What Is Instagram Sfs And How To Make Use Of It

Speaking to different people about Instagram, its features, and the opportunities it affords, you’d realize that a lot of people are clueless about quite a number of features including the Instagram sfs otherwise known as an Instagram shoutout for a shoutout or Insta shoutout.

For most people alive right now social media has changed the course of their lives one way or the other and inevitably impacted both their personal and professional lives and one the impact of Instagram, which is now one of the biggest social media platforms, cannot be overstated.

Instagram has fast become one of the biggest social media networks in the world today since it was first launched on IOS(iPhones) in October 2010 and later in April 2012 on Android.

The app was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger but is owned by Facebook.

Instagram became quite popular after it launched that it had 1million users within two months and 10million within a year.

Now, Instagram has over a billion users and ranks as the fourth app with the most users after Facebook, Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger. Unsurprisingly, the percentage of female to male users is almost even, at a 51%-49% ratio, as more people learn to utilize the app to the fullest.

What is Instagram Used For

What Is Instagram Sfs And How To Make Use Of It

What Is Instagram Sfs And How To Make Use Of It

The Instagram app allows users to share pictures and videos that can be viewed publicly by other users or by only a limited number of followers.

Content put up by users can be browsed through by other users according to the tags or geographical location. The pictures and videos can be liked, shared and comments left to further emphasize the feelings had towards uploaded content.

In recent years Instagram has gone beyond just a social media app and has blossomed into so much more. It is now an app that helps you link up and stay in touch with old friends even better than Facebook, some would argue.

It is a social networking service that gives you a much-desired peek into the lives of your favorite celebrities, political figures, and famous people.

Also over the years, Instagram has become one of the most powerful marketing and business tools ever utilized in the business, one that not only gives you a platform to reach and connect with your customers on a personal level but one that also lets you investigate and peek at the activities of rival brands and businesses.

The app also helps you, as a customer, search for the best brands for whatever you might need. Several surveys have shown that at least 200 million people check out at least one business profile while browsing through their Instagram feed.

Although the Instagram app has so many positive features and affords several amazing opportunities it is unfortunately not completely safe from misuse and abuse.

Over the course of several years, it has become a tool in the hands of cyberbullies who are in the habit of leaving insensitive and nasty comments on other users’ posts and pages.

The app has also been utilized by scammers and fraudsters who send various links that could lead to a page hack and messages requesting money.

However, IG developers have created block and report features that make it possible to restrict unwanted access to your page and report fraudulent accounts so they can be taken down immediately.

What Are The Key Instagram Features?

Since its inception in 2010 Instagram developers have been able to come up with better updates and features that make using the app a more pleasurable experience.

Some of the key features include:

>>Video features that let you upload 60 seconds long videos to which you can add a caption and your location.

>>Instagram live videos that help you connect even more personally with followers over a live stream.

>>Instagram TV(IGTV) which allows you to upload videos that are longer than 60seconds and even up to and more than one hour

>>Stories features that let you add videos, pictures, comments, and stories that disappear within 24hours.

>>Tags that help you advertise your brand or get another person’s profile information across by redirecting users to the page tagged.

>>Push notifications that make sure you don’t miss a post from your favorite accounts. You can turn it on by clicking on the three dots next to the profile you want and selecting ‘turn on post notifications ‘ from the drop menu.

>>Instagram ads that let you reach out to other users even beyond your following and pull attention and traffic to your page.

There are other features prominent on Instagram and these are only a few of the popular ones.

>>Direct messaging which allows you to send a direct and private message to another user.

Many of the features on Instagram have made it one of the perfect marketing and branding tools available today. Millions of people all over the world engage on this platform and can connect with potential customers and business brands and vendors from the comfort of their homes.

Some of these features have also paved the way to make extra income for some users in the name of brand influencing.

What is Instagram SFS

The #sfs is fully known as the shoutout for a shoutout or the Insta shoutout for a shoutout or IG shoutout, and many people are of the opinion that the #sfs is the shoulder on which organic growth in followership rests.

An Instagram shoutout for shoutout is essentially an endorsement one user gets from another user. The endorsement user A gives user B encourages user A’s followers to also follow user B, engage in their content, and in other cases do business with them.

The Instagram shoutout for shoutout (#sfs) is a feature that allows you to make a post of a picture, video, Instagram reels, or some other content of another user, tag the featured user and ask your followers to go to the featured user’s page and follow.

This process could also be reciprocated by the other user and your page followed by other users.

How Does Instagram SFS Work to Increase Followership

Instagram shoutout for shoutout has a format to it, to get a shoutout for shoutout done you have to reach out to another user who is about the same size as you.

This means that as a user with 2k followers you can only reach out to another follower around that same size.

It is necessary to reach out to Instagram users that post similar content as yours without the competition.

This is because using random users just for followership could confuse other users that might be genuinely interested in your content as they’d wonder how your page promoter can be sure when he has no idea of your kind of content.

For example, it would make more sense to reach out to a beauty blogger to help promote your cosmetics and skincare products and business rather than reaching out to a health and wellness blogger on Instagram

It is however possible for you to pay for a shoutout from a user with large followership even despite the size difference and without needing to reciprocate the shout-out.

In paying for shoutouts, there are two types- the short-term paid shoutouts and the long-term paid shoutouts.

The short-term paid shoutouts could be charged on an hourly basis and the promotions are usually for just a couple of hours.

Depending on the user you’re in business with it is speculated that users with 1-3million followers could charge as high as 100-200USD, of course, this could be more or less, to keep your promotions on for the hour.

The payment could also be in the form of a free product or service for businesses.

The long-term paid shoutouts act as a bigger follower pull. They’re charged differently and extend for a typically longer time frame based on mutual agreement.

An Instagram shoutout for shoutout could also involve incentives for the followers. This style of shoutout for shoutout has been done severally and is usually in the form of a giveaway.

The giveaway is usually sponsored by the user that requires larger followership.

For example, a user with large followership or a celebrity with a huge fan base could put up the video or preview of an upcoming music artiste, tag the artiste and ask their followers to follow the artiste and a reward is given to one or more of the followers that concede to doing that.

So you could have a celebrity offering #200,000 randomly to 5 of his followers but the catch would be to follow one or several Instagram accounts tagged in his post.

There are also times when a shoutout could be completely free and voluntary on the part of the user with larger followership.

A celebrity, for example, could just be so impressed with your product or service, or work that they decide to give you a shoutout to help promote your business.

This is usually very effective because the celebrity has first-hand experience with your product or service and can truly push and encourage people to engage with you.

Why is Instagram Followership Important?

Now whether you’re on Instagram for the pictures and videos and just for fun or you’re on there to promote your personal and business brand, or you’re on there to make money for yourself through brand influencing, one thing that is needed by all users is to have followers.

The essence of having Instagram followers, a healthy number of followers, cannot be overstated.

Having large followership, organically grown, inexplicably has the effect of making a personal or business brand appear more legitimate and trustworthy; and the importance of this is great especially due to the increase in the number of scamming schemes out there.

It is a natural assumption that an Instagram page with more followers has been tried, tested, and trusted and therefore safe for transactions than a page with fewer followers.

People tend to partially believe that the reason why a page has plenty of followers is that the page owner is trusted.

Also, for those who just want to have fun, network, and connect with different people on the social media space having large followership makes this easier and more interesting to do.

If your plan is also to be a brand influencer then you’d have to work on getting large followership as no brand would want to work with someone with a lesser reach over someone with a greater reach.

What do you Need to do Before Going Ahead with an Instagram Shoutout for Shoutout?

One thing that is of great importance that you need to do before paying any influencer to promote your brand in any way is lots of research and due diligence.

When reaching out to Instagram influencers to help promote your page and give you a shoutout it is important to not just jump in their DMs requesting them to help you out.

It would make more sense for you to engage with their posts and on their page before making a move.

You could like their posts, comment, and generally get them to notice you before jumping in their DM. What this does is help you build rapport and get them to be willing to listen to you or to even try out your product or service before making a shoutout.

This is to safeguard their reputation as influencers and prevent their followers from being victims of fraudulent scams and businesses.

There are also times when owners of small business pages could participate in contests and competitions to win a free shoutout from celebrities and brand influencers.

While trying to get shoutouts to help you build your page it is important to not spam other users either in their DMs or in comment sections of other Instagram pages.

This tends to be quite annoying and people begin to intentionally avoid your page as some kind of payback

Finally, Instagram shoutouts are very effective ways to advertise your personal brand or business brand, and not utilizing it would be selling yourself short, as they can help you reach a wider group of people and increase the engagement on your page but they can also backfire if and when done wrongly, so it’s important to not jump the trigger in your haste to achieve success.


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