How to Update Instagram on All Devices and Fix Common Update Issues

If you are an avid Instagram user, you would know how important it is always to keep your Instagram account ahead of new updates.

These updates for the Instagram app come in different forms. Sometimes their effects on the application are so eye-catching and obvious, while other times, it is just an update to make the app more secure.

Sometimes an update that really messes with the user interface would get a negative response from users because they do not like the way the update makes the app function.

Either way, to make the best of these updates, you must know how to update the app itself or how to fix the issues that might come up as a result.

But you might be one of those who do not feel the motivation or need to get their apps updated as long as it is functioning “properly.”

So you might be wondering what the fuss is all about and why it is so advisable to update your app. First, you must understand that there is a big difference between updating your application and updating your profile or even your bio.

Anything inside your account can be updated without having to update the app itself. You just need to find a source of inspiration and apply that knowledge to updating your account.

The main reason it is advisable to update your app as soon as possible is that delaying doing it might make some new features inaccessible to you.

Anytime the Instagram team adds new and cool features to the app, you basically have to do an update to get it. You could also experience lagging or sluggishness in the app.

There is also the issue of bug fixes. Some updates come in the form of bug fixes, and while it might not seem as interesting as cool features, it is very important to get these fixes.

So how do you update your Instagram on all Devices? To update your Instagram on either your android or IOS device, you need to decide if you want to do it manually or set your application to auto-update.

How to Update Your Instagram on an Android Device

Fix Common Update Issues

Fix Common Update Issues

The process of getting your app updated is actually straightforward. To update your Instagram app on an android device, you would have to;

  • Launch the Google Play application
  • Then go to the options toolbar located at the top left corner of your screen.
  • Then click on the second option called “apps and games.”
  • It would automatically list all the apps that need to be updated on your phone.
  • Scroll through the list to check if your Instagram app is on the list
  • If it is there, click on “Update” to begin the update process.
  • Once the app is done updating, you can open the app to check out the new and improved features.

Another choice would be to use the auto-update feature for your app. You could avoid having to go through the above process every single time Instagram gives a new update by using auto-update.

This auto-update makes sure you are always kept abreast of all updates of apps on your device. To use the feature;

  • Launch the Google Play app on your device.
  • Click on the three horizontal line button to open the drop-down menu.
  • Go to the settings menu.
  • Click on “Auto-Update Apps.”
  • Choose whether you want your apps to update over Wi-Fi or cellular data, or both.
  • This would turn your auto-update on, and you do not have to update your Instagram app anymore manually.

How to Update Your Instagram on an IOS Device

The process of updating your Instagram on an IOS device is quite easy and kind of similar to that of an android device.

The only major difference is that IOS devices use an app store instead of Google play store. To update your Instagram, you have to;

  • Launch your App Store.
  • Click on the update button at the bottom right side of the screen.
  • You would see a red dot with some numbers. These numbers are based on how many app updates are available.
  • You would see a list of apps you could decide to update
  • Scroll till you find the Instagram app and click on the Update button beside it.
  • The app will start updating, and once it is done, you can continue using your app as normal.

The auto-update feature also exists for IOS, but it also has to do with the App Store instead of the typical Google play store for android. To start using your auto-update, you have to;

  • Check the settings for your mobile device.
  • Go to the “iTunes and App Store” part.
  • You would see a choice for automatic downloads.
  • Once you click it, you would have access to automatic updates.

How to Fix Common Update Issues

Sometimes while trying to perform updates on your Instagram app, you might run into issues. There could be numerous reasons why you are having the issues you are having;

  • If you are trying to update your Instagram, but there is no sign for you to update in the App Store or the Google Play app, that is a sure sign that there is actually no update for the app yet. That means your app is currently up to date, and you need not bother.
  • If you have done that, and it seems that it is not the problem, you could check your Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. The reason you might be having these issues is that your Wi-Fi connection is kind of bad, so the application is updating really slowly. It will probably be worse if you are actually using cellular data. If you figure out this is what is wrong, you might have to connect to a better and faster network or just have patience and wait for it to work.
  • If you are still having issues with your update, you could reboot your phone and try the update process again. This is a trick that usually works.
  • If all the above does not work, you might have to contact Instagram Support and directly complain to them.

General Instagram Issues and Solutions

There are a few reasons that could cause your Instagram to have issues. Either your internet network is unstable, or something happened to your Instagram app, or the problem is from Instagram itself.

Whenever you notice your Instagram tweaking, the first thing I would advise is that you check if Instagram itself is down. It happens once in a while that their servers shut down.

You can check through Twitter because people would definitely complain about it on other social mediums if it is a general thing.

I would try to help you collate a list of a few problems you might run into while using the app on a regular day and how to solve them.

  • Double Story: This occurs when your account starts to display double stories. This is a fault that comes from Instagram, and only they can fix it.
  • App issues: A myriad of things could make your app act up, but a quick fix would be to either check your internet access, reboot your device or the most drastic would have to be uninstalling and reinstalling the application.
  • Posting issues: You could run into posting issues on Instagram if you have been posting too much. Instagram has a limit for posting and other actions to avoid users spamming the community. So if you have really been posting a lot of content within a short period, you should slow down a bit with how much content you are posting and wait for like 24 hours before you try to post any content again.
  • Login issues: This is typically caused by the user forgetting their password. I f you try to log in, and you are not able to, chances are you have forgotten your password. But all hope is not lost as you can always click the forgotten password link below the log-in fields. All you need to do is follow the steps and fill in the details that are required, and you should be able to log in pretty soon.
  • Tagging and Hashtag issues: If you are having issues with tagging someone on a post or you noticed a person is no longer tagged on a post they were previously tagged, there is a really high chance they are the ones removing their selves from being tagged. You must confirm this is not what is happening before you freak out. Instagram might block you from using or crossing a particular amount of hashtags. This is perfectly normal because if hashtags are too much in your posts, it could be regarded as spamming.

The list of issues you could have while using Instagram is endless, really, but I hope this would serve as a guide.

If something is wrong with your account and you are confused, remember you can always contact Instagram Help Support directly to figure out what is wrong.

Latest Instagram Updates

  • Messenger and Instagram Direct merge: Gradually, features of Facebook messenger are being seen on Instagram direct. There are different feelings about this update, as some feel, the authentic feel that makes Instagram what it is, is gradually being lost. The airplane icon is being replaced by a lightning bolt and speech bubble reminiscent of Messenger. Instagram DMs have also become more colorful, and there are now emoji reactions and swipe to reply functions.
  • New fonts in Instagram stories: Instagram brought four new fun fonts to be used when creating an Instagram story to enhance the user experience, because who does not like expressing their selves in unique font styles. This update made the sum total of the available fonts equal to nine.
  • Creation of Reels: Instagram released a feature that allows users to make short 15-second videos and give them fun edits and share them. It kind of reminds one of the video-sharing app, TikTok. This is Instagram’s bold attempt at giving an already struggling TikTok a run for its money. The update was timed perfectly to the period TikTok was banned in India and facing problems in the U.S.
  • Checkout and Live Shopping: Instagram added a facility that would allow all U.S. business and creator accounts that have Instagram Shops to use checkout and live shopping. This was done to assist businesses during the pandemic as a sort of support system.
  • Reels and Shops tabs on the home screen: Instagram released three versions of the home screen for testing, including shortcuts for Reels and Shops. It was meant to test users’ reactions to these new features and decide on a final arrangement of how everything would look.
  • Equity update: This update helped to make Instagram’s algorithm more transparent. It enabled average users to understand how Instagram’s recommendation worked. There was a review of some recommendation processes, more inclusion of minority races and sexual orientations, and the verification process. Verification is no longer given based on just the amount of followers an account has. Altogether the idea is to make Instagram a safe place without marginalization, and everyone is represented appropriately.
  • Another Reels update increased the video length to 30 seconds. Users are also given the option of using a 10-second timer while making their videos. A couple of editing tools have also been added.
  • More facilities to encourage small businesses have also been rolled out in order to facilitate easy business transactions on Instagram.
  • Automatic closed captioning for IGTV: Instagram has made it such that content creators that use IGTV can put on automatic captions when making their videos. This technology uses AI to function and provide captions in 16 different languages. The captioning is not yet perfect, but Instagram ensures that the more people use the feature, the more the technology would learn and become more accurate.
  • Expansion of live length limit: Instagram has increased the amount of time a live broadcast can run. It has been increased to 4 hours, and also, creators have been the chance to save their live broadcast recordings for a maximum of 30 days.
  • Enforcement of stricter rules for sponsored posts. This measure has been taken so that users can easily recognize sponsored posts or ads. The rules are to ensure influencers label and tag their posts appropriately with the brands they are endorsing.
  • Product tags for Instagram ads: Previously, product tags could only be added to posts, but now they can be added to ads too. The tags function by allowing people to see the details of a product they are interested in and also buy the product if they want to.
  • Reels and Shop tabs take over the camera and activity bar on the home screen. This decision was made after several versions to test the users’ favorite.
  • Product and branded content tags for Reels: Due to Reels’ success among content creators, they decided to add product tags to reels to make it possible to shop on Reels. Branded content tags were also added to improve sponsored post transparency.

Why are Some Accounts Updated Before others?

These types of occurrences happen because these “updates” are not even official. Instagram sometimes uses their users as a sort of beta testers for new things they want to try in the app.

They would update a small percentage of users’ accounts to see whether people would be comfortable with the new update.

If it passes the test, then they roll out the update for the general public through the App Store and Google play, and if it did not generate positive responses, they would recall the update.

Is it Possible to Get Back an Old Version of an Updated Instagram?

Unfortunately, once you have carried out an update on your app, it is impossible to get the previous versions back.

There might be sneaky ways to try to get old versions back on your device, especially if you use an android, but it is risky and not advisable. You could be messing with the security of your phone.


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