When your Instagram app is corrupt, you’ll end up receiving different error messages, and you’ll find it difficult to upload content without receiving error messages when the app is corrupt.

Bugs arise when there is a lot of corrupt data stored in the Instagram folder on your phone. These corrupted files will be interfering with the app’s activities, causing the app to show error messages. To some extent, a lot of bugs in the Instagram app will lead to having login problems. The best way to deal with this problem is to reinstall the app.

There are some recommendations out there that recommended cleaning your Instagram app by deleting all data; this doesn’t work most of the time. When you reinstall the app, you’ve completely got rid of any harmful file that’s in the app folder, and you’re not at the risk of deleting your app data since after reinstalling the app you’ll be able to recover clean data from the previous app.

Failure to upgrade the Instagram app

If you haven’t upgraded your Instagram app to the newest version you’re bound to receive the error message “unfortunately Instagram has stopped”. Though even without installing the latest updates, your Instagram app might work fine, eventually you’ll end up receiving error messages.

Most of the updates released by Instagram are geared towards fixing bugs in the app, which are the major causes of the errors you receive. When you’re experiencing poor performance from your Instagram app, you might want to check for updates and ensure that your app is upgraded.

Updating the app shouldn’t take much of your time, you just need to visit app store if you’re iPhone user, or Play Store if you’re android user, you’ll be able to see whether there are updates or not. If available just tap install updates and you should be done in one or two minutes provided your internet connectivity is good.

Instagram server problems

Sometimes it’s not from your side, that’s neither your phone nor the Instagram app. There are times when servers are down due to maintenance. During such times, users can’t perform some actions on their app, and hence they can receive the error message “unfortunately Instagram has stopped”. You can’t control this; you have to wait until servers are up again. Even if you’re in the middle of performing some actions like uploading a photo or a video, your actions will be paused for a while before you continue.

When you’re receiving such error message you can always check your friends or family members to see if you’re the only one that’s receiving the error message when everyone around you is receiving the error message chances are it’s from Instagram servers, and you should wait for some hours, things will be back to normal.

Instagram account temporarily disabled

This is another possible reason for receiving the “unfortunately Instagram has stopped” error message. When your account is disabled, or you’re banned from performing some actions in your account you might get error messages. If for instance you’re blocked from commenting, and you try to comment, the error message can be displayed.

Another reason might be you’ve deactivated your account if the account isn’t active and you try to post you’ll receive the error message also. Check your profile to ensure you account isn’t deactivated, if your phone is used by other people it might be possible someone accidentally deactivated your account, and you need to restore normal settings, you should head over to settings and then tap edit profile option, you’ll be able to view whether your account is active or not.

Phone settings

Some phone settings can prevent the Instagram app from functioning properly, or there are apps that won’t allow the app to run the way it should. If you suddenly start receiving such messages after changing phone settings, you need to undo those changes because they might be the cause of the error message. Also, if you have opened multiple apps, especially games and other apps running in the background, you should all close them and launch the Instagram app to see if the problem is fixed.

These are the possible causes for receiving “unfortunately Instagram has stopped”, and whenever you’re facing such errors over and over again, you need to identify some of the causes we’ve shared, identifying the cause will help you come up with a better solution. In the next section of the article, we’ll outline the steps you need to follow in order to fix the problem of receiving such kind of error message on Instagram.

What Are The Symptoms Of “Unfortunately Instagram Has Stopped”?

Sometimes when you receive this error message it means the app has crashed and you have to restart the app, there are different problems that are similar to this error messages, and you’ll not receive the “unfortunately Instagram has stopped” error message. That’s why we want to share some symptoms that are similar to this error message if you experience any of the symptoms we’re about to share, then it requires the same fix as “unfortunately Instagram has stopped”. Here are these symptoms;

  • When you open the Instagram app, it doesn’t open, and it doesn’t show any error message.
  • You can’t refresh the app, when you refresh the app, you don’t receive any updates, and this means the app isn’t working properly.
  • When you hit the like button nothing happens, the like don’t show over the post.
  • When you try to upload a photo, it doesn’t show in your feed. And no message is displayed as to why it doesn’t display.

All these situations show that your Instagram app isn’t working properly and must be fixed before you can proceed with performing your Instagram actions effectively.

How To Fix “Unfortunately Instagram Has Stopped”

Now it’s time outline the steps you need to follow in order to fix the problem of “unfortunately Instagram has stopped”, you might need to try two or more fixes in order to get rid of the problem, but we believe the solutions outlined below will help you solve the problem provided your account has not been disabled. So with that said let us outline the solution to this problem;

Update The Instagram App

Solution to Unfortunately Instagram Has Stopped

Solution to Unfortunately Instagram Has Stopped

If you’re sure, you don’t have an internet problem, the first thing you should do is to update your Instagram app. Check for updates, especially for those that bought a used phone. The phone hardly receives any updates before you bought it, and when you start using Instagram app that’s on the phone, you might suddenly start receiving the error.

Update your app by visiting play store and find your apps by tapping “my apps and games”, in the listed apps you see Instagram listed and update option is available next to it when you tap, and updates are available a message will display giving you the option to install the updates. Updates will be downloaded and installed on your phone when updates are installed, and you should then launch your Instagram app again.

Reinstall your Instagram app

If this doesn’t solve the problem, you need to remove the app completely from your phone and download it again. There are a lot of corrupt data and files that can’t be fixed by mere updating the app and hence when you keep receiving the error message, and you need to reinstall the app again.

Go to settings and uninstall Instagram, then go back to Play Store and download again. If the problem is from your Instagram app, the error message should be fixed by following this step. Take note that removing the Instagram Icon from your phone desktop isn’t the same as uninstalling from settings.

Update Google play

For android users, a lot of apps are dependent on Google Play services, and hence when it’s not updated, it can cause the problem to apps. I’ve tried to use some apps in the past, and they prompt with the message I should update Google Play services.

Google Play services can’t be updated independently, you need to use the option for auto-update all apps, and you can do that by visiting Play Store, tap settings, and the “auto-update apps” option is available. Almost every app will be updated, and you need to make sure you’re on a strong wifi connection or else it will take long before the update is completed.

Delete Instagram app data

If you’re still receiving the error message, it’s time delete app data. Even when you uninstall your Instagram app, your data isn’t deleted, it’s restored after you’ve to install Instagram again. If after reinstalling Instagram and you’re still facing the problem with the app, you need to delete your data.

If you still have some data you don’t want to lose you might run a backup using third-party apps, you can delete app data by visiting settings, “apps and preferences”, find Instagram, and you can see the option to delete cache and data.

Turn off “speed up you GPU” from developer option

This is another fix that might work, turning on this option often cause bugs that cause the Instagram app to stop, to fix this go to settings, > developer options > hardware-accelerated rendering and slide to off the option.

Reset app preferences

If you’ve made some changes to your phone, you might want to reset the options to go back to normal. Head over to settings > Apps > click three dots, and there is the option for “reset app preferences.”

Close all apps

There are conflicting apps that can prevent Instagram from running smoothly, close all apps, including the ones that are running in the background and launch your app again.

Update your OS

By not if the problem isn’t solved, it’s definitely your operating system that’s causing the app to malfunction. You need to fix your OS if it’s corrupt and you can do that by updating the system, factory restore, or using android repair tools. When there are lots of harmful files in your OS, a lot of things will go wrong, and you have to get rid of them in order to solve the problem of “Unfortunately Instagram has stopped”.

These are the possible solutions to “unfortunately Instagram has stopped”, let us know if these steps have helped you fix the problem or if you have something to share that might be helpful to our readers in the comment box below.

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