What is Instagram’s Hourly/Daily Limits for Likes

The more posts you like the more you’ll notice your instagram followers increased and that’s why marketer go crazy and start liking instagram posts and stories massively, not knowing that such actions will place their account at the risk of permanent closure. On the other hand, brands want to see thousands of likes on their posts also, this will help them learn how to hook up their followers. A major change has already taken place regarding the display of likes on Instagram posts and Stories. Instagram rolled out an updated that hide likes from posts, but still that doesn’t mean you can’t like posts, it’s just that the content poster won’t be able to see the exact number of people that liked their posts.

When you received like 1000 of likes, it will be displayed as ‘hundreds of others’, we’ll share more on how the numbers are displayed later in this article. With the recent update that took place a couple of months ago, now you’ll only be able to make assumptions from the statement made. The new update for hiding likes has already taken effect, before Instagram released the update in the U.S, it has already taken effect since July last year in other regions like Canada, Australia, Brazil, Ireland, New Zealand, Japan, Italy.

But Likes Are Still Showing On Some Instagram Accounts!

The change has already taken effect worldwide, but if you can still see likes on other user profiles, it means their country has not been enrolled with this new update. Instagram has send notifications to all countries affected, I know there are still some apps out there that would claim to reveal likes, don’t fall to that. Instagram doesn’t provide such data now to the general public, which means no API can access that information for any post.

Why Instagram Removing Likes?

Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram claims that it’s an attempt to make the platform better, in one of his statements he said ‘The idea is to try to depressurize Instagram’, the team believed that by removing the number of likes on posts, users will spend more time on the platform and will be able to connect with each other, Mosseri also revealed that they want to make the platform less competitive. Overall, they did so to improve user experience and I really support the update of hiding likes. We’ve all seen how Instagram users are doing weird things because they don’t receive likes on their posts, some users end up getting depressed for not getting enough likes on their posts, we can say that this update is for the best of all.

How Instagram Likes Look Now

As we’ve mentioned earlier, instagram is still displaying some info regarding the likes, but it’s not the exact number as it’s used to be. Only one username will now be displayed and then mention some statements that will give you an estimate on the number of people that liked the post. Here is how the description looks;

• When the likes are below 100, ‘others’ will be displayed.
• When the likes are below 1000, ‘hundreds of others’ will be displayed.
• When the likes are below 100,000, ‘Thousands of others’ will be displayed.
• When the likes are below 1, 000, 000, ‘Hundreds of thousands of others’ will be displayed.
Here is screenshot on how it looks now;

How Instagram Likes Look Now

And also this one with millions of likes;

How Instagram Likes Look Now

So you can now see that you can only make a guess, if ‘others’ is displayed, it means less than 1000 likes are receive for that post and so on.

Are There Any Benefits For Removing The Likes?

There are some benefits especially for users and brands with a small following, even smaller brands can now compete with accounts with massive following. Here are some of the benefits you can get;

• Buying likes is now irrelevant; don’t be surprised that most of the trending content on instagram buy likes, those tricks are now irrelevant or I can say they don’t have the same influence as it’s used to be.
• Small accounts can compete with influencers; now you’ll be able to earn more credibility even if you’re a new account holder.
• There will be no any pressure on users who’re trying to achieve certain number of likes; this one is for the good of all, a lot of people are depressed when they don’t see likes coming in, just recently someone commits suicide because they haven’t received enough likes for their post.
• Generally, we expect to see more engagement on the platform; As Instagram’s CEO mentioned, the reason for the update is to allow users engage more on the platform.
So far these are some of the benefits and I believe they outweigh the cons, Instagram should really stick and make this update permanent.

Are There Any Downsides?

There is one or two downsides, but from my own view they’re not even downsides. It’s for influencers that are trying to show the world the massive number of likes they have makes them more credible. Now that the likes are removed, they don’t feel good about it, they cannot boast to anyone on the number of likes they’ve received from their Posts.

Second downside is to those who’re selling likes, now they’ll be out of businesses since likes don’t really matter. Now if they’re sending likes to any posts, they don’t know the exact number they’ve sent from their own side. This means they cannot even measure the service they’re providing. You can see that these downsides aren’t a problem to any genuine instagram user.

Now we’ll move on to the next section of the article to share daily and hourly limits for likes on instagram.

Instagram Hourly/Daily Limits for Likes

As mentioned, number of likes are hidden on Instagram posts but users can still like and do other stuffs on the platform. Liking posts is still one of the ways you can get engage on the platform.

General Rule For Actions On Instagram Account

If your account is new, that’s account less than one month old, you can perform only 500 actions per day. Actions are all the activities you can do on instagram, these include, following, liking, commenting, unfollow and anything you can do on other people’s profiles or posts.

As your account gets older and you have more engagement on the platform, your actions will be increased to 1500-2000. Note that these are just estimates because Instagram hasn’t provided any official statement that reveal the number of actions you can do every day. There are however users that experiment on things so that they can guide Instagram users on how to stay safe on the platform.

Instagram Likes Limit For Every One Hour

The limits you have is 350 likes per hour, but for safety reasons you shouldn’t exceed 300 likes per hour. New accounts shouldn’t even make an attempt to do so, don’t exceed 20-50. Whatever your likes limitations are, you should remember that you can’t send the 300 likes at once, they have to be distributed after some seconds and minutes. For instance, you should like 5 posts and then after 3 to 5 minutes, you can add more. Don’t use automation tools to send likes massively on people’s posts, that’s a sure way to account closure without notice.

Instagram Daily likes limit

The cap for daily likes is up to 1200, this is for old accounts, and in order to stay safe you shouldn’t even approach that limit, stay at 800-1000. For new accounts it’s less than 500, like 200-300 should be ok, and for new accounts I am talking of accounts that are no more than one month old. Make sure there is a 30 second delay between likes and don’t add all your daily entries at once.

These are the limitations when it comes to likes, and if you’re still desperate to receive more likes on your posts and stories, let’s share some helpful ways you can attract more likes and followers.

How To Get More Likes On Your Instagram Posts
Original content

As it’s been said, content is king. The better the content you post on Instagram the more followers, likes and comments you’ll receive. Even as a business owner you want to make sure 80% of your content isn’t about any advertisement, on the remaining 20%, you can focus on promotion.

Become valuable

Offering value is the only way to earn your followers trust. If they don’t trust you, they can’t buy from you. As a business owner you should come up with content and helpful resources that will help your followers solve some problem, help them in a way they can associate with your brand. Use instagram Stories to share helpful tips with them and as time goes on, they’ll be loyal and eager to buy your products and services.

Be unique

This is also another important factor that will help you grow your engagement on Instagram. You can do this by sharing your life experiences and views, walk them behind the scenes of your day to day activities and many other things that show your personalities.

Stick with these three elements and you’ll notice increase your Instagram engagement, whether you want to increase your followers or want increase instagram likes, you can definitely achieve so by applying these three components.

We’ve now discussed on likes limitations and other helpful information, but there is still the need to share more light on other limitations on your instagram account such as follow, unfollow comment and more. Let’s share these limitations so that you can stay safe.

Instagram Limits You Should Know

Instagram Follow Limits

First of all, the maximum number of accounts you can follow are7500, how could you even handle such following, I mean it takes a lot of time to do that, and your feed will be filled with irrelevant information. You need to be selective on the accounts you follow.

For new accounts you shouldn’t exceed 100 follow/unfollow per day. Both follow and unfollow have the same limitations. For older accounts you should not exceed 500, some can reach up to 1000 following, but to be safe, it’s better to do things slowly. There are a lot of factors that will determine the limits you have, age of account isn’t the only thing that matters, your engagement also play a vital role on your account limits.

Another important thing to note is that you can have any number of followers, if you can attract followers from other sources, you’re free to have new millions of followers in a single day.

Instagram hashtag limit

Before, it was 60, but recently that has been changed to 30, for new accounts the number is even less for them. For new accounts I wouldn’t recommend going for more than 10. You should also note that there are banned hashtags, instagram has a list of 300 banned hashtags, once you add these banned hashtags, you’ll face shadowban.

Instagram Comments limit

When it comes to comments, new account can’t exceed more than 100 comments per day, sometimes it can be below that. Just try keep it no more than 70 comments per day for new accounts.

And other hand for aged accounts, you have the grace of adding up to 150 comments per day. This number is only for trusted and aged accounts. Even if your account is aged, you should consider adding no more than 120 comments per day in your Instagram account.

You can only add five mentions in one comment and you must avoid adding duplicate comments multiple times. Don’t even think you can add 100 duplicate comments and get away with it, you’ll be restricted after adding no more than 5-10 duplicate content. Try to use variations even if the same message is meant to reach out multiple users.

Instagram Posts Limitations

Generally, there are no limitations on posts, but once you start posting frequently you’ll be blocked from adding more posts until after some hours. Who even has the time to keep posting massively on their account, you’ll lose your reputation by posting low quality and irrelevant content on your profile. We’ve all seen celebrities and public figures make the wrong post and their follower decrease significantly within a short period of time. You’ll lose your followers if you add useless content on your profile.

If you want to post multiple pictures on your account on a daily basis, you’re free to do so, such as sharing your meals, workouts or whatsoever, just make sure it’s relevant to your followers.

Make sure there is engagement on your profile before you start posting multiple times a day, the more comments and likes you receive the more engagement you have.

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