How to logout of Instagram on all devices

Internet abuse has been quite common since ever. There are always trolls present and other people who post content which abuses others. Sometimes they are related to controversial issues which surface on the internet and go viral in no time. The comments and abuse do stop after some time, but can also put your life in danger.

Instagram is one of a popular app for posting content online. The app is used to connect to people and also used for promotional purposes. But a lot of times people do post content which is abusive, for that they do have a report feature.

Since the app also comes up with a messaging feature, many unknown people can contact you, which is a good thing but also bad at the same time. There have been cases of internet abuse on Instagram, and it is important to stay safe and protect yourself.

There is no way you can be completely safe, but you can mostly stay safe by some small and simple features which the app itself provides you. For example, you can use two-factor authentication for login. Here you have a question fixed for login which is personal, so no one can log in based on just your password. Also, you can keep your account private so that no one can randomly view your posts or text you. You can also use the block feature to control who can view your account.

Comments are also an important part of internet abuse, as most issues start from inappropriate comments. The app has come up with a feature of editing comments on your post. You can delete any comment which you dislike by simply swiping left to delete unwanted comments. You can also disable all comments by going to the settings menu and disable comments. This feature does not allow anyone to comment on your posts.

At last, you can simply have a strong password so that no one can crack your password and log into your account. Another thing you can do is to avoid logging into multiple devices as if any one of the devices is lost, another person can log into your account, and your personal safety can be in danger. Even if you did, there is a way that you can log out from multiple devices at once. The procedure is very simple and easy to follow.

The way to logout from your Instagram account from all devices is to change or reset your password. After you do this, you will automatically be logged out from all the devices you have logged in. This method can be used for your personal safety as internet abuse has increased nowadays. To do so, here are the steps you need to follow in order to reset your password and log out from all the devices you have logged in before.

How to logout of Instagram on all devices the easy way

Open Instagram app:

For changing your account password, you need to first open the app on any one of your devices you have logged in. This step is quite obvious but necessary.

Settings menu:

A screenshot of a cell phone Description automatically generated  A screenshot of a cell phone Description automatically generated   A screenshot of a cell phone Description automatically generated

After you have opened the app, click on the account icon. This icon is situated at the bottom right corner and looks like a human figure. You will see your personal profile. After that, tap on the icon which has three horizontal lines. Click on those horizontal lines. A bar will slide. At the very bottom of the slide, you will see an icon which says settings. Click on it.


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After clicking on settings, another bar will slide. Scroll down till you find an option named Security. This option is just below Privacy and just above Ads. Click on this option. After clicking on Security, another tab will open. Here, go to the option called as the password. The password option is located under the login security option.

Changing password:

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After selecting the password option under login security, another tab will open. Here, you are required to fill in the details required. First, you enter the password which was set before in the first text space. Then you enter the new password which you want to set in the second text space. Then you re-enter the new password in the third text space just below.

This option is present just to confirm your password. Once you have entered these details, you click on the tick icon situated on the top right corner. The tick automatically appears blue once you have entered all the details.

After clicking on the blue tick, your process is completed. You have successfully changed your password and logged out of all devices successfully. After changing your password, the algorithm is such that it will automatically log out all the other devices which you have logged in before except, on the device in which you have changed your password.

Changing your password is difficult if you have used this app for years. Setting strong passwords which are easy to remember is hard. But since there is no other option available till now, it is mandatory to do so if you feel your account is under threat.

Since Instagram is a very popular app, the app itself has settings which ensure the safety of the user, but still, there are people who find one way or the other to violate someone’s privacy. Hacking Instagram accounts have also become a very common practice. The app does send you the warning via email whenever you log into some other device. Many people have their accounts hacked, but thanks to the report feature, you can take down your account if it is hacked.

There are also cases of fake accounts generated to troll or humiliate people. Again, whenever you come across such an account, you report it to take it down. This feature is brilliant and protects people’s Privacy up to some point. Till then you go by following the above steps and methods, and you can stay safe as far as possible.

Instagram is a very beautiful app with a great interface and is user-friendly at a higher level. It can help you connect with so many people online, but also there are cons to this app as much as there are pros. There are people on Instagram who might be a threat to your personal safety and information.

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Another way to logout from your device is to simply select the logout option when you scroll down from the settings menu. The app asks for a confirmation to log out. Once you log out from your account, there is an option under your profile. This option is named Remove, which is written in a blue tab. This option helps you to delete your account from that particular device. It helps the false user to log in again if they don’t know your username.

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This method is okay to use if you have logged into a fewer number of devices. It is helpful if you have logged into a friend’s device. To stay safe, you can simply log out and remove your account from the device after you are done using the app. It is always a good habit to log out from your account whenever you are using the app on a different device. This ensures your cyber safety and keeps you from running into web weirdos.

Maintaining online safety habits is important as we spend most of our time online. Our world revolves around social media. Our lifestyle has now shaped around the online world. We are so into social media so much that most of us are never out of it. We want to post important and exciting moments of our lives.

We always want to be the insta star and want people to hear our voice or just show off the new stuff we bought or the fun time we are having while enjoying our vacation. Since our life surrounds social media, it is important to maintain internet security.

The world is not as good a place which it was used to be. The internet is full of great people who inspire to do good deeds, but at the same time, it is filled with trolls and bad people who can be dangerous to your lives.

It is important to keep your account password protected and keep yourself safe. Simple procedures like having a strong password, using only one device for your Instagram account, blocking and reporting people who try bothering or blocking or reporting content which is inappropriate. These are some simple things which you can follow to keep you and your account safe.

It’s always better to login on your own device other than anything else. The internet is full of great content, but it is important to stay safe. Follow content which inspires you and stops content which might hurt people and is highly inappropriate.

You are the only person who can do that. In order to stay away from weird and dangerous people on Instagram, follow the above instructions, and you are good to go!

We hope you enjoy the article on How to Log out of Instagram on All Devices in 2019. Kindly drop your comment below if you face challenges achieving the above steps.


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