Why Are Some of My Instagram Pictures Not Loading? How to Fix?

Of what use is Instagram without showing you pictures? If you can’t load pictures it means your feed will almost be empty. You might see some videos if they’re available, but as you know a lot of the content shared on Instagram are pictures.

It’s really annoying when pictures aren’t loading on your device or browser, technical problems on the app are the leading causes of Instagram pictures not loading. There can be other causes though, and we’ll share them in a moment.

You should understand that the problem of Instagram pictures not loading is very common and it’s easier to fix and in this post, we’ve put together all the necessary steps you need to take in order to fix this error with ease.

We’ll share the causes and then how to fix the error on your device or browser, without any further delay, let’s get started.

Why Are Some Of My Instagram Pictures Not Loading

Why Are Some of My Instagram Pictures Not Loading? How to Fix?

Why Are Some of My Instagram Pictures Not Loading? How to Fix?

There is no internet connection

The first thing you should blame is your internet connection especially if you’re not able to see any content in your feed.

After login into your Instagram account, your network might have been interrupted to end up preventing you from loading pictures and video content in your account.

Network Interruption is normal these days and can be caused by a lot of reasons. Let’s take a look at why your Internet connection can be interrupted;

  1. No signal; We’ve experienced many times that network signals are fluctuating, and sometimes will even go off. If that’s the case you have to wait for the network to be fixed by your internet service provider.
  2. No data subscription; This is applicable if you’re using mobile data to connect to the internet or if you’re using a modem that requires a data subscription. If you’re playing large and high-quality videos on Instagram, you can exhaust your data subscription without even realizing it. You should check to ensure you have an active subscription.
  3. The router having problems; your router might be experiencing technical problems to end up disconnecting you from the internet. It can happen that there is a network signal but still your router is experiencing some technical problems. Most of the time, restarting the router can help you fix the problem.

These are some of the reasons why your network can be interrupted when you’re connected to the internet.

When you’re having problems loading pictures on Instagram, you should try accessing another website on your browser so that you can easily identify if the problem is with the network or with Instagram, or any other technical problem.

Instagram app isn’t working properly

This should be the second culprit when you’re not able to load pictures on Instagram. There are multiples reasons also that can cause the Instagram app to malfunction, let’s take a look at them briefly also;

  1. Not installing updates; Your app can’t function properly without installing the right updates. I said the right updates because sometimes adding the wrong updates can cause problems as well. If you haven’t installed updates for a while, you should do so, if you just acquired a used phone, you should update it. If you started experiencing the problem of Instagram not loading pictures after installing updates, you should revert to the previous version.
  2. Corrupt data and cache; The Instagram app stores cache and data to improve user experience, they use this data to track your app usage history and then make the right suggestions and offer content based on your interest. When this data is corrupt, the app will malfunction and hence might be the reason why you can’t load pictures on Instagram.
  3. System files are changed; If the setup files for Instagram are changed, they cannot function properly. App data and cache might be the reason for this and in most cases, you need to reinstall Instagram in order to fix the problem, installing updates might help fix the problem but the chances are slim.

So far these are the reasons why the Instagram app won’t function properly causing problems while loading pictures on Instagram.

The Instagram server isn’t available

All content on Instagram is stored on Instagram servers and every time you log in, data is fetched from these servers. It doesn’t normally happen since Instagram servers are always running smoothly.

However, there are a few times in the year when Instagram servers aren’t available, and Instagram normally addresses the problem from their own side via their Twitter handle.

Instagram can be down for some hours and when that happens, there is nothing you can do, you have to wait for Instagram to fix the problem.

The problem should last for some minutes or in worst cases, up to a few hours, but I’ll tell you that the site won’t be down for the whole day.

You should also know that even if the servers are up and running, there can be still other technical problems from Instagram preventing you from loading pictures. Whatever the case might be, just be patient until the problem is fixed from their side.

These are the major causes of Instagram pictures not loading, there can still be other secondary reasons, but in the end, they can be grouped into the category of causes mentioned above. Let’s now talk about the possible solutions to the problem of Instagram pictures not loading.

How To Fix Instagram Pictures Not Loading

Fix your network

This is the first thing to check and fix if you realize that you can’t load Instagram pictures.

Before you even attempt to fix your Internet connection, it’s always a good idea to open your browser and try loading a few websites to see if they can display content.

If you can’t load any website, it means your internet connection definitely has a problem and you need to address the problem towards your network.

You should restart your router, this will help refresh the settings. If that doesn’t work, you should switch between networks, if you are using Wi-Fi, you should switch to another Wi-Fi network or use your mobile data and vice versa.

Just identify what’s interrupting your network and make sure that you have an active internet connection.

Check the availability of Instagram servers

We have stated that Instagram servers are always running smoothly but it happens a few times a year when Instagram servers are down.

Even though the chances are slim for Instagram servers to go offline, there is still the need to verify server status before you proceed with other troubleshoots.

Availability of Instagram servers and Internet connection are two important factors that must be fixed before you can use the platform without any problem.

In order to confirm the availability of Instagram servers, you should check with your colleagues and see if the site or app is working properly.

Secondly, you can use online tools to check the availability of Instagram servers.

There are lots of free tools available, just search for “server availability check” or you can check the status directly using the search phrases ‘Instagram Server Status”, the result will be displayed for you.

Once you confirm the servers are online, you can proceed with other troubleshoots.

Restart your Instagram app

Once you confirm that Instagram servers are running and you have an active Internet connection, you should now bring your attention to fixing technical problems related to the app.

Restarting is the first step, this will help fix minor glitches that prevent you from loading pictures on the app. Restarting the app will help you refresh app settings and if you’re lucky the problem can be fixed.

Install updates

This is the first step towards fixing technical problems on your Instagram app, you should check for updates if you haven’t installed them for some time.

You should head over to Play Store or App Store and search for Instagram, once you click on Instagram, you can see the option “update” if they are available, and if there are no updates, you’ll see the option “installed”.

You can also check for updates directly from your Instagram app settings.

By the time you install updates, you should be able to fix some of the technical aspects of your app.

On the other hand, if you started having the problem of loading pictures on Instagram after installing new updates, you need to get rid of those updates, this shows that the new updates added aren’t compatible with your phone operating system.

Another alternative might be to update your OS since it’s possible the Instagram update requires that you update your operating system as well.

Close the Instagram app and restart

After checking for updates and there is none available, or you have installed the updates but the problem still persists, you need to restart the Instagram app.

Restarting the app helps refresh app settings, if app settings aren’t correct, it will cause the app to malfunction. Just close the app and close any instance running in the background, you should force close Instagram under “Settings”.

Just closing the app window doesn’t close the application completely, you have to force close.

Restart your device

Your device settings can also affect the performance of your Instagram app, restarting your device will help fix technical problems on the app.

Your phone settings can affect network settings to end up causing problems, restarting might help fix the problem. Other apps also running in the background can affect Instagram. Restarting your device might help fix the problem of pictures not loading on Instagram.

Clear Cache and App Data

App data and cache help improve user experience and they have to be stored on your device. It’s good to clear app data and cache from time to time if you want the app to work smoothly.

You don’t have to clear app data, you should start by clearing Cache and if the problem isn’t fixed, you can then proceed with deleting app data.

To do that, you should tap on “Settings”, and locate Instagram under the list of your apps, it should be in the “Apps” folder or “Application Manager”, once you click on Instagram, you can see two buttons, “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data”.

Start by clicking on “Clear Cache” and if you can’t see the images, you should go back and hit the button “Clear Data” as well.

Access Instagram from the browser

Since you have cleared data and installed updates but the problem persists, you need to launch Instagram through the browser, you’ll be using the web version to access your account.

If you’re able to load the pictures, it means your Instagram app still has problems and you need to direct your attention again towards fixing the Instagram app.

Reinstall your Instagram app

The best way to fix Instagram is by reinstalling the app. If it happens that setup files are changed or are corrupt in other ways, installing updates nor clearing app data and cache won’t fix the problem you’re facing while trying to view pictures on Instagram.

Uninstall the app and then download it again from either Play Store or App Store. Reinstalling the app should fix any technical problem you’re facing with the app since you have installed new setup files.

But you have to make sure app data is cleared before reinstalling the app.

Contact support

If you can’t solve the problem of Instagram not loading pictures, you need to contact support teams to see if they can help you with the situation. Just login to your account and add a ticket explaining how things started while using the app.

Your account might be hacked

By now you should be able to fix the problem of Pictures not loading and if you can’t still solve the problem, it might be that someone hacked into your account and then deleted your photos.

We have many situations where Instagram accounts were hacked resulting in greater damages beyond the deletion of photos and videos.

If that’s the case, you need to report to the Instagram support team, and before doing that you have to change your password.

Use a very strong combination that’s difficult to guess and also activate the 2-step verification from your account.

The 2-step verification will identify your device and if there is any login attempt other than the registered device, access will be blocked and you’ll be aware of it.


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