What Are Instagram Power likes and What Do They Do 2021

‘Hello, my name is Ken and I am the social media handler for a local fashion brand.

It is a start-up that has been in operations for about 6 months so it currently doesn’t have a very strong social media presence, I had a conversation with a friend of mine on ways to improve the brands’ online presence and he suggested using power likes on Instagram however he could not explain what it entails.

Well, if you are in a similar position as Ken, then this article is for you. In this article, we aim to explore what power likes are, what they entail, where you can get them, and what their advantages and disadvantages include.

To Start At The Beginning

Instagram is one of the fastest growing online social media platforms with about 1 billion monthly users, so it’s no surprise that a lot of companies use it to increase their reach and social media presence.

The reach of individuals or brands isn’t just measured by the number of followers they have but also by the engagements they can garner from their posts.

Engagements can come in the form of comments, saves, shares, and likes, however in the Instagram context, likes are better as they show that people who view the post approve of it and it is generally acceptable.

More likes on a post would help rank in the explore and hashtag tables, hence the concept of power likes came to be as a social marketing strategy to help improve the reach of brands and people.

Throughout this article, we would be exploring the theory of power likes and how to convert this theory into practice while also weighing the pros and cons of its application.

What Are Power Likes

What Are Instagram Power likes and What Do They Do 2021

What Are Instagram Power likes and What Do They Do 2021

Imagine you create a post, and you have 3 immediate likes, one from a random account with 30 followers, one from a mutual with about 500 followers, and one from Dwayne Johnson with over 220 million followers. Which like would be more important? The one from Dwayne Johnson right?

Now you might think they’re all just one likes and one shouldn’t matter more but they do and that’s basically what the concept of power likes to center on. Power likes are likes you get from accounts with large followers.

When they like your posts not long after you post them, that post appears on the explore page of their followers and on and on thereby increasing your reach, so take, for instance, your friend with 500 followers likes your post, your post would then become available on the explore page of their 500 followers and if those other 500 people like your post it moves further on, creating a network of people that view your post.

What Do They Do

Power likes help you rank on the explore and hashtag page and also increase the chance for your post to go viral. How? When someone with a large following likes your post within a few moments, it helps give your page and post some credibility that you are an actual person or account and not a bot.

it also shows that your post is likely to be more acceptable or liked by the general public, hence a higher priority would be placed on the post and it would be pushed up on the explore page to create more views and likes on it.

This can be especially favorable for brands and organizations as it boosts their accessibility or ease to locate when people search for words or posts related to your brand, hence for organizations, a more niche-specific like would be preferred to a like from a general page.

This means for a bookstore, a like form J.K Rowlings would be more profitable than maybe a like from Maroon 5 as one is in the books sector and the other in the music industry hence their followers would mostly be interested in things along that line, however, a like from Maroon 5 would still do wonders, it just might not be as effective as one from JK Rowlings.

The Principle Behind Them

Have you heard the statement ‘All animals are equal but some are more equal than others? It is a quote from the book Animal Farm by George Orwell and it is the easiest way to understand the principle behind power likes.

While a post might get lots of likes, a like from an account with 500,000 followers is better than 10 different likes from accounts that have 10,000 followers each.

How? It is relatively simple. If you get a like from an account with 500,000 followers, your post would be visible on the explore page of those 500,000 followers, meaning you have a potential of 500,000 views and some more if those followers like your post.

Now if you have 10 likes from 10 accounts with 10,000 followers each that would mean you have a total of 100,000 views (10 multiplied by 10,000) and some more if the followers like your post.

So you see, all likes are not equal as likes from accounts with large followers improve your visibility and increases the chances for your post to go viral.

Where Can I Get Power Likes

Whenever the conversation on power likes comes up and where they can be found, three different schools of thought usually come up and they include;

  • The group that thinks power likes is a scam as they are a form of black hat tricks. Black hat tricks include things like buying accounts or followers and usually make use of bots and automation. These tricks are gradually being phased out because of the apps AI and algorithm that sweeps them out, flags, and blocks them hence it is proving exceedingly difficult to use these means.
    Asides from the fact that power likes are a form of black hat tricks, the companies that do them do so at relatively cheap rates, charging a few hundred to thousands of dollars to do so. If you think this is expensive then look at it this way, you have an Instagram account that you have grown to 500,000 followers after years of working on it, building it up to a standard, and is known for quality, would you accept a few hundred dollars to spam your followers with pictures and videos or work with a company that might also be using bots, hence risking your chances of being banned? If you look at it this way you begin to realize that the service being offered is probably too good to be true.
  • The group that promotes power likes. This group usually acts as affiliate marketers for the third group below. I advise you to take their words with a pinch of salt as they usually have a stake in what they are selling, hence you don’t expect someone not to promote what they stand to gain from, right? Promoters usually act as agents attached to a particular power like company hence they profit and get a commission from each sale the company makes so they might not be entirely truthful with what the company has to offer and can simply repackage what the company offers to suit their needs.
  • The last group or school of thought is those that sell power likes. These groups offer their services that are tailored towards how much you can offer and if you require general power likes or if you have a particular niche you are interested in before you use their services, you should research them and if possible, get reviews from people who have used their services to find out how reliable and credible they are.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Power Likes

Power likes like most things in life have its positives and negatives and it’s best to weigh these options before deciding on a course of action to take. Here we have made a little list of the pros and cons however, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.

For the positives, we have;

  • It is a fast method of marketing. Most places to get power like charge a few hundred to thousands of dollars depending on the package you decide to purchase. These companies usually have accounts with large followings that like your posts within minutes of posting to help rank your posts
  • It improves your engagements. This is particularly useful for brands that rely heavily on a strong social media presence. Using power likes ensures that you have a wide reach, get more engagements, and even garner more followers for your brand

For the negatives, we have;

  • The risk of a ban. Instagrams AI and algorithm try to make the app more human-focused and ensure that their followers have the best experience possible, hence the system works heavily on removing bots and sketchy accounts from the platform. Some power likes companies use these kind of accounts for their services hence if your account is discovered to using these sort of accounts and tactics in addition to banning the bots and accounts, your account could be shadowbanned for a while or permanently, hence you have to consider this, are you willing to risk a ban on your account for a few more likes?If yes then you can try using their services and if not I advise you do not to try this but rather try to grow your accounts followership through other means so you can increase your engagements
  • Substandard services. The services offered on their sites may not be up to your expectations; they may not even be up to what was advertised on their website or by their affiliate marketers.
    For such services, it is best not to rely on the words of their affiliate marketers or even on what is written on their website as everyone would want to sell themselves.
    For such services, it is best to do in-depth research on the company you wish to seek their services and look for the reviews of people who have used their services to get a fair idea of what they offer and if their services are truly worth it.
  • Poor customer service. To write this article, we looked up some power like companies and the reviews offered by some of their clients and a universal theme that was noticed was the terrible customer service, from taking days to respond to issues, to outright refusal to reply to even failure to deliver on services after the money has been paid for this services. These among others fuel the idea of the first school of thought that refers to this service and the organizations that offer them as scams.These companies that offer power likes are also unique in the context that they do not have an onsite office and are highly unregulated; hence people who make use of their services do so at a very big risk.

    Should you use power likes

I highly do not recommend power likes as they are fraught with a lot of risks and uncertainties, however, if you want to reach a wide audience, I do encourage influencer marketing.

This form of marketing does not make use of bots and automation hence is at a reduced risk of failing and banned. It might not be as quick a power likes and might not make your posts go viral but it is authentic and easier to monitor.


Throughout this article, we have covered what power likes are, what they do, the principle behind them and how the theory is being practicalized.

The concept of them is quite interesting and enticing, however before you decide to use companies that offer these services, it is best to weigh all your options and decide, and if you decide that they are not for you, there is always the option of influencer marketing strategies you can try to help improve your brand.


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