What Does WCW Mean and How Do People Use it on Instagram?

The WCW hashtag, like many other hashtags, is quite popular on social media. Users of platforms such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter use hashtags in their posts.

The popularity has grown big, that generation X is pretty conversant with it. Perhaps, millennials currently hold the hashtag baton, while generation Z is prepared to ensure continuity.

However, each acronym differs in its meaning. Usually, the occasion has to be appropriate for its usage- since misuse might pass a wrong message.

But what spurred the introduction of this hashtag? What was social media like before the introduction of hashtags?

Are there other hashtags that make social media enjoyable?

Unlike epic events that can be traced to the annals of history, the unpredictable nature of social media is what makes it quite interesting.

Different events and conversations make the trend table daily. These events are actual reflections of what happens in reality from day to day around the world.

Social media tends to influence our conversations, perception, and view of life and people. The impact is direct and subconscious.

These days, the norms generally accepted in society have a deep root in the events that transpire on social media from all corners of the world.

Little wonder there is a big gap in knowledge between the millennials and generation X. Information feeds our thoughts and actions.

Social media does a clean job of creating unusual concepts that we find amusing-since it is recognized by the countless users behind their smartphones.

So, like other hashtags, WCW has come to stay as a social media culture appreciated by all and sundry.

You need not worry if you’re not familiar with the WCW hashtag. In this article, we shall explore what WCW means and give you additional information on how people use it on Instagram.

What does WCW Mean?

What Does WCW Mean and How Do People Use it on Instagram?

What Does WCW Mean and How Do People Use it on Instagram?

#WCW- #Women Crush Wednesday.

Cool, yeah?

Did it seem obvious from the start? Anyway, let’s keep rolling.

My honest interpretation when I was a novice was World Championship Wrestling. I am 100% sure I wasn’t alone in this school of thought during my early social media days.

The WCW hashtag on Instagram appraises women who are admired or attractive. The origin of the hashtag is traceable to Twitter. It became popular and spread to other platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

You could say Wednesday is a day separated unto women to be admired. Even though it is gender-specific, the cool thing is both men and women can use the hashtag to admire personalities they take a liking to.

Since Instagram is a photo-based app, using the hashtag comes in handy especially when you upload a picture of your crush.

In cases where you do not have the words to describe the female in the uploaded picture, simply using #WCW or #WomanCrushWednesday passes the desired message.

When the hashtag is used in the caption of a post on Instagram, other users of the Instagram community may be persuaded to admire the female as well.

The hashtags just make social media fun and interesting to users. The hashtags are more meaningful when they are used virtually, as opposed to when you say WCW to your crush in person on a bright Wednesday morning.

You would agree that, in a way, hashtags are virtual languages understood only by frequent social media users.

Next, we explore how Instagram uses this hashtag in various spheres of the internet.

How is WCW used by Instagram Users?

The way the WCW hashtag is engaged on Instagram isn’t so different from other social media platforms. However, the advantage Instagram users hold is the photo-based peculiarities of the app. Compared to their platforms, the hashtag is more appreciated when used in the captions.

Let’s explore some of the ways the hashtag is engaged on Instagram:

· In Romantic Relationships

People in a romantic relationship like husbands, boyfriends, or fiancé, use the WCW hashtag to depict a show of appreciation or admiration.

On the other hand, using the hashtag may also signal romantic interest in a female, especially if there is a pre-existing platonic relationship between the two parties.

If you are already in a romantic relationship or you’re looking to get into one, then the #WCW might be the key to either show you care or unlock romantic possibilities.

· Platonic Relationships

Generally, Instagram users understand the significance of the WCW hashtag in platonic relationships. You could upload a picture of your female friend on Instagram, tag her with the hashtag and she would be glad.

The Instagram culture, as it relates to the hashtag, shows how much you highly value your female colleague. It also says a lot about your level of friendship and the impact they have had on you.

The use of the hashtag, in this case, has nothing to do with your gender. Even females can put up pictures of their girlfriends to show a level of admiration and respect.

· Fan-Celebrity Interaction

Have you been to the live performance of one of your favorite celebrities? You get to the venue, enjoy the event, and you’re unable to speak to them? Perhaps due to their security detail, tight schedule, or your shyness?

Well, it happens to most of us. But these obstacles do not derail us from showering them with so much love and affection on social media. (Even if they never get to see our posts and comments).

Instagram users upload pictures of their favorite female celebrities using the WCW hashtag. Doing this is a way of showing them we rate them highly.

Sometimes, some of them, especially the music artists, inspire us with their songs and get us through tough times or make happy times worthwhile.

· Business Moguls

Since Instagram is a platform that accommodates users from every walk of life, it is not surprising to see business professionals as users.

Brands, businesses, products, and services engage the use of the WCW hashtag.

For female-owned businesses on Instagram, with a wide reach and credible impact, consumers tend to shout out to the CEO using the WCW hashtag.

It usually signifies a show of appreciation for their pleasant services, business model, or products that have been beneficial to consumers.

Sometimes, the hashtag recognizes women who have been instrumental and effective in the business world.

Do you admire such women? Go ahead, give them a shout-out. Spread the love.

· Education

The unsung heroes of our time and generations past work in the educational system. From the age of 3-5, when children start schooling till that memorable day of graduating college, tutors play a vital role. They are the building blocks behind many successes we see around today.

Besides the teachers, you would agree that parents also form a vital arm of the educational system.

Although their daily lectures are limited to the four walls of a house, the resultant effect is seen in solid character and strong core values.

A Shout-out out to your mother, principal, female teacher, or nanny using the #WCW, maybe one of the few ways to appreciate them on your Instagram page.

It shows you recognize their efforts and respect their decision to keep building others.

· Model and Fashion Icons

Since Instagram is a photo-sharing app, there is no better way to get in the public space as a model or fashion icon.

Men and women tend to use the WCW hashtag to pictures of models they find attractive. For men, it is expected that attractiveness or admiration would be the reason for celebrating such figures using the hashtag.

The same goes for women. But women have other reasons other than that. The physical appearance of their favorite model, the luxurious style of clothes, or the way they move or talk may be worthy of admiration too.

For girls, teenagers aged 14-19, the body of the models may be something they also desire. Besides, girls may be motivated to go into the fashion industry.

· Political Advocacy

Yes, politics. I bet you didn’t see that one coming.

You wouldn’t start a political campaign and leave out Instagram, would you?

Oh no, you wouldn’t. I don’t know, but I’ll strongly bet against ignoring social media platforms for campaigns and promotions.

Both locally and internationally, the use of social media has been used extensively to propagate political agendas, news, and campaigns.

Since people can relate a lot better with visual representations, then Instagram cannot take a back seat in political matters.

Several charitable organizations use Instagram to promote their service. For instance, there are several projects around the world focused on the girl child.

The WCW hashtag serves as a means to encourage the sponsors to keep implementing interventions in various communities.

Instagram users familiar with the projects in their communities use the hashtag and tag females instrumental to the girl child cause.

Are there other Hashtags similar to WCW on Instagram?

These special hashtags do not begin or end with the #WCW. Not at all. There are several other hashtags used on Instagram. Let’s talk about a few others that serve a similar purpose to the WCW hashtag.

· #WCM- #Woman Crush Monday

You thought only Wednesday was reserved to appreciate women? Well, sorry to be a spoiler, but so is Monday.

You may have seen Instagram users with this caption in their uploaded pictures. It is not so different from WCW but there is an extra feeling of importance when it is used.

Imagine being the first thing a person thinks about the first day of a week. The feeling is pretty special.

Instagram users use the hashtag to also appreciate women they admire. It could be a special way of recognition, given Mondays are pretty busy and demanding.

Although not restricted to just corporate folks, I’d say people in the professional sphere tend to use the hashtag more.

· #MCM- #Man Crush Monday

Ladies, when your partner prepares to leave for work in that nice suit and tie on a Monday morning, how exactly do you feel? He looks so attractive that you want to drool and stare?

On Instagram, women use the MCM hashtag to appreciate men they admire. In most cases, these men could be strangers to them but popular on social media. For instance, Idris Elba, a popular movie actor, falls in this category.

On the other hand, they may have a personal relationship with the man. It could be your father or partner.

According to research, men aren’t half as appreciated as women on social media. It might be nice to use the MCM hashtag to praise the men in your life when you upload their pictures.

· #MCE- #Man Crush Everyday

If you ask me, I’d tell you that this hashtag is reserved for loved ones in your life- Your father or husband. The #ManCrushEveryday hashtag is a fond way of telling them and maybe others how much your partner means to you.

At other times, the hashtag can be used to appreciate a celebrity you have a deep liking for. Say, Lebron James, one of the most popular athletes on the planet, has fans who use the hashtag as a way of showing their support and loyalty to him.

One of the cool things about the MCE hashtag is that it can be used on any day. Unlike, #WCW, #WCM, and #MCM, #MCE isn’t bound by such rules.


There are different ways in which we could appreciate others. But the use of hashtags alongside pictures on Instagram offers another alternative to celebrating others.

You may not fancy the use of hashtags on Instagram for social posts but its use may come in handy sometimes. Especially when you have no words to write a caption to a picture you wish to upload.

However, for entrepreneurs on Instagram, the use of hashtags does a lot of good in promoting their businesses.

As you adopt the use of hashtags on your Instagram account, you would make a lot of people happy. Besides, it makes the whole thing a little bit more interesting.



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