Why Do People Use Instagram for Business Promotion

When Instagram first started, there wasn’t any provision for businesses, it was in 2016 that Instagram business profile was launched.

This opens a room for businesses to promote their brands with ease and Instagram allows them to integrate a lot of features that are geared towards promoting their businesses.

Not only that, Instagram allows brands and even small businesses to advertise with ease using paid advertising campaigns.

Instagram has over twenty-five million registered companies and over two-hundred million users will visit a minimum of one company every single day.

What will you take away from these statistics? Instagram is the right place to promote your business if you have guessed it right! Instagram is a home for all brands where they can get all the engagement they’re looking for.

Your business can have a massive following of loyal audiences who’re ready to listen to you and will buy what you have to offer.

If you ask me why people use Instagram for business promotion, the simple answer I would give is “Outreach”. Instagram is where the crowd is, I am talking about massive audiences that are active and are willing to engage with businesses.

And the best part is you can attract a targeted audience that is specifically interested in what you have to offer.

You have to do things right however, just because you set a new business profile, it doesn’t mean you’ll automatically start receiving free promotions.

There are millions of businesses doing promotions on Instagram and the majority of these businesses see better results than any other social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

There is definitely a reason for that, Instagram works for businesses, that’s just the simple reason why businesses are rushing into Instagram promotions.

Businesses are paying influencers millions of dollars for a single post on their profile, if the Instagram promotion doesn’t work, no one will be crazy to spend a huge amount of money on a single post on Instagram.

This is just an introduction; we’ll now go deep and share the major reasons why people use Instagram for business promotion.

Why Do People Use Instagram For Business Promotion

Why Do People Use Instagram for Business Promotion

Why Do People Use Instagram for Business Promotion

It is the best social media platform when it comes to engagement

Instagram is the second-largest social media platform when it comes to the number of registered users, it comes after Facebook.

But when it comes to engagement, Instagram is like no other. If you want engagement, you should definitely promote your business on Instagram.

Engagement means a lot to businesses, once you have the chance to engage with the audience, it’s easier to sell them anything.

Engagement is one of the reasons why social media marketing works, provided you have the right content in place and you know your audience, you’re definitely going to win in your marketing promotions on Instagram.

Instagram has the most interactive users, if you’re doing things right, you’ll definitely see results fast. Based on numerous ratings, Instagram has proven to be the No.1 social media site for massive engagement from the audience.

Collaborate with influencers

Instagram is one of those platforms where you can take advantage of influencers and promote your business even if you have a few followers.

If you’re starting out your business promotion and you have a few followers, you can take advantage of influencers within your niche and skyrocket your business promotion.

Just connect with some of these influencers and establish a relationship with them and you’ll be able to reach out to their followers and promote your business easily and also increase your profile following.

By collaborating with an influencer, you’ll earn the trust of users you don’t even know, and you already know the power of trust when it comes to sales. Trust is everything, it determines whether your leads will convert into buyers or not.

Using an influencer will help greatly in establishing this trust. But things will not be easy, don’t expect to get automatic acceptance from these influencers to promote your business easily to their followers.

You have to earn their trust from your own side so that they can do whatever you ask.

As a new business owner or someone who is just getting started on Instagram without any significant followers, you start promoting your business with the paid advertising offered by Instagram.

The biggest advantage is that you don’t need a big budget to start running your ads, even a small budget like $5 or $10 on a daily basis is enough for a start. Small businesses and large enterprises can all advertise based on their advertising budget.

As a small business owner, you just have to be careful and ensure that you’re getting a significant return on your investment.

You don’t necessarily have to promote a product; you can promote your giveaways to attract more followers and you can as well promote your content to start getting engagement right away.

Instagram support Facebook Integration

You might be aware of the fact that Facebook is the parent company that owns Instagram and if you have noticed these two giant social networks can be linked to one another.

If you have a massive fan base on your Facebook profile and pages, you can import your FB fans to your Instagram account.

You just have to link the two accounts and all your data will be synced. Most Facebook users have an Instagram account, this means by importing your Facebook contacts or followers, you can start receiving engagement right away on Instagram.

In summary, linking Facebook and Instagram offers exceptional features that make it easier for analyzing your business on Instagram.

It’s the best social platform for the younger generations

If you’re targeting the younger generations, then Instagram is the perfect platform. Of course, you’ll find audiences of all ages, but the majority of the users on Instagram are 35-Years downward.

These are the most active users on Instagram and are ready for most of the products and services on the platform.

Instagram led the race more than any other social media platform out there when it comes to targeting younger audiences and it’s one of the reasons why people use Instagram for their business promotions.

If you’re looking for this type of audience you can rely on Instagram for your business outreach.

It’s the best platform to promote pictures and videos

Photos and videos are the best content on the web and that’s what Instagram is all about. Instagram started out as a photo-sharing network and later expanded to videos via stories.

Recently IGTV was introduced and reels have just shown up last year, they’re always making it easier to share your content in a way that you’ll reach a wider audience.

Businesses that require showcasing the products with high-quality images will definitely benefit from Instagram promotions.

Videos are also the most trending content, if your business has some video promos, they’ll also perform better on Instagram than other social networks like Facebook.

You can utilize Instagram posts and stories to either showcase your photos in a series or you can upload videos for maximum engagement with your profile followers.

These are the top reasons why people use Instagram for business promotion and I believe any business that’s not using Instagram in their marketing campaign, they are definitely missing out.

You need to come up with the right strategies that will help you achieve your marketing goals without pushing your head to the wall.

How To Use Instagram For Your Business Promotion

Setting up an Instagram business account

It all starts with creating your Instagram account, if you already have an Instagram account, chances are it’s a personal account and you need to upgrade to a business account if you want to take advantage of the business features available on the platform.

For a better content strategy, it’s better to create a separate Instagram account for your brand or business than use your existing profile which is connected with your friends and family. Here is how to set up your business account on Instagram;

  1. Install the app suitable for your operating system, visit Play Store for Android users, and App Store for iOS users. You can as well use the web version using your PC to sign up.
  2. Sign up using email or phone number, or you can select “log in with Facebook”, all your data will be imported. Once you’ve set up the normal personal account, you have to upgrade to business which is pretty simple as well.
  3. In order to upgrade to a business profile, you should start by tapping on the profile icon which has your profile photo.
  4. Next, you click on the three-dot lines at the top right corner of the screen.
  5. Select “Settings”, from the options, you need to tap on “Switch To A Business Profile” and select “Continue”.
  6. You should now select “connect your Facebook account”, this is optional but will save you time for adding your business info. If you connect your Facebook account, your business data will be imported.
  7. If you however don’t want to connect to a Facebook account, you can proceed with adding business info, including address, email, phone number, and any other data required.
  8. Once you finish, you can see the option “Done” and you need to tap on it.

Optimize your profile

After setting up a business profile, you have to now optimize your profile for proper outreach. There are a few steps you need to take in order to optimize your business profile page. Let’s take a look at them briefly;

  1. Add bio description: on the profile bio page, you have a box where you can briefly say something about your business or service. You can add only a few words because you’re limited to only 150 characters, you should look professional in your message, you can include a few hashtags and use proper spacing and line breaks.
  2. Upload Profile Picture: The best picture to upload is your business logo, if you’re offering services, you can upload your photo that’s clearly visible, profile picture should be 110×110 pixels.
  3. Complete your profile: Don’t leave any field incomplete, choose a handle name that’s similar to all your social media accounts and make sure to include your site URL in the Website field.
  4. Use business profile features: Include the contact information for your business, select the right business category for your business and also include a call-to-action button that is available.

Create a strategy

By now you’re ready to start promoting your business profile on Instagram.  you need to start by defining your audience.

Take a survey on Influencer profiles and see the type of audience they have and the type of content they’re posting to engage with their followers.

Examine their promotions for the past few months and what they’re up to. Do not make the mistake of copying their content and reposting it on your profile, don’t even recreate similar content.

You just need to take note of their strategy so that you can come with your unique content that’s even better after noticing their weakness.

Create great content

Social media marketing is all about content, it’s what determines the type of engagement you’re going to receive from the audience.

A lot of time and effort is needed in creating killer content that will make users engage with you and also help you attract more followers.

You don’t want to mess up with your content, if you can’t come up with the right content, you should hire someone that’s good at it to create for you. You need to find someone with a proven track of success within your niche to help you come up with the best content on a regular basis.

Promote and engage with your audience

Don’t expect your audience to start engaging with you on autopilot or your business to start attracting followers easily.

You have to get out there and connect with users, once they discover you have the same interest as theirs, they’ll start following back and if your content is good, they’ll start sharing it, which will in turn help attract more followers to your business profile.

Make sure you’re active on influencer profiles by adding your comments, you can answer questions asked in comments as well, make sure to be helpful, not trying to always direct them to your profile.

They will definitely try to connect with you once you offer genuine help.

In summary, you need to learn about Instagram business promotion, this is just a head start that will give you the foundation you need. Thank you for reading and we’re looking forward to your thoughts in the comments.

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