What is new in Gramto 3.0?

This is a long-awaited update for Gramto. We have introduced lots of features in our latest release and in this article, we’ll be highlighting the major changes.

What is new in Gramto 3.0?

General System

  1. First CommentYou can now schedule the first comment on your post
  2. Delete Multiple MediaYou can now delete multiple media files
  3. Improved Location TaggingYou can now tag locations accurately
  4. Add 2FA enabled accountsYou can now add 2FA enabled accounts. 
  5. View Storage  StatsSee the status of your storage usage.
  6. Improved Caption Selection
  7. Improved Schedule Calendar

Auto Repost

  1. Give credit to the media original poster
  2. Edit reposted content caption
  3. Tag original poster
  4. Auto repost activity log

Auto DM

  1. Improved DM Speed
  2. Auto DM Activity log


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Gramto June 8, 2018 0 Comments