What is Instagram’s Hourly/Daily Limits for Direct Messages

As Instagram turns out to be a giant social network, a lot of marketers tend to abuse the platform. Imagine there are no limits when it comes to sending private messages or DM’s, everyday you’ll login to your Instagram and find your DM filled with nothing but marketing content, so much that you won’t be able to see messages from users that truly matter.

Placing limits on direct message is the best way to protect users and make the platform a safer place, marketers don’t really like limits placed on their accounts because they want to send unsolicited messages to as many people as they can, including those they don’t even know. In this article we’ll explain all about sending direct messages on Instagram and then talk about limits placed on user accounts.

What’s a DM?

It’s the short form of Direct Message on instagram, and some users can’t distinguish between sending a DM and adding comment or any other action on Instagram. When you send a DM, it’s like sending a message to someone’s Inbox, the DM feature should be used when you want to send personal message to another user. When you send a DM, it’s not visible to public, it’s a private message that can only been seen by the users involved. You can send a DM to a single user or you can send to a group of instagram users, another thing also to note is that you can share posts through DM.

How To Send A Direct Message On Instagram Using The App

How To Send A Direct Message On Instagram Using The App

It’s a straight forward and self-explanatory step when you open the app, but still for new users, here is how to send a DM.

• Launch your Instagram app
• The Direct message box is placed on top right corner of your Instagram feed.
• Search for user/users you want to send the message to.
• Compose your messages in the text field provided.
• Then hit send, and your messages will be sent instantly, whenever the recipient login to their account they’ll receive notification of your DM.

Character Limit On Instagram Dm

Character Limit On Instagram Dm

You can send up to 1000 characters, you have to make your message short, the 1000-character limit include spaces.

Instagram Direct Message Colors

Instagram Direct Message Colors

Recently some users have reported that their DM color has changed, it’s due to recent changes from Instagram for the past months. The color changes users experience are; Blue, Purple or Grey. These colors represent the status of the message, that’s whether it has been seen or not. Blue message shows the message is from the sender and the grey or white highlighted represent your messages.

Once you started using DM you’ll understand the colors, they’re self-explanatory. Also you can set how you want the messages to appear from your app settings. Go to themes and you’ll be able to choose the theme you want that comes with different set of colors.

Instagram’s Hourly And Daily Limits For Direct Messages

There are a lot of factors that determine your sending limits when it comes to sending Instagram direct messages. All the sources you find online that mention the daily limits or hourly limits are just estimates, the older the Instagram account, the more DM’s you’ll be allowed to send. So with that said, you can send between 50 -100 direct messages per day, for new account it should be less than that, for new accounts try to keep it 20-50 maximum.

For the hourly limit, no source can exactly tell you the limit, but one thing for sure is that you can’t send all the daily limit within one hour, for the hourly limit we recommend 3-5, and that too should be distributed within the hour, like sending one message every 15 minutes.

Don’t send duplicate messages, or messages that contain words that aren’t allowed on Instagram, this way you’ll stay safe. Even if you have a single message that’s meant to be sent to multiple users, you should add some words that make all the messages unique. Once you reach your limit, you should wait for at least 24 hours before you continue sending more messages.

What Do You Do When Instagram Direct Messages Are Not Sending?

There are a lot of reasons that can contribute to the failure of sending DM’s on Instagram. It can be technical problems from your app, or it can be your account has been restricted when you already reached your daily limits, or maybe you’ve just done some unusual activity on your account like sending mass likes and comments that resulted on restricting your account for certain period of time.

Instagram Tips And Tricks For Direct Messages

Unsend a message

If you’ve made the mistake of sending a message to the wrong user, you can unsend it. but that’s subject to if the other party haven’t login to their account to see the message. In order to unsend a message, all you have to do is long tap the message and the option ‘Unsend message’ will appear from the menu, once you tap that, the message will be removed from both users.

Unsend a message

Even if the receiver has read the message it will disappear from their DM. Unsending the message means it has been deleted on both users account. This feature will be helpful when you accidently send a message to the wrong user. Also there is no confirmation, once you tap on the option, it will be completely removed forever, make sure you’re ready to do the action you selected.

Like A Message

Like A Message

You can like the messages you’ve received; this is a good way to let the sender know that you appreciated their effort. In order to like a message, you need to tap on the little heart that’s available below every message. After linking the icon, it will turn to red and small profile photo icon will appear beneath the message.

If the heart icon doesn’t show up, you should double tap on the message and you’ll notice it. You can also unlike the message if you want by taping the heart icon which you’ve liked before.

Save photos

Save photos

We know that it’s not possible to save photos from Instagram posts, the DM feature supports saving photos directly to your phone gallery. Long tap the photo you want to save and you’ll see the option ‘Save’ from the pop up menu. This will save the photo to your preferred location on the phone. You can mostly find it in your gallery folder.

Send profile in your DM

Send profile in your DM

We know how instagram is when it comes to adding external links, I mean the proper links aren’t supported much, you’re only allowed to send one external link and so on.

If you have a page you want to share with other users, you don’t really need to grab the link and start sending them manually. Instagram has a feature called ‘Send Profile as Message’. Just open the page or profile you wish to send, click on the three dot icon, you’ll see the option ‘Send Profile as Message’. Select the user you want to forward the link to and it will be sent to them directly.

Create group chat

Create group chat

This is another feature of Instagram’s direct message that most people aren’t aware of, this feature is similar to that of Whatsapp. You can start group chat on Instagram in three ways;

First method

Open your DM and select the icon that’s at the top of right corner, choose more than two people, this will create a group chat automatically for the users selected.

Second method

Below your photos there is the DM icon which is followed by ‘New Group Label’ from top right corner. Select all the users you want to add in your group chat and the group chat will be created for you.

Third method

Tap on the DM icon below your photos just like the above method, but you won’t select ‘New Group Label’ as you did previously, you just select the users you want to participate directly. This will create a group rather than sending them messages individually like some users might think.
Look for specific conversation in your DM

Look for specific conversation in your DM

Searching for a message on Instagram DM by scrolling down and then reading the messages can be tiresome, and that’s when the search feature can become handy. When you open your DM, the search feature is always available at the top, what you want to do is to search for username or some words you’ve mentioned in your conversations, all threads with the username or words you’ve searched will be shown and they’ll be highlighted in colors.

Add star and filter your Instagram messages

For important messages you’ve received and you don’t want them to be lost in other conversations, you can ‘Star’ them using the starred label, this will allow you to filter such messages easily when you need them. The other filter that’s available is Unread, everyone knows this one since it filters all unread messages. But most users aren’t taking advantage of the Star filter, the Star filter work just like in email, when you choose the ‘Star’ filter, all the messages you’ve starred in the past will be listed. The start is added for important messages you want to access fast when you need them.

Set Replay time

This feature is useful when you want your messages to disappear when the receive has read it. If for some reasons you don’t want your messages to remain in chat, you’ll find this feature helpful. All you have to do is to select the ‘One view option’ that’s below the Send button. You can give more chance by selecting the ‘Allow reply button’, also if you want the DM to stay permanently within the chat, just select ‘Keep in chat’.

Share your old pictures on Instagram DM

If you want to share old photos you can do that within DM chat hassle Free. To share images from your gallery, you need to open the conversation thread, you’ll notice the ‘Gallery icon’ that’s at the button. Choose the image you want to share from your gallery and hit the ‘Send button’. You can view your images by folder from the gallery.

Mute Chat

Mute Chat

Some users will be disturbing you with messages you’re not interested in, it can be your friends or family, and at the same time you don’t want to block these users completely, that’s where the Mute Chat feature will be helpful. when you block a user on Instagram, they’ll know, but when you mute them on chat, they’re not be notified.

In order to mute any conversation thread, you just need to long tap the conversation thread and you’ll see the option ‘Mute Notifications’ from the menu that pop up. There will be a small icon that’s next to the conversation thread, if you want to unmute, you need to unmute using the option.

Turn off Direct Message Notifications On instagram

Notifications can be annoying sometimes, or you’re just busy and don’t want to be disturbed, you can turn OFF your DM’s notifications on Instagram. Not only on DM, you can also turn OFF every other notification on your account.

In order to turn OFF your DM notifications, you need to open your profile page and then tap on the 3 dot icon on top right corner, scroll down and you’ll notice the ‘Push Notifications’ feature. The screen that shows up will give you the option to turn OFF any notification you don’t want. In this case you should tap OFF notifications for Direct messages.

By turning off this feature, you won’t receive a single notification from anyone, all messages however will be available in direct message whenever you want to read them.

These are some of the major features that allow you to explore Instagram’s DM, but you need to understand that some features aren’t available to all users, some are available to only business accounts while other are only available to users from selected countries. If you find a feature missing it means it’s not available to you, you might try some troubleshoot but if still can’t access the feature, you should know that it’s normal for such feature disappear. Also instagram is updating the services regularly, some features can be removed or modified over time. stay updated to know the features that are currently available.

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