What Are The Best Ways To Fix Instagram Video Glitch?

Video glitch is a popular problem faced by Instagram users, if you can’t watch videos on Instagram, you are really missing out.

Photos are great, but videos are even better. The most trending content on Instagram and other social media platforms like Facebook are videos, you can see things in action.

Unlike photos where almost everything is fake, most pictures posted on Instagram have been edited with photo editing tools like photoshop.

If you’re experiencing a video glitch, it means you’re not able to play Instagram videos. It might be that you can’t play videos right away or once you start playing the video, you end up having problems watching the remaining video length.

Whatever it is that’s causing the problem, you don’t deserve to be waiting countless hours without watching your favorite videos on Instagram, and since you land on this post, we’ll help you fix the Instagram video glitch.

We’re going to start with the causes and then share the possible solutions to this error you’re facing on the Instagram app or your browser.

Causes Of Instagram Video Glitch on Mobile devices

What Are The Best Ways To Fix Instagram Video Glitch?

What Are The Best Ways To Fix Instagram Video Glitch?

Network was interrupted

Your No.1 checkup should be on the internet connection especially if you have started playing your videos but suddenly everything stopped.

If you’re using a cellular connection it’s possible your cellular data subscription has finished and hence causes the video to stop.

If you’re on Wi-Fi, there is a possibility that the network signal goes off. On a cellular connection, there could be a change of network where the network signals go from 4g or 3g to 2g.

In this situation, the network will be very slow and will be incapable of loading high-quality videos. Your router can also have its own problems even if you haven’t changed any settings, restarting your network router can help you fix the Instagram video glitch error fast.

Corrupt app data

App data is stored on any app out there and when it’s corrupt, you can have a problem while using the app. Instagram isn’t an exception, corrupt app data means the data is manipulated or a program makes the wrong entries causing the Instagram app to malfunction.

You have to ensure regular cleaning of your Instagram app if you want it to work smoothly, the option for clearing data is available on all devices. You can as well clear data on the Instagram web version by going to the settings of your browser.

Video Deleted by the user

This is applicable if you saved a video for later view but it turns out that after opening the link, the video isn’t playing.

Some users take down videos for unknown reasons and anyone that saved the video link won’t be able to view the video.

You need to confirm whether the video is still available or not and the best way to confirm that is by checking the video URL through your browser if the app fails to view the video.

Your device is on power-saving mode

Videos consume more power than any other web content and once your device is set to operate on power-saving mode, you can’t play high-quality videos since they require more energy.

You might think that you haven’t set any power saving mode on your device, but it turns out that most mobile devices these days will switch to power saving mode the moment your battery level drops to a certain percentage, even desktop devices will automatically switch to power saving mode after the battery is exhausted to a certain level.

On average, power saving mode is activated when your battery level drops below 15%-20%, there is however the option to configure this according to your preference.

Power saving mode can also be set at any battery level. The power-saving mode icon can be seen when swiping down the tray menu. Whatever the case, you should check your power-saving mode and ensure it’s not activated.

Outdated Instagram app

This is also another cause of Instagram video glitch, using an outdated version of Instagram can lead to various problems like unable to log-in or view pictures and also the problem of video glitch.

You want to ensure that you’re using the latest version of Instagram if you want to avoid technicalities while using the app.

If you’re using an old phone, chances are you won’t be able to use Instagram properly since Instagram has already announced that outdated Operating systems on older devices are no longer supported.

Wrong cache entries

Cache helps launch your applications faster, if you have noticed, when you are launching apps the first time, they take some time before they are launched, but after that, things will be much faster.

It’s because of cache files stored and they’re used on both PC and mobile devices. They’re temporary resources saved to help launch programs and apps faster.

Wrong entries can arise, this is so when new resources are added to the app but haven’t been updated in cache files, you now have the wrong entries.

The cache files can also get corrupt to mess up with the Instagram app thereby causing a lot of problems as mentioned.

If that’s the case, Cache needs to be cleared, the option is available on all devices, you can clear the cache on your browser and all mobile devices including Android and iOS devices.

Using data-saving apps

This is different from a power-saving mode, data-saving apps help users save data when they’re using apps. People using these apps are mostly on cellular data to avoid wasting more data.

If it happens that you’re using any kind of such data-saving apps or a program on your PC, you should disable it temporarily and check to see if your videos are playing properly.

These are the causes on mobile devices, let’s take a look at the causes on PC, that’s when you’re using the web version of Instagram.

Causes Of Instagram Video Glitch On PC

For PC users, there is also the Instagram app version. Though it’s available for Windows 10 users, and in that case, the same causes on the mobile app are also applied to the desktop app. We’re now going to talk about the causes on the web browser using the web version of Instagram.

Internet problems

This one needs no explanation because playing videos on a browser requires a strong internet connection than when using the app. Check your internet connection and ensure it’s available and it’s not running slow.

Unsupported video format

It can be possible the user uploaded a video format that isn’t supported by Instagram, or it can be that the format you’re trying to load isn’t supported on your browser.

This can happen when your browser is outdated especially if you’re using an old device received from someone.

Some users abandon their PC for a few years and later on they will give it to someone, during this time a lot of browser updates are released, when someone acquires the device, they have to install updates on all the applications, or there would be problems.

You should check to ensure the format is supported before proceeding with other troubleshoots.

Malware and antivirus interference

Malware and virus can affect the performance of your web browser, it can change program files or prevent video files from playing on the browser.

Viruses and malware affect everything, you need to scan your PC to see if there are any threats causing video glitches on Instagram.

These are the three major causes when you are using the Instagram web version on your PC. Let’s share the best fixes to the Instagram video glitch on both the Instagram app and on PC for the web version.

How To Fix Instagram Video Glitch

Fix your network

Whether you’re using the app or you’re using the web version, you have to fix your network before checking for other things.

You should use a different network other than the one you’re currently using, select another Wi-Fi connection available to you.

If you are using mobile data, you have to check your subscription to ensure cellular data is not exhausted. You should also switch between Wi-Fi and mobile data, restart your router also to refresh network settings.

Update the Instagram app

If you’re using an older version of the app, you have to install updates before you can use the Instagram app without any problem.

For Android users, head over to Play Store and type Instagram in the search field at the top. If updates are available, you can see the option “update”. After installing updates, you should then check to see if you can play the videos.

If you also start experiencing video glitches after adding new updates, you need to roll back the updates. This is an indication that the new updates you just installed aren’t compatible with your operating system.

If you’re facing a video glitch after installing new updates, you have to upgrade your operating system as an alternative to deleting the updates. App developers will design their apps in a way that they’re compatible with the new OS releases.

Make sure the video format is supported

In order to confirm this, you need to try playing the video on another device or use your browser if you’re using the app.

If you cannot play the video on another device, it’s a sign that the video uploaded is a corrupt file or is already infected with malware.

Though Instagram should block uploading such videos most of the time, things can however get out of control since robots will handle processing the video.

Clear your storage

If you’re using the app on your Smartphone and the storage you’re using is almost full, you can end up with a video glitch.

You should free up a significant space ensuring that not more than 80% of your storage is occupied. You’ll not only fix the problem you’re currently experiencing, but you’ll also notice an improvement in the performance of your mobile device.

Disable power-saving mode

We’ve already stated this as a cause, check your settings or you can just swipe down to see if the power saving mode icon is turned on.

If it’s ON, you’ll notice it green, and you just need to tap on it to disable it. For some phones, you’ll have to go through settings in order to disable the power-saving mode option.

Delete cache and app data

Clearing Cache and App data will ensure that your Instagram app is free from any corrupt data and will ensure that there is no technical problem affecting the performance of the app.

Go to “Settings” and select the location of your apps, they should be inside “Application Manager” or “Apps”. Find the Instagram app within the list and tap on it, the screen that opens will display the option to either “Clear Cache” or “Clear Data”.

You need to tap on each of them to erase the applicable data, once you do that, you should play your videos to see if the error is resolved.

Reinstall Instagram

If clearing data and cache doesn’t work, you should consider reinstalling the Instagram app. Long tap to delete it from your desktop screen, make sure to select erase all files stored by the app.

After deleting the Instagram app, you now visit your app store and make new installations. Reinstalling the Instagram app is a must if the setup files are affected, clearing app data or cache files won’t fix the problem.

Use another browser if you’re using Instagram web

It’s possible the browser you’re currently using doesn’t support playing the video format uploaded by the user. Consider using a different browser other than the one you’re currently using and see if the problem is resolved.

Disable Instagram autoplay

Disabling this option from your settings can also help you fix the problem of Video glitch on Instagram. You need to go to your app settings by tapping on the three dots, tap “Cellular Data use” and select “useless data” to prevent Instagram videos from pre-loading. But the auto-loading feature will still work if you’re on a Wi-Fi network.

These are the best fixes for Instagram video glitch, by following the steps above you’ll definitely resolve this error fast provided that you have an active internet connection on your device and the video format is supported as well.


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