What Are the Best Instagram Auto Follow Apps 2021

If you’re not getting enough engagement on Instagram, it’s either you don’t have significant followers or your followers aren’t active.

Everyone is craving for more followers and if you’re not a celebrity or public figure, you’ll have to follow other profiles in the hope that they’ll follow you back.

It can be time-consuming to stay in front of the screen following user accounts on Instagram, as you may already know, Instagram doesn’t allow following accounts massively at once. If you do that, your account will be blocked or in some cases could lead to suspension.

There are, however, some tools and apps out there that can be set up on your device so that they can follow Instagram accounts on Autopilot.

No need to stay in front of your PC or screen for hours following accounts, Instagram Auto Follow apps will take care of it for you.

Finding the right Instagram auto follow app isn’t easy, you can spend weeks or months trying to find the perfect match for your business and in this post, we simplify the task for you, we’re going to list down some of the best Instagram auto follow apps in 2021.

Before that, however, we need to share some light regarding the use of Instagram auto-follow apps so that you know what you’re dealing with.

Does Instagram Allow Using Auto Follow App

What Are the Best Instagram Auto Follow Apps 2021

What Are the Best Instagram Auto Follow Apps 2021

Right from the beginning, Instagram doesn’t support the idea of auto-follow apps, which means it’s illegal to start following accounts on autopilot.

Instagram hates automation by all means and you want to make sure that your actions aren’t detected if you decided to use any auto-follow app.

The Instagram algorithm has become smarter than ever, it has the capability to detect most of the automation tools out there.

Still, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use automation to simplify your tasks, of course, you need to learn how to do things in a way that you’re not detected.

How Instagram Fights Against Auto Follow Apps And Other Bots

As mentioned previously, Instagram is combatting automation using various tricks that no one can actually explain the strategy they’re using to carve out automation tools. But based on experience, some Instagram experts can still understand how they’re able to identify these bots.

Most of the time it’s based on the activities your account executes using these apps and tools. If you’re executing multiple actions in a uniform order, it’s a sign that you’re using a bot and a flag may be raised for your account.

The Instagram algorithm analyzes your engagement over a certain period of time and when unusual actions are detected that seem to deviate from your account history, you might face a block or even account suspension.

You want to make sure that the limits for your interactions aren’t exceeded nor deviate from what you normally do when you log into your account using the app or web version of Instagram.

There are no specific limits when it comes to interactions for each account, it’s however dependent on some factors like the number of followers you have, the age of the account, and the type of interactions you receive on the account.

One thing however is certain; new accounts have more restrictions, they shouldn’t use any bot until their account is at least one month old and have received some interactions on the account before they start using automation.

Advantages Of Using Instagram Auto Follow Bots

Save money and time

It’s obvious that if you’re to spend time every single day following like 300 profiles on Instagram, it will be time-consuming and the reason is that you’re not going to hit the follow button at once.

You have to spread the actions every hour, you may not send more than 30 follows every hour and that too will not be just added at once, you’ll add like 3 follows every five minutes.

You can see that you’ll end up getting distracted with these mini-tasks, but by using automation, your attention isn’t needed at all. You just need to set and forget, and the profiles you’re targeting will be followed on autopilot.

The good thing about these bots is that you can specify the type of audience you want to follow, they can for instance visit hashtags and start following all the users participating on that hashtag.

On the other hand, if you’re considering hiring someone, it’s going to cost you money to pay them on a monthly or daily basis. Instagram auto follow bots are really cheap, on average they cost $50 or less, you’ll even find some for $10.

If you’re to hire someone full-time to manage your profiles, you might pay them at least $50 daily. Using the right bot will save you both money and time, I believe most people using bots want to save money and time.

Drive more engagement

The more your Instagram auto bot is following accounts for you, the more you’re going to receive engagement on your profile.

A lot of profiles will follow you back when you follow them on Instagram, the moment they notice a new follower, they’ll love to check them out to see the content they offer on their profile and they’ll begin interacting with you which will increase your overall profile engagement.

Once your engagement has increased, you’ll find that your content will start getting more views and that’s because you have increased ranking on Instagram.

Bots don’t need rest

You can set your Instagram auto-follow bots to work throughout the day, but that’s not recommended because such actions will prove that a robot is operating your account.

Your bot however can work for the maximum hours possible, you can set the bot to work for at least 15 hours every day.

You can hardly spend these hours every single day just following accounts on Instagram and that’s why it’s best to let an auto-follow tool handle it for you.

Disadvantages Of Using Instagram Auto Follow Bots


Using Instagram auto follow apps is illegal

Instagram doesn’t like auto-follow apps and other forms of automation, using these types of apps is the surest and fast way to lose your Instagram account.

Once Instagram has identified you’re using bots to follow accounts, there is no chance of recovery even if you contact support.

There are a lot of risks involved when using automation, you have to be careful when using them or else you can lose accounts that are active for years without any chance of recovering them.

It takes time to find a bot that works

Every Instagram auto follow app boasts about being the best, and they promise to drive engagement with their auto follows.

I’ll tell you that a lot of the tools out there will raise a flag on your Instagram account immediately after connecting it. This is because Instagram has detected bot activities right from login.

For this reason, it’s always advisable to create a separate account for testing, when you’re sure the bot is working, you can then connect other accounts you want to promote.

For this reason, you’ll end up spending days or weeks to find the right tool that can automate following accounts on Instagram.

These bots also don’t come for free, you’ll have to be subscribing to the paid plans so that you can explore the full options of the bot.

Exceeding the limits

If the limits aren’t set right, most bots will end up sending many followers that exceed your account limit. Some that are not well coded will exceed the limit even if you have set them right.

A bot is just a bot, it can exceed the limitations without actually knowing the implication on your account. You must control the activities of robots if you want to keep your account safe on Instagram or else it’s easier to lose your account.

Bots can follow random accounts

Even though you can set up to target a specific niche, Instagram bots will still end up following irrelevant accounts that will cause your Instagram feed to be messy.

This means you’ll end up with the wrong audience since they might not be interested in your content.

These are some of the things you need to take in mind when using Instagram auto-follow bots, even though using these tools and apps comes with lots of risks, it all comes down to using them the right way in order to avoid account termination.

You also want to make sure that you select an app that has a good reputation over the years and has a lot of positive customer testimonials.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Instagram auto-follow apps you can use for your Instagram promotions.

Best Instagram Auto Follow Apps 2021


This is one of the best tools you can use for your Instagram promotions, it’s designed to grow your Instagram profile with ease.

There are different sets of tools equipped with Aigrow and it uses Artificial intelligence to interact with your account just like a human will do and this will ensure that your account is safe.

Features of Aigrow

You’ll first need to sign up with Aigrow, after that you’re given the options to add as many accounts as you want, then you’ll be able to explore the different tools and options available. Let’s take a look at the features Aigrow comes with.

Targeted Audience

Once you select the account you want to promote, you need to select the option “Manage account” and on the toolbar and you can select the “Growth” tab. You can use different sets of parameters to define the audience you wish to target.

On the tags option, you can add hashtags to target your audience, you can add locations, influencer accounts, upload your own usernames, categories, and other filters that will make your target perfect.

Manage your growth

Now you’ll be presented with plans to choose from that will decide the type of growth you’ll receive for the selected account. The pricing depends on how committed you want to stay using the service.

The Pro managed account for one month costs $150/Month and you’ll receive 300+ followers, the three months pro pack costs $100/Month which delivers up to 1500-2000 followers, while the six-month pro pack costs $83/Month and it delivers 3000-4000 followers. You choose your plan based on the budget you’re willing to spend on the promotion.


This is the next tool to try if you’re looking for more followers on your Instagram profile, it can also generate more likes for your posts as well.

This is a platform that’s popular for growing Instagram accounts over a long period of time. Combin comes with two tools; the growth tool and a scheduler. With the growth tool you can do the following;

  1. Find Instagram users who’re not following your profile.
  2. Check inactive followers and also analyze audience quality.
  3. You’ll get a full report regarding the growth of your Instagram account, there are daily, weekly and monthly reports. This will help improve your Instagram promotions.
  4. Auto-follow and unfollow Instagram profiles, send auto likes, and also add auto comments on posts.

The next part of the tool is the scheduler as mentioned, it pretty much works like any other scheduler. With this tool, you’re able to schedule your posts days in advance and you can upload bulk Instagram Stories, you’re able to resize your images, you can add hashtags, locations, and mentions as captions to your post.

The pros of using Combin

  1. Schedule to follow users on Instagram.
  2. Unfollowing user accounts also with ease.
  3. View the performance of your Instagram account, you can see the number of followers gained on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  4. Target user profiles to followers based on your preferences like hashtags or location.

The cons of using Combin

  1. Combin comes with the scheduler and growth tool separately, you’ll have to install an app for each tool, this is a downside in the sense that they fail to incorporate the features within one dashboard.
  2. The tools are only available for desktop versions, not supported on iOS and Android.
  3. You have to set bulk actions to follow accounts because the tool doesn’t attract followers automatically.

The scheduler can be used for free; you just need to install the app in order to start using it on your PC device. While for the growth tool, you should choose a plan that suits your needs.


Famoid isn’t just the typical auto-follow tool, you’re gaining followers for your Instagram. With Famoid, you don’t need to spend too much time following user accounts hoping that they’ll return the favor, you’ll be gaining real followers to your Instagram profile.

Famoid is one of the leading sellers of Instagram followers in the marketplace, it’s a popular service, you’re assured to get instant followers on your Instagram account.

Famoid also goes beyond Instagram, you can as well get other services for Facebook, and YouTube. You can buy views, likes, and other forms of interactions on different social media networks.

When it comes to Instagram, they offer four types of services; First, is that they offer Follower packages, with this package you’re buying Instagram followers. You’ll start receiving your followers Instantly after ordering your package.

Even though they claim to offer real followers on their website, it turns out that some users have reported some of the followers disappeared within a very short period of time.

That’s to say they don’t have good retention for the follower package, and if that’s the case you want to be careful when ordering their services.

You should start small and see what’s going to happen, if you can retain the followers and can make a positive difference to your profile engagement you can then order more services.

You’ll get 250 followers for just $5.95 and 25k followers for $299.95, these are the lowest and the highest packages, you can take a look at other options available on their website.

They also have the views package for your Instagram videos, if you’re looking for views, this is your package and you need to choose accordingly but make sure to order likes for the videos because it doesn’t make sense to have only views without the likes.

Then you have the auto like and the like packages, the like package is for your previous posts shared on your profile, which might help boost engagement. While the auto-likes package will automatically detect your new posts and add the likes.

You might order a package for like 30 days and during this time any post on your profile will receive likes automatically.

You should definitely check them out to see if they have something of value to offer and if it’s something you like, you can order more. Whether you’re using auto bots or buying the followers directly, always use test accounts.

Turbo Followers for Instagram

This is another application that works differently, it’s an app but at the same time will help you gain real followers. Turbo Followers for Instagram works on the basis of follow-for-follow, you’ll follow other Instagram accounts and they’ll follow you also.

This means Turbo is a follower exchange app, just like you’re using your real account to follow other profiles, the same profiles will also follow you.

The downside is that you’ll spend a lot of time following other profiles, but I’ll say that it’s worth it since you’re guaranteed that when you follow other profiles, you’ll be followed as well.

It’s a win-win situation for both, and you’ll see results in your engagement since you’re dealing with real users, not fake accounts.

Turbo For Instagram Main Features

Get real followers

Real users will be following your accounts and that means you’ll receive engagement for your content. It’s not like other bots or fake follower service, you’ll get some value by using this method offered by Turbo.

Follow for follow guaranteed

Anyone that signs up for this service and installed the app, they’re looking for followers and that means you’re assured to get rewarded with profile follow when you follow other accounts. It’s not like randomly following so many accounts hoping they’ll follow you back in return.

A Hashtag is used to broadcast your profile

This means you can target the audience you want to exchange the follows with, they’re the ones that will receive your profile display so that they can follow you back.

You’ll receive free followers once you join

The moment you sign up, you’ll be rewarded with free followers to get started which is a huge advantage to you.

The Pros Of Turbo For Instagram

  1. It’s free to download the app and it’s free to start exchanging followers.
  2. You can use the app on both PC and mobile devices.
  3. You’ll receive free 1000 followers after signup.
  4. You can get rewarded with free likes and video views which is an extra advantage.
  5. Turbo for Instagram is easy to use, with no complex dashboard to deal with.
  6. The app has an excellent rating, with 4.7 out of 5, you know it’s a service you can rely on.


  1. It’s time-consuming to start exchanging followers with other users unless you’re going to hire someone to manage the turbo app for you.
  2. Some of the followers won’t be in your niche; We’ve already stated that you can target hashtags, but it’s not every niche that’s available. You’ll hardly get small niches, if you end up with followers that are not within your niche, you shouldn’t be surprised.
  3. The free 1000 followers you’ll receive after sign up are fake, you might as well consider not getting those fake followers. But if you just want to increase your follower numbers, you can go ahead and claim your 1000 free fake followers.

These are some of the few apps you can use to get followers for your Instagram account, there are lots of options you can try.

You just have to be very careful when it comes to using Instagram auto follower apps because most of them are banned on Instagram.

Using them will make you lose your IG account and you won’t be able to recover it once Instagram detects you’re using Auto follow bots and apps. Let us know your favorite auto-follow app in the comments.


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