What Are Instagram Stalker Apps And Do They Work 2021

Instagram is the second-largest social media platform used by people all around the world. There are so many amazing features to be enjoyed on the platform, and people follow Instagram users to keep up with their lifestyle.

While there are incredible sides to being on Instagram and sharing your life and running an online business on the platform, there’s also the fear of having an Instagram stalker.

We all know what a stalker is, they secretly keep up with your private life, and you have no idea who’s looking at your profile or secretly admiring you.

Instagram has a privacy feature that allows people to view other people’s profiles without being notified about it.

But sometimes, curiosity gets the best of us, and we want to know who our Instagram stalkers are. This is where Instagram Stalker Apps come into the picture.

If you have gained interest in finding out who checks out your Instagram page without following you, views your profile and stories, or is a secret admirer, Instagram Stalker apps provide you with this information.

These apps help you gain insight very quickly and if their claims not to save your login information is true, then you’re on the safe side.

If you’re wondering who an Instagram stalker and an Instagram stalker are, if Instagram stalker apps work, and what the best ones are, then keep reading this article to gain valuable insight.

Who is an Instagram Stalker

What Are Instagram Stalker Apps And Do They Work 2021

What Are Instagram Stalker Apps And Do They Work 2021

An Instagram stalker is just like any other stalker out there. They’re out to gain information about you without letting you know and definitely without your consent.

It could only be a curious ex, a crush, or just someone interested in your life. Instagram stalkers exist, and they could be anyone.

Sometimes, it is a competitor checking out how your business is doing and what’s working for you that they could also integrate into their business.

Stalking on Instagram is relatively easy; you could either use your account or create a new one. You can choose to simply go through their profile without following them, liking or commenting, or any of their posts.

Due to the privacy feature made available by Instagram, it would be like you were never there.

However, if the account is set to private, it gets trickier. You would need to follow the account to gain access to the Instagram user’s posts and profile.

In cases like this, an Instagram stalker might create a fake Instagram account and then follow the account to gain access to their posts and profile.

Do Instagram Stalker Apps Work

First of all, you should know they exist. There are many Instagram stalker apps available. They work, but Instagram tends to shut them down as quickly as they come.

However, many resilient Instagram stalker apps inform you when someone’s creeping around your Instagram profile page, checking out your profile, and maybe spending too much time looking at your pictures.

Note that Instagram does not support the use of Instagram stalker apps.

This is because such apps share information that Instagram does not share on the platform.

Most Instagram stalker apps work by calculating an Instagram user’s interaction with your account and then helps to identify who might be stalkers and those who might just be curious about you.

Anyone curious if they have a secret admirer or if you suspect someone’s stalking your Instagram page and would like to confirm your suspicions, Instagram stalker apps do work.

Even though Instagram bans many of these apps, several of them still work, and they will inform you who your Instagram stalkers are.

Keep reading to find out the top Instagram Stalker Apps to use if you want to know who your Instagram stalkers are.

Top Instagram Stalker Apps to Check Out

Instagram cares about privacy. This is why it won’t tell you who is checking out your Instagram profile and viewing your photos without double-tapping.

However, as much as we love the privacy feature, we have a curious side. You must be wondering who is checking out your profile page and stories secretly.

If you want to check out who your Instagram stalker is, we’ve compiled the best Instagram stalker apps you can use to find out this information. Choose from the ten Instagram stalker apps below, and you’re good to go.

Follower Insight

Few people haven’t heard of the Follower Insight app. It is designed for Android users and can help you find out who has been viewing your profile and any other information.

Follower Insights informs you who follows and unfollows you, who blocked you, and who has been visiting your profile too frequently.

This Instagram stalker app works when you download it on your mobile device. Once you log into your account, it then begins to track activities on your Instagram page.

It notifies you any time someone follows or unfollows you, if anyone on the social media platform has blocked you or if anyone is checking out your profile.

The best part is that the app is user-friendly. This means that you don’t need to be tech-oriented to be able to use the app. It is very safe and doesn’t save your login information; it will provide you with the information you want to know.

Profile Plus

Another top Instagram stalker app to satisfy your curiosity is the Profile Plus App. This is an Instagram stalker app that is available for Android and iOS users.

This app helps to analyze your social media accounts very quickly. It tracks your followers and those who might have unfollowed you.

It also goes the extra mile of informing you when someone blocks you on the social media platform. If you followed someone and they haven’t followed you back, this information is also made available to check within the app.

It tells you who has been checking out your Instagram profile. Profile Plus also allows you to manage your follower request if your account is set to private.

You can also view and save Instagram stories on the Instagram stalker app, and the best part is that you can pin your favorite account to the top.

If you ever want a detailed report of your Instagram account with all this information, you can access it anytime on the Instagram stalker app.

Suppose you’re a brand looking for an analyzing app that will analyze your profile and provide you with important reports that will help you make each following and engagement valuable. In that case, this is the Instagram stalker app for you.


This is another Instagram stalker app that you can use on Android and iOS devices. InReports act as more than just an app to find out who is stalking your Instagram profile. It also analyses your follower and story.

On the main page of the InReports app, you can view the necessary information about your Instagram app.

This includes followers and those you also follow, your posts, and likes gotten. It also shows your comments, videos, and Instagram users who just followed you. It then goes into the more detailed information like profile viewers and story stalkers.

InReports doesn’t just help you find out your Instagram stalker. It also allows you to stalk other people’s Instagram profiles and stories.

If you would like to watch other Instagram users’ stories but hide your presence, this app will assist you. It also shows you hidden stories and your recent stories.

InReports also allows you to download people’s profile pictures, videos, and photos without being notified.

One of this Instagram stalker app’s pages shows you who your top post likers are. You also gain access to information about your top story viewers and who your ghost followers are.

These features are entirely free to use on the Instagram app except the profile viewer and story stalker feature. One more feature that brands can use to grow their accounts on the InReports app is the best sharing time based on your activity.


This is exclusively for Android users and is another efficient Instagram stalker app to satisfy your curiosity.

FindMyStalker app helps you find out who your Instagram stalker app is and who has been viewing your Instagram stalkers are.

FindMyStalker claims to provide you with the most accurate and trustworthy results for its Instagram analysis.

This app allows you to find out who your stalkers are very rapidly. This app points out who your friends are, your secret admirer, and your sneaky followers. If anyone visits your profile, this Instagram stalker app notifies you of this.

This is a great Instagram tracking app that provides you with all the insights of your followers. This includes a list of ghost followers, lost followers, and inactive followers. You will be able to find out who blocked you or unfollowed you at some point.

Although this app has a free version you can use, you will need to subscribe to the premium version to enjoy the advanced features.

The payments are charged to your Google Account when you agree to the purchase. The profile analysis shared on this app will help you figure out your most liked and least liked photos and videos.

You are also able to figure out which post you have the most comment on.

Follower Analyzer

One of the best Instagram stalker apps to help you keep an eye on your Instagram stalkers is Follower Analyzer. This app is available on the Google Play Store or in Apple Stores for your iOS devices.

This app works when you download it on your app and enter your Instagram login information.

Once you do this, the Follower Analyzer app begins to analyze your followers and stalkers. It will tell who your top commenters and likers are.

This way, you get to figure out who your Instagram stalkers are and have fun with them. If you want to know your friends’ accounts’ data, this Instagram stalker app also informs you about them.

It informs you which of your videos were watched most and who recently unfollowed you on the social media platform. This is a free Instagram stalker app, so there is no need for a subscription to enjoy its many features.

Stalker Reports

This is another top app for Android users. It is fast and efficient when it comes to figuring out your Instagram stalkers.

This Instagram stalker apps immediately detects and notifies you whenever someone views your profile or unfollows you on the social media platform. It also takes note of anyone who might have blocked you and informs you of the development.

You can also look into your present followers’ insights and track your account growth to figure out if your followers are increasing or decreasing on the app.

Your profile visitors, secret admirers, and your fans are displayed to you on the Stalker Reports app. If you would also like to download the profile of other Instagram users, then this Instagram stalker app will make it happen for you.

FollowMeter App

Reports have shown that over 3 million people on Instagram use this Instagram stalker app. This means millions of people out there are just as curious as you about who is stalking their Instagram app. Several people refer to this app as the Instagram Manager app.

This is because it informs you who is secretly viewing your Instagram followers and your ghost followers. If there’s anyone’s liking and checking your Instagram posts frequently, this Instagram stalker app also informs you.

This stalker app also informs you when someone you follow doesn’t follow you back and unfollows you.

The best part is that it can help you gain followers via the discover session. Another thing the FollowMeter app does for you is to give you a clear track of those who are checking your Instagram account from time to time.

It is an app that provides you with comprehensive insight so you can secure your account from stalkers on the social media platform.

Visitors Pro

Suppose you’re an iOS device user and you want to satisfy your curiosity about who is viewing your Instagram profile and checking out your photos and stories.

In that case, this Instagram stalker app might be the final stop for you. It informs you who is secretly viewing your Instagram profile and who is always the first to check out your story.

This app also informs you when you’ve been unfollowed and when someone blocks you on Instagram.

This Instagram stalker app uses statistics of who views your profile more frequently to determine who your Instagram stalker is. It also informs you who likes your Instagram posts more so you know who your biggest fan is.

IG Analyzer

This is a popular app used to find Instagram stalkers on your iOS device. When you launch this apple on your mobile device and provide your login information, it immediately begins to gather information about your followers and non-followers who are checking your Instagram account.

It also provides you with an in-depth report of those who are frequently checking your posts and stories. It is an app that’s easy to navigate, and every time someone views your post, you receive a notification post.

This way, you’re always kept abreast of when your Instagram stalkers are carrying out their stalking activities.

Social View

If you are still on the lookout for an alternative app to use that’s completely free, you should check out the Social View App.

It is an Instagram stalker that informs you about those who are sneaking around your Instagram profile. Suppose there’s anyone who visits your Instagram account frequently and views your stories all the time.

Social View informs you about it. If anyone is viewing your Instagram pictures, you will know as social view provides you with real-time information about who they are.

since it is entirely free, you have nothing to worry about in terms of subscription. It is also relatively easy to use, so you have nothing to worry about.

How To Tell If There’s Someone’s Stalking You Without Instagram Stalker App

Instagram stalker apps are fun and are a quick way to tell who’s stalking you on Instagram. However, there are some tips to find out who’s stalking you on Instagram without using Instagram stalker apps.

Stalkers have a few features in common, and if you can learn the signs, you would find it easy to point out who your stalkers are.

They’re Always On Your Instagram Story

If you notice someone who’s always on your list of views on your Instagram story, then you might have a stalker. Sometimes, you will notice that they are also among the first five Instagram users who view your story.

You can tell who’s viewed your story first as Instagram arranges your story viewers in reverse chronological orders.

They Avoid Attention

Another way to tell who your stalkers are is that although they are amongst the first to view your Instagram stories and check out your post, they avoid liking the post.

This is to avoid attention being directed towards them. They would always view your posts and check out your stories, but they rarely send you a DM or comment on your posts.

They Share Your Content With Their Friends

They are always fast to take a screenshot of your post and share it with other people. If you notice your post making the rounds or someone has a screenshot of your posts, then you have a stalker on your hand. They’re always aware of what you’re up to at every moment.

They’ve Viewed Your Highlight Stories

If you’re not an influencer or a celebrity and there’s someone constantly checking on your highlight story, chances are you have a stalker on your account.

This could also just be someone curious about you, but if they are also viewing your stories frequently, they might just be your stalker.

They Have Few Followers

If your account is set to private, then there’s a chance that your Instagram follower created a fake account to keep tabs on you. You can tell by their account is fake by the number of posts they have and how many followers they also have on their account.

What To Do When You Find Out You Have An Instagram Stalker

There are few steps you can take when you find out you have an Instagram stalker to prevent them from keeping tabs on you. One of what you can do is to switch your account to a private account.

You can then filter out the number of people who are not your followers but gain access to your account. You also get to choose who your followers are and can reject any account that looks suspicious.

Another step you can take is to unfollow suspicious accounts and then block them. You can also choose to share the post to a curated close friends list only so that stalkers can see your Instagram stories.

The last step you can take is to do nothing at all and hope they get bored soon.

Final Thoughts

Instagram stalkers can be very annoying, and with Instagram not allowing you to find out who they are, we have to turn to third-party Instagram stalker apps to find out who they are.

These Instagram stalker apps inform you about your followers, top viewers, commenters, and likers. Some of these apps are free, and some require you subscribing to enjoy some of their advanced features.

If you’re also interested in finding out who your stalkers are without Instagram stalker apps, we’ve got you covered with top signs to look out for to be able to detect a stalker accurately.

This article has got you covered with everything you need to know about stalkers and Instagram stalker apps; we hope you find what you’re looking for.


Can I find out who looks at my Instagram profile?

Although Instagram doesn’t provide users with information about who is viewing their profile, Instagram stalker apps can help you figure out this conversation.

How can you tell who’s looking at your Instagram profile all-day

There’s no way to tell how long someone looks at your Instagram profile. Instagram only informs you who has been viewing your Instagram stories.

Can I see when someone screenshots my Instagram story

No, there’s no way of knowing when someone screenshots your Instagram story, profile, or post.

Can I tell who views my Instagram story first?

Yes, you can. Instagram story viewer is arranged in reverse chronological order. This means that at the very end of the viewers’ list is the first person who viewed your story.


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