Why Can’t I Comment On A Certain Person’s Instagram Posts?

So you’re wondering why Instagram doesn’t let you drop your comments to express your views on posts and stories! You’re not the only one facing the problem of not being able to comment on Instagram posts and stories.

There are of course reasons for all the limitations and restrictions you face on Instagram. Sometimes though the Instagram algorithm can judge your account wrongly and place blocks and restrictions on your account.

We can tell you that when you receive any action block on Instagram like not being able to drop comments, it’s because you’ve violated their rules and that too multiple times.

For new accounts it’s probably because they tried to perform actions so fast, the Instagram algorithm will recognize such accounts quickly and hence will be under action block.

In this post, we’ll share with you all the possible reasons why you cannot comment on Instagram, plus we’ll share some tips that will help you avoid getting blocked and if it’s possible how you can recover your account.

Why You Can’t Comment On A Certain Post On Instagram

Why Can’t I Comment On A Certain Person’s Instagram Posts?

Why Can’t I Comment On A Certain Person’s Instagram Posts?

You have exceeded the daily limit for a comment

If you have been commenting on other posts and stories and then suddenly just to find that you cannot comment anymore, it’s probably because you have reached the comment limit for the day.

Every account has limitations on the number of comments it can perform within 24 hours, once the limit is reached, no more adding comments until the beginning of the next cycle.

Not only comments but every action on Instagram also has limits, the number of likes and follows you can send every day from your account is limited.

Exceeding this limit will harm your account, getting a temporary block is the least that could happen to your account, in most cases, it leads to account suspension.

If you have been commenting during the day and you suddenly start facing the problem of a comment block, you should wait for at least 24 hours before adding more comments, it’s even better to pause all Instagram actions until after 24 hours.

You’re trying to comment using automation

If you’re not commenting manually from your account and you’re using a tool or a service, then I’ll tell you that the tool or service you’re using is blocked. These tools are using API to connect with Instagram and can be blocked at any time.

When that happens, you’ll find that they can’t connect with your account and execute the action you want. Instagram hates automation especially the ones crossing their borders like trying to execute actions that aren’t supported.

There are still some good services out there that allow managing your Instagram accounts and will let you automate some actions on the platform in a reasonable way.

But a lot of the Instagram Automation tools available in the market will cause your Instagram account to get banned completely without any chance of recovery.

If you’re using automation tools for commenting on posts, you better get rid of them and start commenting manually. It’s better to hire someone to do the comments and other tasks if you don’t have the time to do so.

You’re using the same text in your comments

There are internet marketers that visit every random post on Instagram and drop their comments without even reading or watching the video in the post.

You’ll find that the comment is just promoting a product or a service, once the Instagram algorithm detects the same message is posted multiple times, you’ll be blocked from adding more comments.

A temporary block will first be placed on your account and if you end up dropping more duplicate comments, you’ll face account suspension which can only be lifted if you contact the Instagram support team and is subject to proving you haven’t done anything wrong.

You added a lot of hashtags

Hashtags are accepted in comments but abusing the feature will block you from posting your comments. The number of allowed hashtags on Instagram comments is 30, this is for aged accounts. For new accounts, they shouldn’t exceed 10 hashtags when commenting on posts.

Adding lots of hashtags won’t really cause many benefits. Rather, it will cause action blocks placed on the account. Just add a few relevant hashtags and it should be enough to get the attention you’re looking for.

You’re using words that aren’t allowed in your comments

There are words and phrases that shouldn’t be included in your post comments. Instagram will scan every text posted on the platform before posting it, once the wrong words are detected, the text will not be published.

Not only in text, but Instagram can also scan an image or video content to see what it’s talking about.

When the wrong picture is detected like placing nude pictures or videos on the wrong profiles, they’ll block such content from getting published. Thanks to advancements in AI, almost all digital content can be scanned to detect what it’s all about.

In most cases, when the wrong words and phrases are detected in your comments, you’ll be notified to remove them. Removing them will now allow you to publish your comment.

Your Instagram app has a problem

Technical problems within your Instagram app can block the user from executing different actions on the platform. There are many reasons that can cause your Instagram app not to function properly;

One is that the app is corrupt, when the app is corrupt it means the setup files for the app have been altered the wrong way.

These are the files that control the function of the app and for some reason when they’re changed, the app is said to be corrupt.

Another reason why your Instagram app won’t function properly is that you haven’t installed new updates. Installing new updates is required for using the app effectively, new updates are released to tackle the latest bugs and other technical problems users are facing.

And finally, cache files are also known to cause the Instagram app to malfunction. Cache files store app resources temporarily, they help speed up the opening of programs on your device.

But Cache files can have problems as well, they can be corrupt and end up causing problems to your Instagram app.

Overall, when your Instagram app is experiencing technical problems, you might have problems while trying to add your comments. The best way to fix technical problems for your Instagram app is to reinstall it.

By reinstalling, you now have new setup files that are free from bugs and you now have the latest version of the app that will work smoothly.

Slow internet or network was interrupted

If your network is too slow or was interrupted while you’re trying to add your comment, you won’t be able to do so. It’s possible you have watched or read the post and then suddenly encountered network failure, that could be the reason why you cannot comment.

For those that are using mobile data, they can exhaust their browsing data instantly, in this scenario, you can’t post the comments unless you subscribe to a new data plan.

You need to identify what’s blocking you from connecting online and fix it before you’re able to comment on Instagram posts.

If you’re using mobile data, you should consider switching to a strong Wi-Fi connection. If you’re using Wi-Fi, you need to consider changing another Wi-Fi connection or use mobile data if it’s available.

You can also restart your router to refresh the device, restart your router even if things seem to be working fine.

You’re not following the account you’re trying to comment on or the user has blocked you

For private accounts, you cannot interact with them unless you follow them which is also subject to their approval. This means you cannot like them or comment on their posts and stories. Some users even though their account is not set private, can decide to block you.

In such a case also you won’t be able to drop your comments on any of their posts. You’ll have to send a follow request and after approval, you can then comment on their posts.

Your Account Is Under Action Block

Blocks are placed on accounts that seem to repeatedly violate their guidelines, action blocks are among the leading causes of not being able to perform most Instagram actions and hence we’ll talk about action blocks extensively so that you can understand its effect on your Instagram account.

What Does It Mean To Have Action Block On Your Account

It means you cannot perform any action on Instagram, it means you can’t comment, send follows, send links, and any other interaction. An action block is like a temporary suspension.

Lifting a suspension requires contacting the Instagram support team to enable your account, while the action block will expire within the giving time frame. Action block on Instagram has an expiry date, it can be within 24 hours, a week, or even 30 days.

When the action block expires, your account will be restored automatically and you can continue with account activities.

Why Does Instagram Place Your Account Under Action Block

It’s definitely because you have abused one or more actions on Instagram. Acton block is mostly placed on new accounts and that’s because when they sign up they start performing massive actions like following a lot of users, sending massive likes and comments.

Before they realize it, their account is under an action block. Even if you have an old Instagram account, you can face an action block and it happens when you try to perform actions frequently and excessively.

Another major reason that leads to the Action block is using automation. This mostly applies to marketers, they set up tools that will send likes and followers to random users on Instagram.

Whenever Instagram detects automation is used to perform random actions, they place the account under action block, or in most cases, it will lead to a permanent ban.

They’ll ensure that you’re blocked from using the platform in the feature thereby blacklisting your device and IP address.

What Do You Do When Your Instagram Account Is Under Action Block

  • If the time limit for the action block is mentioned, you’ll just have to wait for it to expire. If it has not been mentioned, you should wait for at least 24-48 hours before you try to perform any action.
  • Secondly, get rid of any tool or software you’re using to manage your Instagram account.
  • And thirdly, know the rules; You should understand the limit for each action on Instagram, there are hourly, daily, and monthly limits. That’s to say, you should know the number of likes, follows, and comments you’re allowed to send within every 24 hours or on a monthly basis.

These three tips alone will help you recover any account that’s under action block without the need to contact the support team and can as well prevent your account from facing any action block in the feature.

How To Fix You Can’t Comment On Posts On Instagram

  • Make sure you’re following the person or profile you’re trying to drop the comments on.
  • Check to see whether they have blocked you or not. This one is obvious because you can’t even see their post. If you’re however trying to respond to their comments on public profiles since you can do so, you should try visiting their profile. If you can see posts and stories on their profile, they haven’t blocked you. If it’s just empty space on the screen, they have blocked and you cannot comment on their posts and stories.
  • Wait for 24 hours before you try to comment again.
  • Switch to another network.
  • Reinstall your Instagram app.
  • Use another device; if you’re using the app, use your browser.
  • Link your Facebook account.
  • Change your IP address by using VPN.

These are the simple steps you can take to resolve the problem of Instagram won’t let you comment. Always ensure to play by the rules and avoid automation at all costs, that’s the only way to stay safe on Instagram.

They have the latest tech to nab accounts violating their rules and they won’t go easy on accounts that violate their guidelines.


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