Unable to Add Instagram Account

See this article on how to fix unable to add account

If you are unable to pass the Instagram checkpoint starting from 7th of December 2017, you should know that it is not an error on your end but a suspected bug on Instagram.

We’ve received this report from several customers. And it seems to be happening to some accounts only.

It’s not related to our service, other services like ours also have this problem right now. Apparently, Instagram has made some changes on its end which we are unable to inspect right now.

The issue is observed in some official Instagram applications too. So it can be said it’s a bug on Instagram right now.

We are researching the issue with the whole team and will try to find a solution as soon as possible.

Thanks for your understanding.

Team Gramto.

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How to Create an Instagram Account

If you’d like to connect with millions of community engaged in Instagram society, all you need is to create your personal Instagram account for free.  It is simple to do as you can make it happen on your preferred mobile platform, you may prefer the old fashion which is to set your new Instagram account up on a computer.


How to Create an Instagram Account

How to Create an Instagram Account

Instagram is a mobile application that allows you to share photo and video with your followers when uploaded to your timeline or on linked applications such as Facebook or Twitter.

Instagram was launched in the year 2010 and since then has quickly become the desired social media platform for celebrities, bloggers, and other companies alike that used it for business purpose. One interesting thing about it is that it allows users to create original and innovative content that reach out to their viewers.

In this article, we will briefly take you through the simple steps of creating your own Instagram account. So feel free to learn!

One More Thing To Know

Anytime you post a photo or video on Instagram, it will appear on your profile and other users who follow you will be able to see your posts on their own feed. Likewise, you’ll also see the posts from other users that you follow.

It Is simple Right?

It is no more different from Facebook, particularly if we focus on the mobile use and visual sharing. Just like every other social network you are familiar with, you can interact with other users on Instagram by following them or them following you, commenting on your posts, liking, tagging or the private exchange of messages. You also can save any photo you see on Instagram.

Devices That Work With Instagram

You can use Instagram on iOS and Android devices. Besides that, you can also access your Instagram account on the internet using your personal computer. You can test that functionality right away to confirm. But remember, you can only share or upload photo and video from your devices. Except with a service that Gramto, that let you post directly from your PC.

To create an Instagram account with the app:

STEP 1: Firstly, download the Instagram app for iOS from the App Store if your device is compatible or Android from the Google Play Store and if you preferred to sign up from windows phones, download from the Windows Phone Store.

STEP 2: Once the App has been downloaded and installed, tap it to open.

STEP 3: Tap on Sign Up With Email or Phone Number, if you prefer to sign up with either of the two options; then enter your email address or phone number which will require a confirmation code, in most cases the code will be generated for you automatically so tap Next. You can also tap Log in with Facebook if you like to sign up for your Facebook account.

If your new Instagram account was created or registered with your email or phone number, it means you need username and password, do that and fill out your profile info before tapping done.

If you register with Facebook, you don’t need to bother yourself creating username and password because if you are signed in on your facebook, automatically you will gain access to your newly created Instagram account but if you are logged out of your Facebook account, you will be prompted to log in.

To create an Instagram account on a computer:

STEP 1: First thing you need to do is to go to instagram.com. Then enter your email address, create a username and password or preferably, click login to Facebook to sign up for your Facebook account.

Just like the part of step 3 above, if you register with an email, click sign up but if it is with your Facebook account login in if you are currently logged otherwise, you will be signed in to your Instagram automatically.

Remember, if you registered with email, ensure that you enter your email address correctly and it should be an email that only you can access or perhaps any other person you authorized to do so that is left to you to decide. If you forgot your password, you’ll need to be able to access your email to recover your password in order to access your Instagram account again.

How do I Update Profile Information Like My Name, Username and email?

You really need this step and the other ones that will come after it. To update your name, username and email just follow these steps below:

Step 1: Go to your Profile (your Instagram profile)

Step 2: Tap edit Profile or edit your profile

Step 3: Type in your new name, username, and website or in some cases your bio-data or private information, then tap save or done at the top right.

What Can I Do If A User Name Is Already Claimed But Seems to Be Inactive?

If you desired username is already claimed by another user but seems inactive, it is permissible to choose an available version of the username to use on Instagram. All you need is to add periods, numbers, underscores or abbreviations to help you come up with a unique username that’s not already in use.

What Is Instagram Inactive User Policy?

You are encouraged to log in and use Instagram once you create an account. If you want your account to be active, be sure to log in and share photos, as well as like and comment on photos.  Do understand that an account can be permanently disabled in cases of prolonged inactivity.

I Received An Email That I created A New Instagram Account But I Didn’t Sign Up For A New Account

This instances like occur if, someone tried to sign up for an Instagram account by mistakenly using your email address. In order to remove your email from the account, follow these steps below:

1. If you have an Instagram account and you are login, don’t worry just log out but note, before logging out, and ensure that you have access to the email address currently associated with your Instagram account. Update your email address or learn how to update your email address. If you don’t have an Instagram account, step two is not necessary.

2. Click let us know at the bottom of the Welcome to Instagram email to let Instagram know you weren’t the one.

You should now be able to use this email address to sign up for an Instagram account or if you wish, add it to your existing Instagram account.

Hope this ‘How to Create an Instagram Account’ article is helpful?


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