What are Instagram’s Follow and Unfollow Limits?

Instagram Unfollow Limit

Anyone or any business that’s looking for engagement, instagram is one of the powerful platforms you can use to achieve that. You cannot however get any significant engagement without followers, the more profiles you follow the more followers you’ll get in return. Chances are you’ve read online courses telling you about the power of instagram when it comes to marketing and you went ahead to create your new account so that you can fire up your marketing campaigns, but in the end couldn’t succeed, you ended up with restrictions on your account.

One of the mistakes made by Instagram users is following massively, after following users for a while, you’ll realize that your account is restricted, or in some cases the account is banned.

Instagram has limitations for its users, not only on following users, but also when it comes to adding likes, sending DM and so on. You have limits on the activities you can perform every hour and if you want to stay safe you have to follow these rules or else you’ll be banned. That’s something you don’t want to happen because you’ve spend a lot time building and nurturing your audience, you don’t want your account to be closed suddenly. In this post we’ll share Instagram’s follow and unfollow limits and also other important limitations that come with your account.

However, you should understand that new accounts have more limitations than aged accounts. When you check for Instagram Follow limits online you’ll find that the figures are different, and that’s because everyone is sharing their experience. Aged instagram accounts don’t have much limitations provided you don’t violate their terms and conditions.

Why Does Instagram Impose Limits?

You can definitely make a guess and answer these question! Instagram has more than one billion users, almost more than 500 million stories are shared on the platform every single day, you know that this is one hell of a crowded platform. So if everyone is allowed to follow massively, add unlimited comments and likes, what would happen? There will chaos! Even Instagram servers will be hurt without putting these limitations, in short the platform will turn out to be spammy and abusive. Instagram without limitations will turn to nothing but a place for businesses to market their products excessively, you should therefore understand that these rules are meant to protect everyone and you shouldn’t be angry just because there are limitations on your account.

Instagram Limits – The Basics

If you really want to stay safe after opening a new account, don’t do any promotions until after one month. You might follow some of your favorite profiles especially the ones that are popular, but don’t do any massive promotions. After that you can start following users, and you shouldn’t do that aggressively as well.

Is There Official Follow Limit On Instagram?

There are a lot of articles out there specifying limitations on instagram, but officially Instagram doesn’t have any official release where they stated the limitations on user accounts. All the limitations shared online might only hold for new accounts, we’ll share those limitations later in this article. There are however different factors that determine your account limitations, depending on these factors you might be limited on some Instagram activities, let’s share and explain these factors.
Factors That Determine Instagram Follow Limits And Other Restrictions

Account age

Aged accounts have more privileges as shared earlier, the question now is, when is your Instagram account considered as aged account? Well, you might think it has to be a couple of years old? You’ll be surprised because It only needs to be three months old to be identified as aged account in the eyes of Instagram Algorithm. So generally before you start following massively you want to make sure that your account is a couple of months old.

Account activity

Your instagram activities will also determine the limitations on your account, even if your account is years old and you suddenly start doing massive follow, your account can be restricted. You need to perform actions in a natural way and the best way to do this is to follow your favorite influencers in your industry, read new posts and react by liking, sharing and commenting. The more active you’re, the more privileges you’ll get. Don’t let your account sit there and then suddenly you start liking and commenting massively, there will definitely be a flag on your account.

Number of followers

If you want to lift up your limitations find a way to increase your followers naturally, like utilizing your website visitors or using a genuine service with good reputation. Those with a large number of followers are allowed to perform more actions because Instagram consider users with massive followers as influencers especially if there is a lot of engagement every time they added new posts and stories. The rule of thumb is that the more followers you have, the more will be allowed to follow others.


The more users engage with your posts and stories the more you’re expanding your limitations. If you make posts and no one is liking, commenting or sharing, you won’t get any extra benefits because your content is considered not useful or it’s purely promotional. Whatever content you added on Instagram, make sure to ask for user’s opinion in the comments and if possible offer contests because it’s a proven way to increase engagement on any account.

Instagram’s Follow And Unfollow Limits

Both Follow and Unfollow are considered the same on Instagram, and they both have the same limitations. The limitations for the average Instagram account is 200 per day, this is for both Follow and Unfollow. For new accounts, it’s 150 per day, we wouldn’t recommend that until your account is at least one month. and note that you have to spread the follow and unfollow, for example; don’t massively follow 200 or 150 at a time, stick with 10 per hour, that’s the best way to stay safe.

When it comes to following, here is what we’ll recommend;

• Within the first week of creating new account, don’t exceed 50 follow/unfollow in 24 hours.
• In the second week, you can increase to 100 follow/unfollow per day.
• In the third week, you can now increase to 150 follow/unfollow per day.

Is There Any Limit On The Number Of Users That Can Follow You?

There is no restriction here since we’ve seen celebrities increase their followers in millions within a few days. Any user can receive unlimited number of followers on their instagram account, that’s why it’s always good to attract followers on other online channels than to keep following massively.

Other Limitations You Have On Your Instagram Account


You have some freedom here because the limitation is up to 1000 likes per day, but you shouldn’t try to achieve that much in a single day. Do you even have the time to add 1000 likes? I bet no, unless you’re using automation or some service that can place your account at risk. Just try to keep your likes below 800 if you have to do that much, this way you’re safe.


Most people believed you can add as many stories as you like, after all, they only stay for 24 hours and then disappear from your highlight. But you shouldn’t exceed 100 on this one, and you just want to make sure the content is allowed, that’s to say it’s not against Instagram terms of service.


You have to be really careful on this one, first of all you can’t post the same content over and over again. Secondly, make sure you’re not adding promotional comments on other people’s posts, or else you’ll be reported. Keeping that in mind, you can add up to 200 comments per day, for new accounts it’s even less.

Don’t add Emoji only in your comments, add some text even if it’s short. Posting Emoji only will flag your account spam and you might get some restrictions. Your comment characters are limited to 2200 characters, once you reach that, you can’t add anymore text, this is also applicable for captions as well.

Direct messages (DM’s)

This is another feature abused by marketers and that’s why instagram has limit for sending only 50-80 per day. For new accounts it will be less than that, and we suggest you don’t exceed 20-50 DM’s per day.


This is also another factor that determine the reach out of your post. Many users still want to use as many hashtags as possible. In order to stay safe, use no more than 30 hashtags, for new accounts stay within the limit of 5-10 tags. Just use popular hashtags for more exposure to your content, the secret part to getting more exposure for your content is by attracting more followers and also publishing the right content at the right time.


This new feature has been welcomed by instagram users since it allows them share longer videos. For normal account it is 10-minutes video, but older accounts can upload video up to one hour.

Story highlight

No limits on this, share as many story highlight as you want.


Tagging is also limited on instagram, and the maximum tag you can have is 20.


You have the privilege to mention up to 10 instagram users at a time, so don’t just go around mentioning users randomly without limits.

Daily posts

No limits on daily posts, so on this one you’re not restricted, you just want to watch the type of content you post, make sure it’s not other peoples post you’re using without permission because they can report you.

So far these are the actions marketers abuse most of the time, you should always take note of the limitations in order to protect your account.

What Happen To Your Account If You Exceed Limit?

What Happen To Your Account If You Exceed Limit

Well, if you’re lucky only that activity will be restricted, for example; you can be restricted from following users for up to one week. But in the event that instagram figured out you’re using automation, that will definitely lead to permanent ban. Your device, Ip address and phone number will be blocked from opening a new account again.

Also note that whenever you’re restricted from performing some action, it’s better to let your account rest for a while, that’s to say don’t perform any activity for some hours. Let’s say you’re restricted from following users for one week, don’t go ahead and start liking posts frequently. You can of course add likes from your favorite posts, but do it slowly.

Best Way To Stay Safe On Instagram

Using smart automation

Nothing is wrong with using automation but you have to use it smart. If you can even afford it, you should hire a virtual assistant to monitor and engage with your instagram account. Automation will help you monitor the progress of your promotions as a marketer, you can monitor the number of followers gained or lost at any given time, another advantage of automation is that you can manage multiple pages at once. Using automation has a great advantage to businesses because instead spending hours monitoring their accounts or investing a lot of money to hire instagram manager, they can invest a few dollars to get a tool or service help them monitor their accounts.

If you also don’t want to stay all day long in front of your computer screen following users, you can use smart automation to perform some actions for you. For instance, you can find a tool that allows you to follow users every five minutes or more. Just make sure the tool you’re using has a reputation in the market, stop using new tools that arrive in the market because they’ll place your account at risk.

Login to your account from the same Ip address daily

Most marketer use proxies, and signing in with a different Ip address can raise a flag against your account. Use the same device and ip address when accessing your account, it’s the best way to stay safe.

Don’t advertise in comments

Users are monitoring comments on their posts, and if they notice you’re advertising something, they’ll report you, and the moment multiple users reported you, your account will be closed without any warning. If you want to advertise, build your own audience first or invest in instagram PPC program that allows you to send traffic to your pages.

So that’s it about instagram limits, let us know in the comments if you have something to share with our readers.

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